Deep Down Delayed After Summer: Will Use the PS4's Full Power; Won't Be a Game that Could Be on PS3

When the PS4 exclusive free to play game Deep Down was fully unveiled at Tokyo Game Show, Capcom promised it would start its beta around the Japanese launch of Sony's new console on February 22nd, but looks like development will take a little longer, as revealed by Producer Kazunori Sugiura.

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Muffins12231769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Wow,almost same thing with watch dogs.These random delays are really probably starting to piss sony off lol

WitWolfy1769d ago

Not really, it is a F2P game anyways so let them take their time with it. It will be ready whem its ready.

jamestewart1769d ago

Can't be at its current state on the X1 either.

FamilyGuy1769d ago

"You get only one shot at releasing a game, and it’s definitely better for it to be late than underwhelming"

*points in the direction of Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn*


They could have just stayed on schedule and tweaked what they needed to over time. We're talking about a beta for Christ sake, it had no launch date yet.
I think this is ridiculous.

escott0131768d ago

You're right.
However, as unfortunate as it is, most people play a beta just to get their hands on a game earlier than launch, instead of playing the beta to actually aid development.
When people do this, the beta will leave an unending first impression of an unpolished game (which is exactly that, yet people do not understand).

Semi-Off Topic:
I have been guilty of the same thing myself, with the ESO beta. I'm going for another bout this weekend and I'm going to try to help the game improve as much as I can. :P

gaffyh1768d ago

The annoying thing about this is that the announcement is too late. Everyone was expecting this in Feb/March, and all of a sudden, it's delayed. Same thing with Watch Dogs, @publishers - stop doing this shit. Announce a delay early if there are issues!!


To be honest, they are right and I am happy they acknowledged that. The first trailer at the PS4 reveal looked totally next-gen in evey aspect. But since then the graphics got a bit downgraded. The only thing that stayed next-gen was the fire and the drzgon, everything else from soldiers and monsters models textures , environments and lighting could have been done on PS3. I hope they use Pantha Rei Engine to the max on PS4 now.

alexkoepp1768d ago

Lol who cares every game gets delayed. If a game hasn't been delayed, expect the announcement that its been delayed before its release date.

FamilyGuy1768d ago


You and I have been seeing some VERY different trailers. Every single vid I've seen has looked well beyond anything on the PS3, especially the wall textures and enemy skin textures. That's on top of the fire and dragon.

guitarded771768d ago

So if it's F2P it isn't expected to adhere to a development schedule?

Personally, I don't mind a delay every so often, but there have been a lot of delays across all platforms recently. It's getting old.

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TheLyonKing1769d ago

I always get concerned when I here the word full power so early but I assume it's just PR talk to entice more people.

Bolts-N-Rays11091769d ago

That's exactly what it is. PR talk to get people to think that they are delaying because they are trying to get more out of the console, but it's most likely because the game isn't doing what they want it to do. Doesn't really matter though. Delay so that it can be the best game it can possibly be, and not some broken/bug filled game a la BF4.

bjmartynhak1769d ago

Which game doesn't use the full power of a console?

Some games are better optimized, that's it. Some have more "pixels and frames per flop". It bothers me in an irrational way this "full power" PR talk.

So don't worry, what will change is how effective the full power will be in the future.

AngelicIceDiamond1769d ago

@Muffins Yeah I'm noticing these delays as well. I don't remember this many delays when PS360 games were first released.

FamilyGuy1769d ago

I do, there were a bunch of delays actually but I think most of them were only a few extra months. Killzone 2 seemed to take forever but that one might have just been shown too early and not necessarily delayed.

I just remember expecting games like MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword, White Knight Chronicles and Folklore at launch but they were months and years off. FF13 was the absolute worse, of the ones that released anyway *looks in The Last Guardians direction*.

Wayland1768d ago

I remember specifically buying a PS3 for when GT5 was coming out that was a mistake...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1768d ago

Search your feelings Angel.. they called it "The DelayStation" for a reason last gen! ;) :p

FamilyGuy1769d ago

"Since we don’t want to risk to be told “This could have been done on PS3!”"

What a terrible excuse, completely full of BS.

Anyone could give Deep Down one look and tell that it couldn't be done on PS3. They need to just be honest and admit they're behind schedule.

I'll be pissed if this game turns out to be held off to go multiplatform. Capcom is low on funds and MS might have thrown some cash their way for it. I know Sony is helping with the title so that's all but impossible but nothing is 100% impossible so it's just a worse case scenario.

They better be delaying this for a good reason after so recently claiming/lying that its beta would start soon in japan.
I'm so annoyed right now >=/

Akuma071769d ago

Sony would understand the need to produce a good game, pushing it out early isnt worth the risk

Obscure_Observer1768d ago

Another delay. Another game with multiplayer feats, like Driveclub.

Infamous SS: No multiplayer.

The Order: No multiplayer.

I´m sorry, with the PS4 more powerful and easy to develop, i don´t buy this "polish the game" crap excuse anymore.

Somenthing is definelly wrong.

This game was supposed to be the "flagship" for PS4 in

MysticStrummer1768d ago

Every game doesn't need multiplayer. In fact many that get it would probably be better off with extra polish instead. I imagine that as consoles get more and more complex, and the game code follows suit, it's tougher to get everything running together at an optimum level. We've read that it's easy to get the basics of a game up and running on PS4, but I bet as this generation goes on you'll hear the word polish more than you used to.

To say something is "definitely wrong" is kinda silly in any case. I'm sure you know as much about the whole process as the average gamer, which means not much at all. There could be something wrong, but extra polish could also be the perfectly honest reason for the delay.

