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Final Fantasy XV Rumored To Be The Most Expensive Square Enix Game

An unofficial Final Fantasy XV twitter source posted a tweet that the game is expected to be the most expensive project developed by the Square Enix team. The game has been in production for 8 years now and earlier this month its been confirmed that voice over work is yet to begin. (Final Fantasy XV, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

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Snookies12  +   610d ago
Good, I hope they make a masterpiece again, on par with the older titles in the series.
Nitrowolf2  +   610d ago | Well said
I don't think it's so much "It's so expensive because we are doing some amazing stuff", more of it's been in development for such a long time (what almost 8 years?) that it's costing a lot. I never take "most expensive" as a good or bad sign.
Snookies12  +   610d ago
I don't either, I'm just very hopeful with this game because it's being headed by Nomura. Loved the Kingdom Hearts games, and I think he could very well do something amazing with Final Fantasy.
Irishguy95  +   610d ago
I think it's both. Definitely the latter more so than the former though haha. Geez, even after the need to completely rebuild FF14 they say FFXV is more expensive. Although I suppose they did start rebuilding it for next gen.

Not having voice overs isn't really a big deal...but..well...the CG in the trailers have had voice overs since the 2011 one?...confuses me a bit.

But yeah, this game may be the largest project ever. I mean just looking at the trailer and knowning that everything in it is real time? Nothing is 'backround' like alot of games. Flying across that city in the latest trailer when you get your Airship will be phenomenal.

@Below. It's no voices 'yet'. As in, they haven't put them in the game yet. Voice overs =/= Voice acting. The Voice overs are done last in dev process. VA has obviously started as it's been in the trailers for ages now. BUt we haven't seen the characters speaking 'in game' yet. Only Voice over the trailer.
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guitarded77  +   610d ago
Yeah, it's been a long time, and an expensive process, but at least it got moved to next gen and completely re-branded from XIII.
DVAcme  +   610d ago
Well said. It's like if Sony suddenly said that the Last Guardian is their most expensive game ever. Everyone would wonder why they've invested so much money on a project that's been in development hell so long.
AnotherProGamer  +   610d ago
They game didn't go into full production until late 2011 because most of the team were helping the other teams on FFXIII and FFXIV
FarEastOrient  +   610d ago
I wonder how well it's going to do in comparison to other extremely large budgeted $200+ million games like GTA V and SWTOR. I'm still pinning my hopes on this game.
abzdine  +   610d ago
unfortunately most expensive doesn't mean better
redwin  +   609d ago
Does anybody remember any game that took 10 years to make and was good ? Sometimes the vision gets lost. I wish they go back to the roots, I want more gaming and less movie also reading the interaction is more immersive than the voice over. I just want this game out, I don't want to be a grandparent when this game finally comes out. Sony is notorious for delays.
levian  +   609d ago
This game does look really amazing, but I hope this doesn't turn into another "Spirit's Within" situation.
hay  +   609d ago
They're making this game for so long I'm actually expecting someone from Square stating that they did initial Versus drafts and designs in Early Paleolith but stone's bit density was too low and they were waiting for the right technology to happen.
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kreate  +   609d ago
if they don't sell 10 million units.
they gonna blame the gamers for it.

gonna see another tomb raider situation.
iamtehpwn  +   610d ago
I don't really see how this is much of a rumor, I don't think any company can survive developing nearly 10 years of 1 triple AAA open world RPG without taking a massive hit. With that said FFXV is going to sell big time. If FFXIII can sell 6 million, I'm willing to bet FFXV can push 6-10 million just due to the anticipation alone.
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vishmarx  +   610d ago
as crappy as it was,
the trilogy sold over 10 million.
if this games is half as good as hyped upto be (airships , world map n all)
itll do that in a heartbeat.
only thing is, the release will have to wait till atleast 20 million ps4s have been sold.
which will take quite some time.
Im thinking fall 2015 release
iWishTifaWasReal  +   610d ago
LOL THEY HAVE TO. otherwise, if this fails (in quality not Financially) NO ONE WILL WAIT FOR THE NEXT FF (which is prolly FF16) to be released. not waiting another 10 yrs.

