GTA IV Rendered At 6K In Black & White Looks So Real Thanks To SweetFX

DSOGaming writes: "These screenshots will make your jaw drop and start wondering how is it possible to turn an old game like GTA IV into something like this. In order to achieve these visuals, modders have rendered the game at 6K and used SweetFX’s monochome and vibrancy filters, L3EVO 2012NY ENB mod, Simple Trainer, Cam Control and a Custom FOV mod."

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ZombieKiller1511d ago

WOW! Those look incredible! I wish that consoles allowed mods like this. Damn I would love to see this on my TV without having to buy a PC (I know....never gonna happen)

ChrisW1511d ago

You could borrow a PC... /s

lokirevamped1511d ago

Steam Machine, I will give it a try just for mods.

ChrisW1511d ago

It's amazing what has been done with GTAIV... Just absolutely amazing!

Looking forward to seeing what can be done with GTAV on the PC, especially since the mods for consoles are already pretty cool.

Grave1511d ago

Pretty sure the community will blow our minds.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

..but resolution doesn't matter... right? RIGHT?!?

MaxwellBuddha1511d ago

Resolution only matters when the argument benefits the PS4. Duh.

trenso11511d ago

In all honesty it doesn't, that game will play no different than the one I have on ps3. The visuals are stunning no doubt but it is still the same game game-play wise.

DeadIIIRed1511d ago

Yep, but imagine being invited to go bowling in 6k though!

Neonridr1510d ago

wow.. modders should get on San Andreas.. imagine Hot Coffee at 6k?

Applejack1511d ago

Can my $600 PC run this? lol

Qrphe1511d ago

You missed a zero there

LAWSON721511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

My HD 7950 and GTX 760 can not handle icenhancer at all. It would stutter even on lowest settings at 1080p. It is a shame because it looked incredible.

psman0121511d ago

What processor and how much memory? Just out of curiosity.

rodiabloalmeida1511d ago

I have a Core i5 2500K with 16GB of Ram and a GTX670, and I can run GTA IV with Icenhancer pretty smooth, even at 1080p. FPS never dips below 30. Maybe you need to overclock your Ivy Bridge or add more RAM.

LAWSON721511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

RAM has never really gave me an issue until BF4 so sadly I do need to buy RAM soon. IT is possibly the cause of the problem, however the i5 is not even at clock speeds the i5 can handle anything.

rodiabloalmeida1511d ago

You really need more RAM. 4GB is not enough. Your GPU and CPU are OK.

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Moncole1510d ago

Seeing how you need to ask I would say no.

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