Starlight Inception Pixel Judge preview

PJ: "Someone once called Space ’The Final Frontier’. That someone battled lizards, his own irresistible sex appeal and the incompetent red shirts with whom he went on each and every mission. Whether it is actually the final frontier is something for those people that got their degrees in science or philosophy to decide. I certainly do not know. However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about infinity and beyond, drifting in outer space and contemplating on the meaning of life while my vast forces destroy every single thing standing in my way. Whether I relived that dream in Freelancer, the X-universe or Galactic Civilization didn’t matter. As long as it’s in space and shoots lasers with that soothing pew-pew sound, I am game. And if it has a steep learning curve and lots of depth, then I am completely and utterly sold."

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