Sexual Exploitation in Gaming

It's not uncommon to see a game exploit female characters sexually in order to make a sale, but the question is... do people really like it in the first place?

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LackTrue4K1507d ago


MelonieMac1507d ago

Can't tell if you are serious or sarcastic xD

cfc781507d ago

I think he's serious lol

Abriael1507d ago

I honestly think the term "sexually exploited" is out of place here. We're talking about pixels. You sexually exploit people, not pixels.

Lord_Sloth1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Why does nobody ever complain about all the guys with rock hard abs and biceps the size of an average guys Torso?

People don't like playing characters who aren't aesthetically pleasing. If you toss Kratos out there women then to vary more in taste. Some of them like that gruff quality.

Yes, people like sect game characters, otherwise Lara Croft wouldn't have been in Playboy which wouldn't exist in the 1st place either.

MaxXAttaxX1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

It comes down to character design.
More conservative or realistic female character designs end up being more boring. You need some thing that grabs people's attention, whether it's something cute, colorful or sexy. Otherwise, the female character might as well be replaced by a dude in some instances.

Unless you have a really good script and a well written character, such as... Ellie from TLoU for example, then you don't need such designs. But those types of games are rare.

About Lara Croft. People might expect bigger breasts because that's how the character was established and has been for years. Had Tomb Raider starred a flat chested character from the beginning, no one would be complaining today. Guaranteed.

PoSTedUP1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

i guess if women didnt sexually exploit themselves everywhere except church then it wouldnt be everywhere and in everything, huh? yes, ppl like it just as much as women like showing it. personally it doesnt matter to me............awwww Who Am I Kidding.. XD. i say if it is something stupid that makes a certain group of women mad: keep it. maybe theyll learn to mind what other men and women are doing and focus on Real issues that they ignore, but proclaim to care about. its no different than the media attacking videogames, both of them Know they arent Really trying to solve Anything. they turn to videogames bc they are lazy and feel it is an easy way to deal with something they never intended to make a difference with in the first place. they are the deinition of pretentious.

Anthotis1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I guess women only like it when they're exploited on their own terms?

Nah, the women who show off their bodies in public/media aren't the ones bothered by this. It's the women who are so repulsive, misshapen or lacking in areas that they can't dress in the same whorish way, who hate seeing desirable women in any setting, especially when men are drooling over them.

It's jealousy, and yeah, feminists and fem-orcs are that pathetic, they even find pixelated women threatening.

Women can't stand competition.

Septic1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Lol yeah I read the Neogaf thread. Was hilarious. That advert with the breasts getting bigger. And the Bayonetta gif...smh

You should have put that pic or gifs in the video

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Back-to-Back1507d ago

I love my women sexualized


dcj05241506d ago

Exactly. Lol they act like looking good is a sin.

HighResHero1507d ago

Notice all the pictures are of only the sexualized women, not the men, which seem to be just as common.
People should save their ridiculous double-standards lest they end up being laughed at as pathetic relics of the past.
Good looking PEOPLE are "exploited" to get sales. It's called marketing.
If the article is actually decent and reasonable, I'm sorry. I just can't risk giving a click to any more redundant nonsense.

MelonieMac1507d ago

I'm not referring to "attractive" people. There is a big difference between attractive and sexually exploited. Many female characters prance around in lingerie instead of armor. It's not very common you see that with male characters - I certainly cannot recall it.

Female characters in general are not very often empowered unless it is for their sexuality. This is not the case with the majority of male characters. So no, this is not a double standard.

kevinsheeks1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

whats sexualized about a woman assassin moving through the artic in a bra in thong that's called survival dammit :P

keep in mind I'm joking -_-

HighResHero1507d ago

I respect your opinion, but I hope you know that it's your opinion.
Since you seem nice I will add a few thoughts.
Firstly, men traditionally do not wear lingerie. Their armor and muscles could be considered sexy by women, just as the "sexy armor" women wear in games is considered sexy by men.
I don't think it is extremely common for women to prance around in lingerie in games either, but it does happen. It is an aspect of the female aesthetic that men find beautiful and incorporate often with reverence into their creations. There are many "male characteristics" that I could say were abhorrent and constantly "exploited" that are never mentioned.
Calling out what many people would consider double standards might seem like an effort to milk a drying source of attention.
I would love to watch your video and try to see more about where you are coming from, but it wont load for some reason.

Inception1507d ago


"Many female characters prance around in lingerie instead of armor"

You look at this female characters like they are real person. When in fact they're just fiction. And video games strongly supported fictions too. Because hey, one of the reason we play video games because we wants to take a break from reality.

If we always based female characters in video games to reality, than the majority of video game designers will stuck with boring characters. There will be no smart, sexy, and badass female protagonist like Bayonetta, Lara Croft, Nariko, Dead or Alive girls, Samus Aran, etc :(

SilentNegotiator1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

"Many female characters prance around in lingerie instead of armor"

Except men aren't typically sexualized in lingerie...they're sexualized with masculinity, such as a man would be in armor. Women ARE sexualized in lingerie because instead of masculinity - a quality related to the impervious - women are sexualized with penetrability (not meant to be a pun), a quality of vulnerability.

