Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 2/1/2014

PS4 170,756 (+17%)
3DS 138,318 (+3%)
XOne 82,444 (+7%)
PS3 71,651 (+6%)
WiiU 48,224 (+14%)

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) 139,838
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (XOne) 48,701

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NatureOfLogic1436d ago

As predicted, PS4 is dominating the charts.

joshw20111436d ago

5 million! Before Japan, even.

GrizzliS19871436d ago

1 million in japan first 2 weeks probably, if they can produce that many :X, by end of year, ps4 will outsell the box by ratio of 2:1.

Hocking1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

"As predicted, PS4 is dominating the charts."

Even fake sales sites like vgchartz can't inflate Xbox One sales and underreport PS4 sales enough to mask just how much the PS4 is dominating.

The actual PS4 sales must be close to 6 million worldwide by now. 4.2 million by the end of 2013. And Sony is reported to be manufacturing 1.4 million a month. It has been six weeks since the end of 2013 - so that means Sony has managed to make another 2.1 million PS4s. And should be pretty close to 6 million before the even launch on the 20th in Japan.

I know other people have posted these links but just look at the in stock reports:

PS4 almost completely sold out:

Xbox One in stock everywhere:

After the Japan launch, the PS4 will be somewhere in the 6-7 million range and it will be late February/early March. Makes that 12 million PS4s by the end of 2014 prediction look like massive underestimation.

PeaSFor1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Truefan1 and Lachance are in nervous breakdown right now, poor dudes... its not even feb22 yet.

i worry for their mental health.

AsimLeonheart1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

The supposedly unbeatable 3DS getting beaten heftily each week by the mighty PS4... at double the price... and without even launching in Japan... O_O Mind blown! That is the real news. :D

dedicatedtogamers1436d ago

Even 3DS getting beat. Whoa!

Just wait when PS4 has more supply available. It's sold out nearly everywhere. I imagine the launch in Japan is going to cause a pretty big boost in sales.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

for a Console that has none in stock its still selling good lol

Sony platform is selling well in Games to.. How much does Sony get from each game Sold does anyone know?

DevilishSix1436d ago

Reason there is none in stock is game retailers are still working on backlog orders, as soon as they come in calls go out, they are picked up and none left for the store to sell. Amazon gets stock in and in about a day sold out. Thats why none show in stock. There is high demand and consoles shipped are already sold.

aceitman1436d ago

sony has the 13 of the top 20 on games , well done sony.

aceitman1436d ago

i have a funny feeling ms will have a price drop on both systems to compete.ps4 selling 2 x more than xone and the ps3 selling 2 x more than the 360. heck the ps3 is only 10,000 away from xone that is not good for ms. its my opinion from what i see.

HaveAsandwich1436d ago

yup. fastest major price drop ever for a console, incoming. personally, i hope they ditch the kinect, and drop the price way down. i might buy one, if that were the case.

aceitman1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

will the ps4 sell more in japan on launch than the ps2 (Japan: 600,000 ps2 consoles launch day. 1 million in 10 days)i hope so.

Back-to-Back1436d ago

It's not just console sales...

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) 139,838
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (XOne) 48,701

Thats damn near a 3:1 ratio.

XabiDaChosenOne1435d ago

Yea its about 5000 units shy of a 3:1 ratio...yikes.

Gamer19821436d ago

Once Japan launch is done and dusted Sony will double the sales of PS4 over Xbox One and that becomes worrying times for Microsoft so early on in this race. Ms I don't think expected to be this far behind if they did fall behind.. Next week we find out..

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pupa1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

PS4 170,756 (+17%)[email protected] ratio 2.1:1 and growing
XOne 82,444 (+7%)[email protected] 1
PS3 71,651 (+6%)[email protected] ratio 0.89:1

All I can do is SMILE in amazement!

PSV 41,[email protected] ratio 1+:1
X360 40,848

Godmars2901436d ago

Funny that the best global selling title is JP only.

DoctorJones1436d ago

What else has been released in the last couple of weeks?

Bebedora1436d ago

Well, uhmmm....uhmm...
..dont you bother your silly mind with those kind of logical questionings. You troll!

corroios1436d ago

This numbers and its still not launch in japan....