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Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus Breakdown: April 2014

GFN: A new month means more free games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold users. GamerFitnation breaks down the facts about April’s free games from Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus. (Batman: Arkham City, Deadlight, Hitman: Absolution, Mercenary Kings, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

DEEBO  +   198d ago
But you left out that why MS gives 360 owners two games i haven't gotten one game for my xbox one.

But it's ok because they know xbox fans are simple.

Merc kings brings back some good old school feelings.
darthv72  +   198d ago | Well said
Just downloaded batman on ps3 and hitman on 360. Good games for both that I had not played yet.

Personally I replace "vs." with "&" and its all good.
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BattleTorn  +   198d ago
Enjoy! both great games
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Dirtnapstor  +   198d ago
"Simple"... Funny!
andrewsqual  +   198d ago
I just read the title and can't go beyond that.
MrKrispy  +   198d ago
So xbox owners are simple huh well guess having several bachelor degrees means nothing then plus you don't speak for us all and yes i have an xbox to go with my collection and in fact some of my friends are docters and one is a scientist and they own an xbox
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Dirtnapstor  +   198d ago
Docters huh... Laughter, the best medicine!
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LoveSpuds  +   198d ago
If you are going to cook up a tasty piece of fiction you best bone up on the grammar and spelling if you want others to swallow it chief.
Belasco  +   198d ago
Is yours a house of learned docters?
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MrKrispy  +   198d ago
My comment was a joke surely people could see that by the deliberate spelling mistake , i mean if i had a bachelors degree don't you think i'd spell every word perfectly
Back on topic i don't play any of the free games anyway as i have usually played them already
gobluesamg  +   198d ago
Do you have many leather bound books?
Omegasyde  +   198d ago

I have a masters, and I still spell like I am textin sometimes.

Degrees only focus you towards a "field" of study. My field of study was not English (despite turning in 100+ research papers and essays).

TL:DR Not everyone with a degree is smarter than you.
soniqstylz  +   198d ago
I guess that Bachelor's Degree didn't come with an English writing class.
Gamer666  +   198d ago
But you left out that the free games offered by Sony so far on the PS4 (excluding Resogun, but X1 gave everyone Killer Instinct) are just a bunch of recycled PC Indie and PS3 games that they shouldn't have charged for in the first place.

It's OK because Sony knows their fans are simple.

Deadlight is a really solid GwG game. GwG got out to a rocky start, but, the choices the last few months have been getting better and better.
MeteorPanda  +   198d ago
merc kings is awesome, get 2 ppl playing and it's just chaos
rdgneoz3  +   198d ago
Playing online with random people is fun for anything but bosses. Hopefully as people play it more people that dodge bullets, and don't just stand there and reduce your rewards.
jocomat9  +   198d ago
Batman isn't free the last time i checked. Is it? im confused
jocomat9  +   198d ago
Nope i missed it. its free sorry the confusion.
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bahabeast  +   198d ago
Both have some great games
BattleTorn  +   198d ago
I believe this is the first month of parity between the two.
KingKevo  +   198d ago
But well, PS+ users in the US do get a PS4 game (among other great deals), which is pretty neat and, correct me if I'm wrong because I'm only really aware of the past PS+ updates in Europe, but Hitman was already featured on PS+ a while back, like 6 month after its release or so.
rdgneoz3  +   198d ago
PS+ will be getting more games throughout the month as well. The 2 now are just the first week... You're usually getting 1 ps4 game, 2 ps3 games, and 2 vita games a month.
Brazz  +   198d ago
3 PS3 games > batman/Mickey/stealth.
BattleTorn  +   198d ago

This the best GwG has ever gotten...

I was subtly trying to imply that one month doesn't begin to make the two services comparable in value.

I see there's no need to be discrete about it.
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Brazz  +   198d ago
not even close!

Ps+ give 3 Ps3 games + 2 Ps Vita games + 1 Ps4 game.
Ps + is miles better than Gold.
BattleTorn  +   198d ago
I know they're not close, especially when you own all Playstation platforms.

I was simply recognizing that this is the best/closest GwG has ever gotten
DigitalRaptor  +   198d ago
More content on Plus in a week, than GWG gets in a month.

You are mistaken, unfortunately.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   198d ago
Games for Gold is pretty crap tbh, but oh well I was paying the same price for XBL before they gave us freebies so the way I see it, its just an extra whereas the free games were part of the incentive to by PS Plus, so I expect them to be good.
dontbhatin  +   198d ago
Just to clarify. PS+ is only 50 per year where as XBL is 60 per year.
jackanderson1985  +   198d ago
If anyone is still paying 60 quid for gold they're fools. Highest I've paid for gold in the last 3 years is like 45 quid. Numerous online sellers send u the code through email these days so no waiting about
gobluesamg  +   198d ago
Highest I've paid for Plus is $35 so yeah you have to shop around.
Xyconaut  +   198d ago
Plus we werent FORCED to pay for online multiplayer access or Netflix access on ps3 LOL
sdozzo  +   198d ago
Where's our Diablo 3 on PS4 dammit?
SpiralTear  +   198d ago
The big advantage that IGC has over GFG to me is choice. Lots of choice.

If you see the new GFG listings and the two games do absolutely nothing for you (or you already own them), you're stuck waiting until next month. At least with IGC you have four or five games to select from, so if you hate the first three but like the last one or two, you don't feel like the entire month was a wash.

Even if Microsoft offered a choice of only one download from five selections, there's a much, MUCH better chance of still coming out ahead and getting a free game that you're actually interested in. That's what Microsoft's biggest issue in this comparison is: getting a free game is awesome, but if you don't like it at all, then you get no advantage whatsoever and you're stuck waiting till next time.
kingPoS  +   198d ago
Tis true, the IGC is like a buffet to PS+ newcomers. For $17 or $50, twenty games (as of 4/6/14) is quite a spread.

Gateway MT6706 2008
Dlacy13g  +   198d ago
Gold is getting better but they need to launch on the One before it can be considered a level field.
jackanderson1985  +   198d ago
Rumor is it's coming in June. Otherwise known as E3 time to gamers ha. They'll do an announcement on the stage about it and give away a gimped forza like Sony are doing with drive club is my guess
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thawind  +   198d ago
SoulSercher620  +   198d ago
PS Plus is miles better and will continue to be for the forseeable future FACT!!!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   198d ago
I'm loving this Month's ps+...

(this is how you spread Positive comments.. not by paying Astro.Turfers.. but giving games to true gamers.)
kingPoS  +   198d ago
On an average month PS+ offers two PS3 games, two Vita games and one PS4 game. From what I understand Games with Gold gives away two 360 games each month.

It all boils down to what you want. If you're planing on quitting Xbox Live and never playing online, more power to you. If you've amassed huge amounts of titles for months on end have at least two current Sony consoles and still plan on quitting PS+, more power to you.

Gateway MT6706 2008
Azzanation  +   198d ago
Deadlight is a great game. Own it on Steam and its amazing. It came out before TLOU and makes TLOU look like a copy. No joke play it and see for yourself.
shinrock  +   198d ago
Nice title's their GIVING us. At least we get to keep them if our subs run out.

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