Mass Effect 3: Vindication, One Fan Fixing Mass Effect

One member of the Gamemoir team talks about Mass Effect 3: Vindication, the work of one very dedicated fan to “fix” some of the problems in Mass Effect 3.

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Wni01631d ago

some of the problems? this game was destined for failure after the first game in the story department.

Lord_Sloth1631d ago

I'd say the only thing they should have done was ****-spoilers**** make it to where I can fight for TIM as the ME2 ending had me choose. Beyond that I'm okay.

Matt6661631d ago

mass effect is a great game

skyrimer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

mass effect trilogy was f*ing amazing, even with all the ending drama thing. Few games have such amazing characters and story and I will remember them fondly forever.

whitefang19881631d ago

I'm with you on that. No game has made me care so much for the characters and no game has had me spend so many hours thinking about the next part in the trilogy after both finished. The ending was a bit sour but only because I wanted my shepherd to be happy and live with tali lol

shaft01401631d ago

Finally got to play Mass Effect 3 and beat it. I didn't see what the big deal was with the ending issue. Guess I was one of the few?

LeoDDestroyer1631d ago

Did you have the extended cut downloaded b/c that changes the ending a lot for the original bs?

CrossingEden1631d ago

So basically it's a fan fiction that people are taking too seriously? -_-