Can a Game With Poor Gameplay be Saved by a Good Story?

Video games are a pretty unique medium when it comes to story telling. They can provide an experience that other mediums cannot ever hope to imitate. Immersion in a movie is one thing and is often very difficult to achieve but with a video game one can often find themselves lost within a game’s universe or enthralled by the story being told.

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knifefight1602d ago

Nier (game in the picture) is a game I finished purely for the story. It ended up being one of my favorite experiences overall, of the generation.

The gameplay was so-so and certain parts felt almost broken, but on the upside, they weren't broken enough that I didn't want to play through it. TRULY broken games, damn, I might have to resort to YouTube if the story interests me.

Myze1601d ago

Would like to second that opinion on Nier. The storyline was a real highlight of the generation. Also, would like to point out that the soundtrack to the game was one of the best of the generation as well.

The gameplay really was "meh," as were the graphics, and the lower review scores the game received were understandable. However, ten years from now, 95% of the games that received overall higher scoring this generation will be forgotten by me. I will remember Nier.

Hicken1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

I found myself wondering why they used Nier as an image. The gameplay wasn't anything revolutionary; it was just average, like you said. But it wasn't poor.

Of course, the story FAR made up for even that shortcoming.

Edit: And like Myze above says, the music is simply superb as well. All around, it was one of my favorite games of the past generation, certainly.

Sarcasm1601d ago

Some will argue that the Last of Us is a good example of that.

SoulMikeY1601d ago

I think that might be stretching. Both Neir and The Last of Us had fun gameplay to me. It's games like FFXIII that had alright story with unbearable gameplay.

DragonKnight1601d ago

Those people would be wrong. The Last of Us had great gameplay. It forced you to think and be methodical. It wasn't Call of Duty or RE6.

ATi_Elite1600d ago

*HEAVY RAIN quickly comes to mind.*

I'm not a fan of the QTE but it had a great story so YES a great story can overcome poor gameplay.

* H.R. had gameplay i didn't like as the QTE were executed very well.

I straight forward crappy programmed game like X-Rebirth makes me vomit to the point that I almost don't care how well the story is laid out

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KingKelloggTheWH1602d ago

I think it needs a degree of balance, if the gameplay is super bad the story needs to be amazing, also it needs to be well told, cardboard cut outs dont do it for me.

Pozzle1601d ago

I definitely think so. Deadly Premonition had absolutely atrocious gameplay, but the bizarre story and characters are what kept me playing. And I'm glad I did. Because despite its faults (and there are many faults!) it was one of the most fun games I played all last gen.

admiralvic1601d ago

"I definitely think so. Deadly Premonition had absolutely atrocious gameplay, but..."

While I hate to say it, we're definitely seeing a trend where having a single redeeming quality or two is enough to make a game a 10/10, GOTY and the like. A lot of this has to do with the sharp change in peoples perception in regards to what a video game is. In my mind, I've always viewed gameplay as the single most important factor.

Contrary to popular opinion, I didn't absolutely love BioShock for instance. I thought the gameplay was just sooooo bad. I still powered through it (at great disinterest) and while it was an amazing story and one I can understand wanting to share with others, I don't think I would have done it without the popularity. I find myself doing that a lot, where as other people will be like "gameplay is awful, story is dreadful, graphics are poor, but oh my is it funny! 8/10".

I think the real question is how much can 1 great feature be in relation to how many things the game gets wrong. I find it hard to take a review seriously when flaws are written off because the person really liked some element. Perhaps I have a dated view, but I don't exactly agree with where things are heading, though I realize it's going there.

Pozzle1601d ago

I think it depends on the reason you play games and just how many flaws you can overlook. I can see why a person wouldn't like Deadly Premonition, for example. It DOES have a lot of faults, and many of them are big enough to make a person put down the game for good. But for me, Deadly Premonition wasn't just a fun story, but it was also a genuinely unique experience. I have never played a game like it. So even though the gameplay was awful and it had an array of other flaws, I could look past that because the rest was such a unique and addicting experience.
From a completely TECHNICAL standpoint, the latest Call of Duty is a "better" game than Deadly Premonition. And yet I would much rather play a game like DP than yet another Call of Duty, because DP (despite its faults) was a more fun and original game.

With that being said, I do agree that Deadly Premonition isn't a 10/10 or GOTY game in the slightest. Though I'm certainly not disappointed that some reviewers were overly enthusiastic about the game, because it probably wouldn't have received such a cult following otherwise.

xJumpManx1601d ago

Yes, The Leisure suit larry game on the 360 was buggy and gameplay was not very good but the game was mad funny.

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