Trying to find examples of men running around in thongs is hardly the right way to make the comparison to the treatment of males in games. Men are frequently stereotyped as knuckle-dragging balls of rage; but then I wouldn't NECESSARILY say that they get pushed into that stereotype as much as women in theirs (if only because males characters make up a bigger part of the videogames universe and thus get more opportunities for diversity), but that's a difficult thing to quantify without like, cataloging every game character.

MEsoJD1507d ago

If this was really a problem, the main audience would stop purchasing games with characters depicted in such ways, but that's not the case. Not only that, but the game industry is largely male and they as artist and men should be able to depict whatever they please and let the people vote with their wallets. Instead of people bitching about this supposed issue, they should either not buy these games or develop their own. The indie scene has brought a very diverse list of games that can cater to any taste.
Really though my main annoyance is with society in general. The outcry and sometimes overreaction to sexism pertaining to women while ignoring the issues men deal with is sad. The media likes to act like everything is perfect when your a guy, but that's far from the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to each sex.

Prime1571507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Whereas I can't possibly imagine where you are coming from, I do believe that part of the reason is very similar to the attraction issue that women also use... "women want a man who is confident." (Vice versa)

Can't tell you how many times I heard that growing up. I used to scoff and chalk it up to "confidence vs narcissism." Rather than, what, truly, is confidence.

It wasn't until I dated an insecure girl that I started to think about this situation. I thought she was beautiful, second to none. However, she always had issues with herself that encroached into my opinions; no matter how hard I tried, she just shoved my thoughts off... we dated for 2 years and I still miss her.

So, I think that I, as a male, can imagine what you mean, but I will always not understand something about women the same way you won't about men.

Eh, society blows both sides out of proportion, anyway... I'm ending my rant, not trying to start a fight or anything.

madjedi1507d ago

Exactly what makes your viewpoint of the big differences right and high res's wrong. Because i see that same mindset repeated often with these types of articles.

I swear we heard the same outrage in god of war, because the oracle had a see through shirt on. And yet women in ancient greece wore it.

Btw you can state your views on the subject as a female gamer, doesn't mean people will pay you anymore mind than the other bloggerstalking about the same general subject.

chobit_A5HL3Y1507d ago

omg, i love you melonie!!! :DDD i'm a sub to your channel o3o don't listen to these HATERS <333

Summons751507d ago

And kratos running around in a loin cloth and way over sized with muscles being the "perfect male body" isn't?

Someone sure has sexist idealsabd it sure isn't the gaming industry.

Ausbo1507d ago

I respect your opinion, but I feel that this is becoming less a problem. Games nay have nudity and sex but many times its done correctly like in mass effect. From the recent games I've seen, it seems as though women aren't being exploited as "sex objects" as much as they used to be.

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fardan851507d ago

Devs try to give a LIKEABLE look to their characters, unfortunately, it seems like they don't have much ideas about how to make a likeable female characters. I'm guessing most of the gamers are males, and it's easier to make a good male character, that's why we don't see much over sexualized male characters.
Personally, small boobs or large one, cleavage or not,it's not a big deal.
My fav female character of all time is Ellie "TLOU".

MonstaTruk1506d ago

"Likeable" female characters, to the core gaming audience: big tits, slim waist, nice @$$. "Likeable" male characters, to the core gaming audience: plenty of muscles, Brad Pitt looks, and James Earl Jones-type voice. The key point here is "core gaming audience". If a developer wanted to capture the [email protected] women audience, make a game that caters to [email protected] women; and if that audience likes the game, they'll buy it! Point is, that's NOT the core gaming audience, but you want them to make games for "others"? Why? That's not what the masses want. They should anyway because...YOU...say so? :-/

Vegamyster1507d ago

Since AD-block i haven't had to look at those weird sexualized game ads lol. Games with a more serious tone generally don't have characters that portray male or females accurately, they either look like models who are perfectly toned or have over exaggerated muscles/boobs. I stopped caring about this stuff a while ago, i play games for the gameplay first.

MonstaTruk1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

What's "weird" about it? "Traditional" video game character portrayals are "weird" to you? What other part of society do you jump into without being a "student of the game" and just start calling their traditional way of doing things as being "weird"? *smh*

Vegamyster1506d ago

Boobs that expand and contract to get peoples attention with the tag "Play this awesome RPG!" ect isn't my idea of a "traditional" ad.

King-u-mad1507d ago

People who complain and or promote sexual exploitation, using it as a primary reason to play games... are casual gamers. It is annoying because Publishers force devs to cater to the casual audience for more $$$. But that is the world we live in as of now. Hopefully it changes soon, because there are many, many, MANY more problems in the gaming community that also need fixing. But back on topic, I don't mind if a female character in a game looks visually appealing (I am a guy after all.), but if that is the main focus, I could care less about the game. Especially since I am in school for CIS (Computer Information Systems) and Videogame Design... I will hope to be able to get my input into gaming, where it counts. Hopefully sparking a trend of true growth rather than exploited growth. Which is the major trend as of now.

cfc781507d ago

I wouldn't have Lara Croft any other way.

Inception1507d ago

Or DoA girls, Nariko, Bayonetta, etc

Oh man, gaming will be a bit boring without those sexy & badass girls >.<

MonstaTruk1506d ago

Thank you. I agree 100%...

These are VIDEO GAMES, people. Not REALITY. These are FANTASY WORLDS, we're playing in. This is the tradition of our video game culture. If you want reality, with realistic-looking men and women, turn on CNN... :-/