Dark Souls II Class Build Guide

Wondering which is the best class for you when you start Dark Souls II, or how best to level your character? Give this quick and easy guide a look and you might just find something useful...

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Brazz1737d ago

"...there’s no Easy Mode Pyromancer this time..." so true...

Brazz1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Fainth/ dex build > bandit or knight, they are very close.

Fainth/ stg build > cleric looking fantastic, hands down winner.

mag/dex > sorc. win, but not that big deal...

mag/STG > If adaptability end up as a must have stats,i think Explorer can take this from sorc., the better starting gear make the choice interesting..

Builds whit no magic > bandit looking amazing! very low Int/faith/attun., lots of space to grown!

For now i think the best stats distribution are from Bandit and cleric! hard to tel, since adaptability is a big "?", it can end as a very good solid stats that is a must, it can alson end as a "poor stats"or it can end as a stats like "have a lot or have nothing", only time will tell...