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Submitted by BBBQ_BYOBB 658d ago | video

Guide to Joel from The Last of Us

Joel is immersive and complex in ways other gaming leads are nowhere near.
You side with him, and understand him, even when he acts like a monster.
He is, without a doubt; the dark heart... of The Last of Us. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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Lord_Sloth  +   659d ago
Joel was awesome! I know a lot of people hated some of the things he did but I loved him from start to finish!
jacksjus  +   659d ago
Asking this question is the same as asking if TLOU was your type of game. I can't see the game being what it was without Joel so this is a redundant question.
-Foxtrot  +   659d ago
I like to think of him as an everyday father who lost someone then found someone else to fill the void which made him hope again....and he will NOT loose her again.

Kind of why his actions at the end of the game are pretty realistic.
WeAreLegion  +   658d ago
Exactly. Though part of his decision may have been a "screw humanity" thing, like Cabin in the Woods.
DragonKnight  +   658d ago
I loved Joel, he was the epitome of someone who lived through a hard life of doing whatever was necessary to survive. It can't have been easy for him after what happened at the beginning of the game, especially how it happened. But Joel, for as much as it seemed like he cut off all feelings, never completely closed off his heart. That's how Ellie was able to reach him, that's how she became the one thing that "saved" him.

Joel is the most human character I've ever seen in gaming. His very being posits the question of how we would be in his situation. Is he truly a bad person, or is he just someone trying to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world?

The Last of Us wouldn't be the same without Joel.
brave27heart  +   658d ago
What makes Joel so good is he's flawed, from the get go. He's selfish, uncompromising and willing to show a lack of humanity to protect himself and his loved ones even before the outbreak begins. By the time the game begins proper, he's lost almost all morality. "We're sh*tty people Joel, its been that way for a long while".

By the end his decision isnt a straight up choice between his needs and humanities, he can only see what he needs, even excluding what Ellie wants. Its not a hero's ending, in fact, morally, its almost a villains ending, taking away the potential for good in the world and Ellies right to make her own decision.

Few games, or media of any kind actually, cast a lead character as so fundementally bad, as we would define a person by todays standards.

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