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Pre-Orders Available for Feenix’s New High-End Aria Gaming Headphones

Feenix has put up preorders and details for the Aria, a pricey but high quality pair of headphones for the ultimate audiophile. (Feenix Aria, PC, PS3, PS4, Tech)

sinspirit  +   142d ago
Don't bring up Astro's in an audiophile topic.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   142d ago
might have to look into these. you don't fancy astro headsets?
Utalkin2me  +   142d ago

And you was the first one to do so.

Not only that, but astros is a overall great pair of headsets.
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sinspirit  +   142d ago
For the price, no. They are overpriced. They are like fancier Turtle Beach's.

Sorry, but I actually read the article. He mentions Astro's after talking about this headset being marketed towards the "ultimate audiophile". When he says this headset has 50mm drivers then he for whatever reason mentions that Astro's have 40mm, as if they are a good comparison for audiophiles. Astro's while good build quality and features, have bad microphones, and average sound, which is the point of a headset. At that price there are far better options. If you get Astro's over something like the SteelSeries H Wireless then you need to stop getting ideas from GameStop.
Utalkin2me  +   142d ago
I read the the article also. And i have had pretty much every headset on my head. Astro's stand above most with Mixamp and "mic" from ever other headset. I am a audiophile and videophile. I own B&W series in my theater room with svs subs. Sure there is better straight headphones, but from a gaming perspective Astro's is in the tops.
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sinspirit  +   141d ago
You read the article? After you replied to me or before? You said I was the first to talk about Astro's when the article mentioned them first.

Right, I said Astro's have great features. And did you say their mic stands above most? I can't even fathom that you just said you are an "audiophile" when you say this about their mics, which tend to make your voice sound similar to the compressed and poor microphones on XBox Live. Really, do a comparison to competitor products.

Astro's are overrated just like Turtle Beach headset's and I'm not saying this without actual experience.

Gaming headsets aren't typically audiophile headsets, and for a gaming headset Astro's fall behind competitors quality for the same price. They look and feel nice, which we see from headsets less then half the price so it's not what you should be thinking about for a headset. They tend to drown out the sound with bass and allow you to turn them up so much it distorts the sound even more. They aren't true to the audio. If you want a higher quality, generally better audio, and better reliability then there are easily better options for the price. It's not like Astro's are the only headset with mixamp's, which is pretty much the only reason I can say it has nice features.
Twinblade  +   142d ago
$400 for a ps4 or $350 for some headphones... hmmm.
level 360  +   142d ago
Or spend AU$275 = US$250 for a high-end Audio Technica with 53mm drivers ( closed back - ATH-AG1 ) or if you prefer an ( open air - ATH ADG1 ).

Outstanding audio and ultra-comfortable.
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hotbeef  +   142d ago
level 360, I use audio technica m50's into a turtle beach DSS. Incredible sound quality and very believable surround sound. I got the 50's off amazon for 100. Can't recommend them enough!
NikonSteve  +   142d ago
What if they were made out of Kate Upton's Coconut bra?
Milruka  +   142d ago
Anyone who buys a "audiophile" headset for a console deserves to lose out on all their money.

Consoles have Poor DACs as it is, you are never going to get hifi audio out them no matter how hard you try, and even attempting it on PC without a soundcard or external DAC/AMP is pointless.

But then again, they are stupid enough to buy a console for "HD' experience anyways.
Lakerman  +   142d ago
Good choice going with B&W! I got the B&W 802d and love them. No sub yet but Im considering it

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