My prediction for FF15 release date is in either Q1 or Q4 of 2015. heck makes perfect sense cuz its called Final Fantasy 15. 2015 it is -,-
DVAcme  +   610d ago
So it's gonna be an open-world RPG that's gonna be competing with The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Lol, yeah, good luck.
gano  +   610d ago
dvacme those games u named is piss garbage
MrSwankSinatra  +   610d ago
@DVAcme First Off Final Fantasy XV will be competing with The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 is not gonna be released the same year the witcher is. secondly the witcher & final fantasy appeal to two different audiences. keep reaching...
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Godmars290  +   610d ago
If Square has taught anyone anything, especially with the first FF14, its that expensive does not equal quality. Much less a well thought out plot with involving characters.
Magicite  +   610d ago
very looking forward for this game
abzdine  +   609d ago
Nomura is mainly a very brilliant character designer. I don't know how good he is at taking care of a huge project as big as a main FF cause i think so far he has only been involved in chara design.
Delsin22  +   606d ago
Seems like 5 ppl don't want a masterpiece of a game rather they'd prefer something crap
mikel1015  +   610d ago
If that's true, then it's guaranteed to underperform in their eyes, like Tomb Raider but even more expensive
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   610d ago
I doubt it will under perform. This game has been anticipated since it's inception. You can say that FF has a bad rep currently but that's only due to FF13. Fans and haters of FF13 are both looking forward to FF15 which is a huge difference compared to the recent FFs where only fans of 13 are purchasing it which are among the minority of all FF fans and yet the game still breaks the millions mark in sales. As long as this game is good, meaning little to no bad reviews so that people don't cancel pre-orders and whatnot, this game will have the biggest debut of any Final Fantasy game.
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Afterlife  +   610d ago
With Final Fantasy, they can sell alot of XV merchandise.
It won't be a total loss and a cheaper to make sequal is guaranteed.
Qrphe  +   610d ago
Exactly, sadly
Midori  +   610d ago
I would believe it based on how long it's been in development, the game's scope, and since Square-Enix has funded rather costly titles like the recent Tomb Raider. I'll be more interested in seeing if it can actually make money based on the current reputation of the series and how many sales Tomb Raider needed just to break even.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   610d ago
This is very likely, Nomura's vision for the game is Huge.It takes everything from the Classic Final Fantasys and brings them to modern tech.That is an expensive task.
And their next game after this will be this most expensive game. Then the one that comes after that will be their new most expensive game.

Why is this news?
denisx04  +   610d ago
This game has been in production for 8 years...
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Silly gameAr  +   609d ago
Why do people keep asking "why is this news" in articles? You don't have to read it you know?
WeAreLegion  +   610d ago
It certainly looks like it. I'm so excited! Nomura and the whole team are incredible.
TomahawkX  +   610d ago
This game is never coming out.
Madderz  +   609d ago
One can hope and dream, right?
Parapraxis  +   610d ago
To be expected with a game that has been in development hell for so long.
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user4693217   610d ago | Spam
kingdom18  +   610d ago
Well that's what happens when you have a game that's been in "development" for eight years, if it weren't for this I would have guessed XIV and ARR. That aside I have faith in Tetsuya Nomura, to make this a great game.
con4g23  +   610d ago
Then we should support the game and (if and only if it comes to pc) , piracy wont kill it's sales,this masterpiece is well deserved of that support
LAWSON72  +   610d ago
Piracy has never ruined a games sales if it has I would love to know. Even games like the Witcher 2 sold extremely well and it has no DRM, from what I have seen quality sells specifically on PC. If Square embraced Steam and release say something like FF9 (X and XII prob would not happen) and 13 trilogy, and 15 with things taht are expected from a PC game they would be welcomed with open arms and plenty of sales.
vishmarx  +   610d ago
how would you know, what number of sales the witcher lost to piracy?
but the fact we know for certain is piracy is rampant on the pc, like it or not.
and for now, its not even possible on ps4 n xb1.
also most poeple who play exclusively on pc (I.e actually pay for the game) dont prefer jrpgs.its common knowledge that such games have eluded
pc for more than a decade now.it wont hurt if it came to the pc but expecting a pc version is stupid.most people ask for pcs version of such games because its the most casually available platform and you can get that game with no costs,requirements or consequences.not blaming pc gamers but pirates who happen to have a pc like 80% of urban population
and wanna play it because it looks good and why the hell not?ive seen idiots download uncharted and god of war and wonder why its not working on pc.
after realizing the truth they begim askkng the release of the pc version.
true pc gamers dont ask around for every game to be ported to it, they have their pcs for the kind of games that actually run and sellbest on it. (fps, rts, mmo n such)
LAWSON72  +   609d ago
You say it lost sales. How do you know? Not everyone who pirates buys games and that would not change if they could not pirate it. Not every pirated copy can account for a loss sale because the fact not every pirater would of bought the game if they had to. Piracy is rampant yet most PC developers seem to be doing just fine.

