Infamous Second Son Powers Guide: All the Types You Can Get and How They Work

Would you like to know what all the powers are and what they do? Then check out this article listing all of the Infamous Second Son powers.

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Pintheshadows1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Delsin's hidden power is my favourite. The power to store endless amounts of cardboard.

Drekken1490d ago

It's all under his vest. With the cans of spray paint.

macethedon1490d ago

Finally, someone posts this!

GentlemenRUs1490d ago

I have a feeling that we will get some new ones in DLC.

FracturedGolem1490d ago

And when they come out, the article will be updated :)

Ron_Danger1490d ago

I'm wondering if we'll get some sort of origami power like the conduit you follow in the Paper Trail content... 5 more weeks till we find out!

GW2121490d ago

NOPE, I'M NOT THERE YET. GO AWAY. LET ME FIGURE THEM OUT ON MY OWN... wait... why is my mouse clicking the link... stop... seriously... I have no self-control...

Pintheshadows1490d ago

Seriously, how good is this game?!