Controller Issues

GamingLives laments the frustrating lack of controller support offered by some PC games.

"Perhaps most importantly for me, If I ever want to experience Oblivion - one of my most loved Xbox 360 games – in all its shiny PC glory, then, for the time being, I’ll have to stick my well-chewed wad of apathy gum under the table and dick about with Xpadder. However, if the mapping goes tits up and I end up attacking Thoronir instead of trying to buy a mortar and pestle, then I’ll be damn annoyed. But not too much. He’s a creepy bastard. Somehow though, I doubt that the Imperial Guard will buy the classic “Sorry, officer, I was asking if he wanted to buy a used primrose when my sword just accidentally went off. It’s never done that before!”

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SWayne1621d ago

I feel the same way you feel and its nice to see an article that talks of these issues.