Yet Another World of Warcraft Player Unlocks All Achievements for the First Time

Digital Trends: 'Russian World of Warcraft player Хируко has become the first in the world to unlock all 2,057 of the decade-old MMORPG’s achievements. While it’s not the first time this has happened in WoW, it is the first since the addition of new endgame content and increased level cap introduced in Mists of Pandaria.'

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ovnipc977d ago

Meh, he may still be a virgin.

WeAreLegion977d ago

Tell us about all the sex you have!

TheNotoriousNiceGuy977d ago

I laughed . So here's a bubble lol

elninels976d ago

I usually put the bagel in the microwave first, take it half way through and run it a litlillie longer after adding butter. You can draw a face on it if you like, but I like eating the bagel when im done, so.

hellzsupernova977d ago

"how do you kill that which has no life"

killbillvolume12977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

With the sword of a 1000 truths. /sorry

hellzsupernova977d ago

You can just hang around outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters!

GenericNameHere977d ago

It is too late. It is the end of the World... Of Warcraft.

GamingSinceThe80s977d ago

The way this is worded makes my head hurt. ''Yet another for the first time'I think it's time for me to go bed now.

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