AMD Mantle API Performance Analysis With Radeon R7 260X, R9 270X, R9 280X

The Mantle drivers have been released and now available to download (please visit this page for download links and change log for the Catalyst 14.1 BETA driver). The patch for Battlefield 4 was released a few days ago which added Mantle support to the game but public was unable to use the API until the drivers were out at AMD’s end. We stated in our previous article that AMD would provide press with an exclusive testing time ahead of official launch. We were provided the BETA drivers by AMD a few hours ago and had only limited time in our hands for testing Mantle in a few games with AMD’s GCN enabled graphics cards which include the Radeon R7 260X, R9 270X and R9 280X.

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Dark_Vendetta1574d ago

I haven't been following the news lately, and I'm thinking about building a new gaming PC next to my console. Does anyone have tips what components I should use? I'm thinking about 1000€ (+ max 100€ extra if it's worth it), which should equal 1000$ as the price of hardware is pretty much always 1€=1$.
I'm not yet sure if I should go with Nvidia or AMD. Will Mantle really be used in the future? Did any other developer beside Dice confirm to include it into their game?
It's also important for me that the complete PC isn't too loud during heavy gaming session. I'm just using one FullHD Display, no fancy setup (like 3 Displays or whatever). So any recommendations? Is there probably a new generation rumored to be released soon (worth waiting?)?
I'm thankful for every advice :)

Volkama1573d ago

You already have a display, or is that part of the €1000 ?

That's quite a lot to spend, you can get a beast of a PC. I'd personally build around an i7 and a (non-reference) R9 290 for that money.

For 1080p there are options across nVidia and ATi at different price points though, that resolution isn't hard to hit. I would personally go AMD, but only because I like the way they keep prices down and think they deserve support for that.

There is always a new generation of hardware just around the corner. Always.

Dark_Vendetta1573d ago

Thanks for the reply. Yes I already have a Display, no need for an upgrade.
The only reason I thought I would go with Nvidia is because of the extrem noisy fans AMD is using. After searching for "non reference" AMD Cards, I think I found the solution ;).
Guess you're right with the new gen always around the corner. So no need to wait ;)
Thanks again

Volkama1573d ago

Oh and Mantle is supported in some 20odd games in development at the moment. All future Frostbite 3 games, for starters.

Too early to say whether it will be supported long-term.

Letros1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Hmm, didn't realize the 290X is so expensive, $200 Premium over the GTX 780, all because bit/lite/dogecoin mining?

Advanxed1573d ago

I may have to look into this for my rig.