Obscure_Observer1768d ago


Multiplayer is a KEY factor nowdays. If you dont like/need it, thats fine.

Now, all those delays surrounding the PS4 exclusives, the same excuse over and over, and NO WORD from Sony on the matter, it is concerning.

And i do hope that lame excuse about "polish the game" dont turnout to be a norm like you've sugested.

Baka-akaB1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Sorry but it's its ridiculous to pretend you expected MP on those titles . The infamous rumor only appeared lately , and was immediately squashed . And we knew literally nothing about the Order and still dont .

It's just delays . There are the same big multi mp titles everywhere that are actually the key mp games for everyone . And i dont see anyone complaining about the available mp f2p titles like Warframe .

Not to mention that the console launched with a Key fps title . That people enjoy and play it is another matter , and it seems to do fine for now .

"And i do hope that lame excuse about "polish the game" dont turnout to be a norm like you've sugested. "

It was already a norm on ps2 then ps3 , dont expect Sony to stop delaying titles if needed .

BluP1768d ago

Personally, I think all these delays are because the publishers want to make more money. They're waiting for PS4 sales to slow down. Why release your game now, with a userbase of about 5 mil, when you can release your game a little later with a much larger userbase.

All these delays can't be coincidence, especially when PS4 is so easy to develop for.

Obscure_Observer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Some can deny, but MOST players are indeed disappointed with the fact that The Order doesnt have a competitive multiplayer and/or a coop-op mode.

Everybody knows that Infamous SS goin to deliver a GREAT single-player only experience. Because it´s most certanlly it´ll have a least 30-40 hours lenght. Can we assume The Order will achieve the same?

For what we know about The Order:

Linear Game
We´ll play only as Gallahard
ATM you can´t give orders to anyone in your squad.
We cant change the aspect ratio or resolution of the game.
No info on side missions.
No info on games lenght.

And, there´s nothing "ridiculous" about expectations. I have mine, you have yours. Simple as that. Besides, to gaming on multiplayer, you have a paywall now for Christ sake. So IMO it is a shame that Sony is avoiding MP for their flagship AAA titles.

I was expecting The Order to be the answer for Gears of War. Well, my mistake.

MysticStrummer1768d ago

"Multiplayer is a KEY factor nowadays."

What I see is a lot of games with cookie cutter multiplayer that dies off fairly quickly, with just a few standout exceptions. That's not exactly a key factor in general. For some games it is a key factor, I'll give you that.

"Now, all those delays surrounding the PS4 exclusives, the same excuse over and over, and NO WORD from Sony on the matter, it is concerning."

It's only concerning if you don't realize it's been happening for several generations on every platform.

"i do hope that lame excuse about "polish the game" dont turnout to be a norm like you've suggested."

Delays are disappointing, but they aren't all that unusual and it's been that way for a long time.

Baka-akaB1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

What's ridiculous is the claim , with nothing to back it up , that most people are disappointed with either being sp games .

Not claiming you are a fanboy , hater or anything like it , i wouldnt dare , i don't know you and your posts at all .

That being said , many times around here , people throw jabs like "linear sp" games for some of Sony's platform key's franchises , as if it was anything negative ... it feel just like that , pointless dirt and trash thrown during the console war feud .

"I was expecting The Order to be the answer for Gears of War. Well, my mistake. "

Well yeah it kinda is . There isnt a need per se and to begin with for an answer to Gears of War .. just like the "Halo killer" has been a pointless quest for some people .

And well you decided that on your own based on very few info and a short pretty sequence .

There is close to no intel on the game , and they've already given a date to see and know more .

My sole expectations are great graphics and grandiose directing , because of the involved studio's pedigree , then of course some victorian themed monster slaying and shooting "end of story"

Obscure_Observer1768d ago

@MysticStrummer & Baka-akaB

(my last bubble)

Thank you guys for your time and insight responding to my posts in a well mannered and matured way.

Maybe i overreacted to things, maybe my expectations for this game was/is to high.

And yes, multiplayer is a KEY factor to some of us (myself included), not all.

Be well.


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theDivision1768d ago

We better see something good at E3 this year... the delays are killing my hype for this game.

Patrick_pk441768d ago

I think Capcom wants to improve the game, however I doubt Deep Down will be using the full power of the PS4. The Witcher 3 is far more superior in every aspect, I feel like it's just an excuse for the delay.

UnHoly_One1768d ago

Have they ever officially announced this game is coming to the States?

assdan1768d ago

Excited and nervous for this game. It looks good, but it's unsettling to me that it's F2P. I don't want to be nickeled and dimed.

Mister_Dawg1768d ago

Thought PS4 was piss easy to work with?

Maybe not.

Agrim1767d ago

Maybe Pantha Rei not.

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Stringerbell1769d ago

"Won't Be a Game that Could Be on PS3" Thats what we want to hear!

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T21769d ago

Well they are gonna say good stuff otherwise the delay would be more of an issue. I think we still need more info on the pay 2 play parameters

XtraTrstrL1769d ago

I rather they delay it, instead of rush it like BF4 and it come out glitched to hell.

danny8181769d ago

Bf4 is still so fucking buggy after the updates.

Patrick_pk441768d ago

I am guessing you play it on consoles? On PC it barely has problem, there are just small bugs.

danny8181768d ago

Yea ps4. Its a great game. It just upsets me we are 2 months in and only the 3 updates have fixed connection issues. All the other bugs are in tact

deadie1769d ago

Brokenfield 4

The very definition of "not finished".