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Flyingdog6701693d ago

Well, Looks like I'm buying a Wii U next month c:

randomass1711692d ago

Might have to give in with saving up and dive into this one myself. The Vita will have to wait just a tad longer though. Great value, I think. :)

bigbearsack1692d ago

Such a bonus ! looks like I'll take Pikman 3.

Neonridr1693d ago

Nintendo giving away a free game just for buying Mario Kart 8. Awesome. Sad part is, I already own NSMBU, Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3. Guess I am downloading Wii Party U.

SonyNGP1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Kinda sucks that Europe has a bigger selection of free games to choose from :/

Edit: I suppose, but I wouldn't have minded a free copy of sanic than the games I already own (minus Wii Party).

Neonridr1693d ago

meh, free is free, so no complaining here.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1693d ago

well because they ain't buying nothing
UK is the Wii U worst performance.

Reeze1693d ago

I have all four of them... : /

Neonridr1693d ago

well that kind of sucks.

randomass1711692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Give a code to a friend! One of mine said she would give me her code for Wind Waker since she has all four games as well. :) Like Neon said, free is free!

Reeze1692d ago


That's what I'm doing. If you see my below comment, I'm going to give away my free game to someone on this site.

Dudebro901693d ago

Trade one In to bring the cost of Mario kart Down.

Neonridr1693d ago

interesting idea. Trade in the physical copy for credit, and then just download the digital copy.

randomass1711692d ago

Haha, not a bad idea at all! Wind Waker will probably net you the most money shaved off of MK8, I think.

SovereignSnaKe1693d ago

~I would recommend Wonderful 101 personally.

Toon_Link1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

It looks like I'll be getting pikmin 3. I have nsmnu and windwaker so Im Stoked ill still have one game that I was planning on getting to choose for free!

Now I have to decide if I want to go digital or retail. Will this promo work with digital downloads too?

BattleN1692d ago

Same situation here :(

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Ol_Boy1693d ago

Awesome news from nintendo. If I hadn't already bought the Wii U last month I would've definitely bought the bundle.

Mikethejew1693d ago

so If I buy a wii u I get a extra controller, Mario kart, and windwaker? Did I read that correct? for 329, damn I may get a wii u

Neonridr1693d ago

yes, you get the console, Mario Kart 8 (looks like a physical copy), the red wheel and Mario wii remote. Then when you register the copy of Mario Kart 8 via Club Nintendo, you get a code to download a digital copy of 1 of the 4 following games:

- New Super Mario Bros U
- Wind Waker HD
- Pikmin 3
- Wii Party U

so you could get Wind Waker, or you could get one of the others if you prefer.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1693d ago

Not only that you get Wii U eShop points to get discounts.
Then registering your Wii U plus Mario Kart 8 and Zelda WW HD will give you over 250 coins potentially giving a chance to get free VC games.

Toon_Link1692d ago

Do it! I'm happy I bought the windwaker edition and this bundle is a no brainer if your planning on getting a Wii u at some point in the future.

randomass1711692d ago

So to sum up, one game, two controllers (gamepad and Wiimote), one peripheral, one system and a free game when you register MK8? Well then. As I said before, time to buckle down and throw my saved cash into a Wii U purchase!

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bobsmith1693d ago

free mario u or pikmin 3 wooo

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