BTW W2 I believe was reported to be torrented over a 1M times and yet we are getting a W3 that is bigger better and just as easy to illegally download. That is how I know it sold perfectly fine. I believe piracy adds to a games popularity and fanbase as well as a devs thus leading to a title like the Witcher that gets more and more popular each game and sells even better with each new release
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stragomccloud  +   609d ago
Piracy, while not uncommon, is absolutely not rampant on PC. In fact PC offers the most profitability since sales of games don't include console licensing fees.

"Piracy is rampant" is a very common misconception about PC.
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MoveTheGlow  +   609d ago
The Witcher 2 sold 6 million units by October 2013, so I think they did alright.


I mean, alright enough to make a sequel to a pretty tough, uncompromising RPG. That's really something.
titans9999  +   610d ago
What? No voice overs? Am I misunderstanding g something here? Skyrim and all other RPGs have voice overs...wtf?
LAWSON72  +   610d ago
Well in Skyrim you are kind of talking to a character face to face and no voice overs would be just odd. In games like FF, KH no voice overs work fine in a lot of circumstances. I think even today JRPGs quite often have no voice overs in some parts. It does not bother me really because I like to skip through text after I read it rather than hear some one talk. I cant play games without subtitles but I can play games without voice overs. I highly doubt I am in the majority though.

It is not like voice over makes the game feel higher quality. I personally get annoyed hearing the same damn thing everytime I talk to an NPC in for example Skyrim
Myze  +   609d ago
Someone mentioned it a above, but if you go to the article and click on the link referring to the voice-overs, it explains. The Voice-Over production hasn't begun yet, but that, of course, doesn't mean they won't have them.

Voice recording is one of the last things done in development, and doesn't really take that long (especially for a game that's taken 8 years to make).

There's no need to worry there won't be voice acting. I would imagine it will be like most JRPGs nowadays. The storyline will all be voiced, but random NPCs in towns will be text only. If even the NPCs were voiced, that would be a first for FF.
LAWSON72  +   610d ago
Really wish both KH3 (I expect 2016) and FF15 release in 2015. They are my most an the anticipated games mainly because I have been waiting for both for a very long time.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   610d ago
I'll wait as long as I have to
gano  +   610d ago
i want crisis core complete hd on vita and type o in the mean tyme.
I dont want to hear about this unless, and bundle is being made, and new vid is out, or a release date with REAL info.

In two yrs this will be going 10yr anniversary
king3  +   610d ago
I feel like all the FF games after FF-X suck. FFX-2 was terrible (nothing against females, but I feel like every time a female is the main character in a FF game, the game is not good, examples; FFX-2, FFXIII...). I feel like SQE is not just creating a new battle system for FF-15, but the future of FF games and this could be one of the reasons why it is taking them so long to finish this game, among other reasons. And I hope they bring FFX summoning system back, the summons actually had a purpose in the game and they were useful and I actually wanted to use the summons. Opinions???
Madderz  +   609d ago
I somewhat agree with you.

