The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Building a Better Playground

Spider-Man is pretty incredible among super heroes. Rather than hide away from the world when confronted with the death of a loved one, he uses that very personal loss as motivation to invest even greater in society. Spider-Man can tango with street thugs, mutant hybrids, and mechanical monstrosities, but he’s not above your everyday cat-in-tree rescue. He doesn’t have a secret lair or concealed base of operations; he’s just a guy in bright blue and red tights doing mid-air somersaults down Fifth Avenue. He wants to be seen. He enjoys this.
We had a few core goals for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: invigorate the experience with greater variety in play, more focused storytelling, and more natural pacing; deliver a world worth protecting; and finally, give you all the tools you need to make it fun to do so. It means improving and refining on what came before with fresh content, to be certain, but it also means staying true to that unique personality, using it to inform every decision we make.

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WiIIiam1449d ago

"and if it’s always bothered you that Spidey can somehow soar above the city, shooting webbing into thin air rather than swinging through it, you’ll be pleased to learn the web-head now attaches to actual objects in the environment." That's good to know, especially considering Treyarch fixed that ten years ago in Spider-Man 2... But seriously, I hope this game turns out great.

Snookies121449d ago

That was my biggest problem with the first game... I will definitely pick up the sequel if it's as good as the first with actual web swinging mechanics.

AnEwGuY1449d ago

EXACTLY. Beenox has been playing catchup ever since they took over the franchise. My favorite Spidey game of all time is still Web of Shadows though.

ThanatosDMC1449d ago

As long it's as good/better than Spider-Man 2 on the PS2, then I'm sold.

Eldyraen1449d ago

The hero or menace system could be cool if done right.

Unfortunately I don't think they will let Spidey go true Menace but there could be some citizen approval rating sort of like Infamous which could still be interesting. Spidey has seen reactions as differing from adoration all the way to violent outbursts in different incarnations or simply between one time to another but just don't see the negative extremes making the cut (Spidey has had to run from, disarm and restrain cops, etc after all) but think citizens could be more vocal or animated than most Spider-man games (most were only there so streets weren't completely empty).

I like what I've heard as a lot of it is basically an evolved Spider Man 2 from back in the day which is still the best IMO. Hopefully it will at the very least be enjoyable as could be a cool late spring/early summer game for many if done right.

WeAreLegion1449d ago

Why does everyone prefer limitations with web slinging? I absolutely HATE having to be near a surface to swing from. It makes a walk in the park...a walk in the park. No way. I'd rather just be able to swing.

ThanatosDMC1449d ago

Good point but swinging in Spider-Man 2 just felt right and more fun. I hope they added the ability to slingshot places depending on where Spidey is connected to and also the ability to be stylish in the air so you can boost your meter to go faster or slow down time.

blackstrr4111449d ago

Is it hard to topple ps1's spidey. I'm dissapointed. Oh and the spidey on ps2, the teenage one was awesome

rdusnr1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Spider Man 2 is one of my preferred movie