Origin is Holding a Huge Battlefield Sale. 50% Off Battlefield 3 & 4; 75% Off Rest of Franchise

Origin is currently holding a pretty massive sale for its Battlefield games.

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Philoctetes1340d ago

Battlefield 4: Half the price, twice the bugs.

SnakeCQC1340d ago

Well I haven't noticed any bugs in some time and its vastly better than other shooters.

Milruka1340d ago

Except 100ms sever click sure isn't a huge ass bug.

LAWSON721340d ago

That makes no sense more like half the price and hardly any bugs, much better than buying it at full price with a load of bugs. Hate the games terrible launch but the actual game is actually very good

Philoctetes1340d ago

Apparently I'm imagining the new bug where you randomly lose all your guns and unlocks.

ExPresident1340d ago

Happened in BF3 too. Rubber banding is still a prevalent issue on the PS4.

WeedyOne1340d ago

Rubber banding has more to do with server lag than anything else.

ExPresident1340d ago

So basically they are almost selling it for what it was actually worth at release? ;)

ginsunuva1339d ago

No they should have paid us money to test it out and report bugs for the first few months.

xActionBasturdx1340d ago

I don't know what's the fuss about bugs in the. I play on ps4 and I never ran into any game hindering bugs myself. The only bug I have been getting lately is not having all my weapons and that rarely happens. Even so , its clear that DICE is going to do what it takes to provide he best BF4 experience on all platforms.

csreynolds1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

"I don't know what's the fuss about bugs in the. I play on PS4 and I never ran into any game hindering bugs myself."

As a PS4 owner, I call BS. The PS4 version is full of issues, from lag, rubberbanding and kill trading to spawn glitches, crashes and server hangs. The official BF forum has pages dedicated to PS4 problems, and that no weapons bug that rarely happens happened to me four times in the space of two hours only yesterday.

The tl:dr is you're wrong. Don't treat people like idiots.

90Supra1340d ago

I was hoping this would include premium for PS4....smh

Phoenix761339d ago

Excatly what I was going to say. Offer us premium at a discount, and I may be swayed into buying it. Say 50-75% off :-D

crunchb3rry1339d ago

A liquidation sale, perhaps? For a digitally distributed game? Yeah...EA would be that stupid.