Balancing BF4: Items We Are Monitoring

BF Blog:

In this post, we’ll talk about various items that you have brought to our attention regarding balancing in Battlefield 4. Right now, we are currently thinking of the items below as working as designed, but we are open to suggestions and comments. Stay tuned for more balancing updates going forward, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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CrillyEdd1572d ago

How about fixing the dmrs. Bullets don't register at all... seriously those guns are a one shot kill irl and I can't even hit someone 3 times consecutively. Betafield 4 also like the new updates. Seems as if you lowered the textures on the terrain surfaces

Tru_Blu1572d ago

Make those spam cannons 1 hit kills and it will ruin the game. It's a trade off of damage for high rate of fire over bolt actions.

krazykombatant1572d ago


LOL 1HK DMR go play hardcore then.

Minute Man 7211571d ago

Please fix the hit detection, sometimes I've got a person right in my iron sight upclose and miss.

Matt6661571d ago

Long range scopes for the DMR's, well make them semi-atuo snipers, some people prefer semi-auto's over bolt actions

alexkoepp1571d ago

Blog was basically, "we don't like any of your ideas"