Still Questioning AE Games' Legitimacy? Well, Question a Little Less

Nintendo Enthusiast's detective work proves that AE Games' have good intentions.

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R00bot1397d ago

I like the way this studio thinks. AE games? They're totally making fun of EA, and rightfully so.
Who needs Madden NFL from EA on the Wii U when we have Madmen NFL from AE? ;)

BoneBone1397d ago

I like how Nintendo have given a voice to even the smallest of indie developer who can stump up a couple of grand for a dev kit and be able to take on and mock someone like EA.

Who knows where the indie thing might lead for Nintendo, but creativity is what Nintendo stands for, and what EA does not.

EliteGameKnight1397d ago

Dev kit use on Wii U is free :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I may not be a sports game fan, but I respect the work these guys are doing.
Any jab at the back-stabbers in EA is a good one, at least sometimes.XD

Besides, there's something extremely amusing about the thought of George Washington as a line-backer...

LOL_WUT1396d ago

Backstabbers? The WiiU just underperformed it was nothing personal just business ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1396d ago

That's no excuse for the ME3 debacle and you know it.

mydyingparadiselost1397d ago

Well I'm at least doubting less, if I'm wrong in my doubts then I'll buy the game as an apology.

One_Eyed_Wizard1397d ago

No one was questioning their good intention. We were questioning whether or not they EXISTED. And basically, the concept art proves nothing... or not much at the very least.

As far as we know, the guy was hired for one concept art.

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