Patch 1.07 for The Last of Us is Massive (Patch Notes)

JM: Naughty Dog have recently released a good amount of patch notes for the newest update coming to The Last of Us.

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Nitrowolf2876d ago

Wow that's a lot of changes.

NOTE To Any Duplicate Reports: This is not the same as
This one is a lot more detailed, and contains the full list of changes

WillGuitarGuy876d ago

Yup, I had someone report it with that and they removed it immediately lol.

Thatguy-310876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

What they need to fix is the ridiculous matchmaking. It's so aggravating getting paired up with people that are below level 10 while the opposing team consist of a few high level players.

Goro876d ago

Agreed, they need to balance the team based on rank.

Salooh876d ago

I know you people don't like this but i for one love it when i get a noob team :D. Love playing against high levels , that way i kick their butt and be more satisfied . I get bored when i play against noobs. Too easy for me..

Inception876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

Like 14Feb-R said, personally i don't mind if i got a team with a low level player. Even sometimes i and the team beat a high level team without anyone using mic.

Thatguy-310876d ago

I agree but there are times where the team just simply sucks lol like they don't know how to play the multiplayer and get killed very quickly which doesn't help at all.

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ZoyosJD876d ago

151 MB really isn't that bad, particularly for as many changes as their are.

Conzul876d ago

Did they fix that SP bug where if you put a custom outfit on Ellie her flashlight doesn't work?

Or when J&E both have custom outfits they clip through eachother when hiding behind cover?

trenso1876d ago

Upgrading any Melee Weapon now requires 3 items to upgrade (blade, binding and rag)

this is the only thing i have a problem with in this patch, choosing between a molotov or 2x4 was no problem when it was just using your bindings, but it uses a rag too? I can't see how this was warranted.

Thatguy-310876d ago

I think it's good. They had to minimize the usage of molotov and upgraded melee weapons.

trenso1876d ago

but molitovs where already scarce, especially if you are winning and are getting less parts. While they can be equally dangerous at their respective ranges