I don't think it matters whether the main character is male or female just as long as you can connect to them and sort of build a bond with them. Characters such as Cloud, Squall or Tidus you sorta grew with them as they went further through the game. I just didn't get that with Final Fantasy XIII. Tbh I actually already had quite a bit of affection for Yuna, Rikku etc following X so maybe that's why i feel the female characters worked a little more. Although the game wasn't as enjoyable as it could be (costume spheres, wtf? GAY) it was nice to see familiar faces.

With regards to summons in final fantasy, i really agree with you there. I started the series at VII like many and summons were a big part of the game and even more so in VIII. Final Fantasy just wouldn't be right without all the classic summons and it would be great to throw in some new ones.

I also love how there are references/names spread across the games from each of them. Makes me smile when you see a ship called the Ragnorok then you play another and its a sword. Makes you feel right at home!
bienio  +   610d ago
So Pc Version please anounnce:)
KonsoruMasuta  +   609d ago
Again, this is annoying. You don't have to spam the same thing in every article. I wish the mods would start doing their job and start marking these comments (The same ones you put on almost every single article) as spam.
LAWSON72  +   609d ago
Id rather see that then PS4 greatness awaits in every damn article as well that lengthy garbage praising them
elda  +   610d ago
This game is going to look so beautiful,the production,graphics along with top notch special effects & cgi as Square does FF in every consoles gen,but with the hardware now it's going to look amazing.
Atomicjuicer  +   610d ago
Can't wait!! Hurry up!!
Madderz  +   609d ago
Looking forward to this, I really hope they can pull it off. Haven't really enjoyed a Final Fantasy game since X!

I did play FF14 when it first came out on PC but it was an absolute mess! I am going to give it another shot on PS4 when it releases in a couple weeks, fingers crossed it's sorted its act out!

Should get me through a year or 2 until 15 releases ;P

I jokkkkkkkkkke!!
Delsin22  +   609d ago
FF14 ARR is awesome i played the ps3 version and the beta on ps4 and its so good. BUT I'm looking forward to 15 too i really can't wait for it, and so much for "news coming soon" my guess is they'll now wait till E3
Madderz  +   609d ago
Yeah, tbh I actually enjoyed it on PC i just didn't have time for it with all the bugs and crashes etc in the end i got rid of my rig anyway.

I did play the PS3 beta briefly but unfortunately my view of it was tainted from the PC. My rig obviously ran it with better res, frame rate, draw distance, number of enemies on screen etc so the PS3 beta was a HUGE step down for me so I couldn't get into it.

However the PS4 version looks quite promising with higher specs but i missed out on the beta stage in February so I do not have the beta client :/ hopefully they put the client back up before April the 4th so i can participate in the final beta phase and also the early access!!

Yeah my moneys on square enix doing a big presentation at E3 with the release date etc!!
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Relientk77  +   609d ago
I hope it's good and nothing like the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy
jocelot  +   609d ago
it better be good...
TheOrion  +   609d ago
Its been in development so long the costs must be ridiculous.

The issue I have is that as a result we've been subjected to a lot of mediocre at best games brandishing the FF name. As a result I have little faith it will deliver on the expectations it began with.
ikk47  +   609d ago
The only Final Fantasy I'll buy will be this one
GentlemenRUs  +   609d ago
No doubt it's going to be a crap-shack like 13 was...

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.
goldwyncq  +   609d ago
Disagreed because XIII wasn't crap at all and neither would this game be judging from what we know.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   609d ago
It would be great if this comes to PC also...
stragomccloud  +   609d ago
Hoping for a PC version. Lineup isn't enough to make me want a PS4 just yet. And I won't buy a console for its third party games.
tigertron  +   609d ago
I was sweet 16 when the first trailer came out. Man that was a long time ago.
NeloAnjelo  +   609d ago
How will Square possibly make this money back? Like Sony with the Last Guardian.

I am worried for both of these titles and the associated teams.
maniacmayhem  +   609d ago
That is really bad news in my opinion. This game would have to perform near GTAV numbers for Square to see a profit. Considering this game has been in development the entire life span of the 360/PS3.

If this game tanks I can bet that Square will be shutting down or at least laying off A LOT of people.
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