Free Xbox Games, Free PlayStation Games: May 2014 Breakdown

GamerFitnation details the specifics about the free games that Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to play this May.

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2pacalypsenow1657d ago

just in time for the world cup

Immorals1657d ago

360 versus ps3, this is the first time gwg dominates ps+. But if you own a vita or/and a ps4, that's a better offering

Thehyph1657d ago

Still arguable in my book.

Saints Row The Third was free on plus months ago.

Immorals1657d ago

If you ignore that fact, and just compare what's on offer for this month, 360 wins.

Idba1657d ago

Your logic is unbeliable. In terms of offering this month, PS+ wins, even though GWG has SR3. But you should remember PS+ had SR3 8 and a half MONTHS ago. PS+ wins in terms of content, value, quantity and quality

kayoss1657d ago

Can we just agree that gamers with ps+ and game with gold wins?

Talidan1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Compromising? ON THE INTERNET?

(I do agree with you, though)

Talidan1656d ago

Wow, people don't like being friendly about this, I guess.

Fact is, both PS+ and GWG are amazing programs that do a great benefit for consumers. No reason to bicker about which is better, in the end all gamers win when companies are convinced programs like them are a good idea.

deviouslight1657d ago

PS plus is better. Puppeteer offering is great and the newer skull girls over saints row

DROOF231657d ago

ps+ is better by far but im getting annoyed on how they keep giving us boring games on ps4. resogun was sensational, then its gone down ever since then. they gave us deadnation...DEADNATION!!! that made my ps4 crash all the time untill i deleted it. then its merc king, now its some stick it to man piece of crap.

i love sony but they need to give us some better games on ps4.

Am_Ryder1656d ago

I think the best ones were:

1. Don't Starve.
2. Outlast.
3. Resogun.

But aside from those, it has been a little disappointing. Some good discounts at least.

Stenmark1657d ago

PES worth it,underrated for what it tried...

BLAKHOODe1657d ago

I loved SR3, so I have to go with Xbox this month, even though I played the hell out of it already and unlocked all the trophies on it and it's DLC. Still great f'n game.

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