12 Big New Indie Games Announced For PS4 & PS Vita

Nidhogg, Chasm, Spelunky PS4, Skulls of the Shogun, Drifter, Apotheon & more coming to PS4 & PS Vita

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DVS-Zev1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Some really great games there.Drifter looking really good.Nidhogg, apotheon and skulls of shogun are day one buys as well.

I'm really digging these little indie titles lately.Some of the bigger indie devs (warframe, outlast etc) are great too but i have had so much fun with the smaller games.I probably put some 100 hours or so into Don't starve and half as much into Mercenary kings by now.They're a nice change of pace from the usual $60 rinse and repeat mediocre games i bought over the last 8 years.

Abash1455d ago

Sony must be making a killing with all these download games to the PS4 since it launched. I can imagine that all these indie developers making PS4 games has raked in a lot of revenue

DigitalRaptor1455d ago

Yeah, it really is great business for these indie devs as they know PlayStation fans are big supporters of these smaller downloadables.

Recent example is Towerfall Ascension selling best on PS4:

DemonChicken1454d ago

Argeed I brought alot especially with my PS+, dat sales xD

This is really how a company should approach digital and online, and not enforcing it via DRM.

crxss1454d ago

Sony's new plan to only come out with 1 first party blockbuster title per year and the rest being indie, so lame.

Kingthrash3601454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

360's last blockbuster...alan wake in 2011.
whats lame?
and 1 blockbuster a year??????
infamous ss, the order, drive this comment ill leave out the remakes like tlou..and halo 2. because they are awsome games but from another generation and are not new incoming games.
xbox1 1st party blockbusters.....ummm sunset and tf are not first party games sunset neither is dr3 and ryse..thos are also 3rd party games...but if we are talking exclusive blockbusters then this year x1 that wasnt an exclusive,...umm QB. and sunset..which hasnt been seen yet to call it an "blockbuster" so only QB? smh really whats more lame than a system with the least blockbusters AND not many indies AND the worst versions of 3rd party games...ALL AT A HIGHER PRICE...smh thats LAME in comparison no?

i love games..i dont care if its and indie or AA or AAA if its fun i'm all for it. my most anticipated games are rime and the order.
indies that hit systems are a great thing for gaming and classic award winning games like fez, the walking dead and journey are all worth the price and are truly engaging games. indies are awsome and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you dont need to spend millions to make a great goty caliber game.....i cant stand wannabe gamers, real gamers have a passion that goes beyond whats most popular or whats trending or the differance between indie and AAA "blockbuster" games. but u wouldn't understand what i mean by that..would you.

crxss1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

alan wake really? lmao

like i said, this is their NEW plan. just look at the title of this article if you can't see it. games that are already far in development are not apart of this. i'm a huge sony fan and it's just sad to see we wont see the 2-3 blockbusters a year from sony. they're gonna take less risks which is smart but sad seeing how releasing multiple blockbusters a year is how they've made their brand. they're pretty much putting all the burden on ND, could be why so many changes are happening over there.

also the order's going to be a 2015 release. and driveclub was supposed to be a launch title lol

Zero-One1454d ago

You obviously have no brain if you believe consoles always have the best games during it's beginning years.

jessupj1454d ago

So I guess when MS virtually abandoned the 360 in the last half of last generation that was catatonic?

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Kingthrash3601455d ago

awsomeness....i like gamessss! the more the merrier!
i got my eye on drifter.

Prime1571454d ago

All of them look so fun to me. Drifter and source especially.

amnalehu1455d ago

Keep and eye out for "To Leave". Looks very promising.

DigitalRaptor1455d ago

Dayum Sony.

I'm usually pretty up to date with indie releases, but I'm going to have to go through this list and see which ones appeal to me. Spelunky is a big one, as well as Jamestown and Source, but the rest are a mystery to me.

incendy351454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

For those interested you can play "I believe" all of these right now. Just go to http://store.steampowered.c...

No need to wait, plus the requirements on almost all of them is really low!

Edit: why are people disagreeing with a helpful link? : (

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1454d ago

no thanks ill wait for them on PS4.. so it feels fresh

Neonridr1454d ago

because everyone hates PC gamers apparently. Thanks for the link, I may check out one or two of them. No offense to all the PS4 owners here, but why not buy them on the PC for like half the cost you are going to pay on the PS4? Again, most of these titles have low system requirements. Or are you all just going to wait and hope that a bunch of these end up as the PS+ titles?

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