Discovery: Install Debug Firmware on a Retail PS3 system

XVISTAMAN2005 has discovered a method which allows Retail PS3 console owners to install PS3 Debug Firmware on them... however, before considering attempting this PS3 "HDD Swap" be sure to read the full instructions.

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leeger3568d ago

So what does this thing actually do? I will never install a cfw on my PS3. NEVER!

Alexander Roy3568d ago

I will once Homebrew is available and I can play Super Mario World on it .

lovedaddy3568d ago

A debug firmware on a retail kit means full homebrew support, and ideally the development of a a PS3 Media Centre type thing, with RSX / GPU access and MKV support.

LJWooly3568d ago

Without risk of bricking the console, preferably. Homebrew is one of the reasons the PSP is the best handheld ever.

Starseven3568d ago

I read the posts in the ps3news-forum and once you installed this debug-firmware, you have a PS3 without any debug-functions and no blu-ray playback...


ReBurn3568d ago

This article tells me that some people have more money than good sense.

tweaker3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I will probably attempt this on my 40gig PS3 just for fun. It's my spare so I don't really mind.

LJWooly3568d ago

Lol, same here. You have a "spare" PS3?

ice_prophecy3568d ago

and now my envy is becoming spite...

tweaker3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Yep, a spare. My HD tv's are already hooked up to my 60gig PS3's. I don't have anymore tv's to make use of my 40gig so I just keep it aside as a backup or for experimental usage. It was originally intended as a gift for my nephew but he changed his mind and wanted an iPhone instead.

Back on topic:
Damn I need two hard drives of the same size. I guess I'll have to do this tomorrow.

KeiZka3568d ago

I don't like your nephew at all.

LJWooly3568d ago

Mate, you're lucky :)

Although, your nephew must be out of his mind...

ice_prophecy3568d ago

You spoil your nephew!

If it were me, I'd say "Heres the damn PS3, now I'm going to teach you how to be a merchant, with a little thing called EBAY. You want an Iphone, you trade it yourself"

Then again you must be the best uncle ever O_O

tweaker3568d ago

He couldn't sell it on eBay anyway, he's only 11. But damn you just made me feel really old mentioning the word uncle. I just turned 21. :)

On topic:
Another road block. I can't find the debug firmware anywhere.

killer_trap3568d ago

i'm 26 and i'm an uncle to 8 already. you've got a long way to go mate.

solar3568d ago 11 year old with an iPhone....spoiled lil brat :P

Bubble Buddy3568d ago

Spare? Wow. ahaha, wonder if we have any famous people here on n4g :p.

MrWonderful3568d ago

thats cool . I have a spare ps3 as well its the white one, but i have a 20gb thats now 160gb and a 80gb. and soon a ltd metal gear soon.

LJWooly3568d ago

But you're The Rock, of course you have!

ice_prophecy3567d ago

lol you bugger! You're just one year older than me...

znu3567d ago

can i have an autographed ps3?

LJWooly3567d ago

Lol, look at us, dominating this topic with our idle chatter...

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ChefDejon3568d ago

if sony worked with homebrew