Nintendo: A Large Price Cut for the Wii U Is Not the Solution

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata doesn't think that a large price cut is the solution to the Wii U's problems.

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NYC_Gamer1635d ago

Nintendo can't afford another price cut on hardware that's not making profit..Its the lack of appealing software doing the most damage to Wii U..

guitarded771635d ago

Well, here's the thing. Sometimes you have to take a loss in one area to make profits in another. I think the most important place for them to drop prices (immediately) is on software. There is no reason for Skyward Sword and other older games to be $50-$60 still. Nintendo needs to do like every other pub and drop the prices of software over time. Some people will never play day 1 full retail for a game they're just kinda interested in. Dropping the price over time increases sales. Also, their VC titles are high compared to other offerings.

I'd love to replay Wind Waker in HD, but I've played the game a few times on GC and still own the original. It's not worth $50 to me to rebuy. But for $30, I'd probably check it out.

cleft51635d ago

I can see a $50 price cut with a dlc code for a game. Still, $199 is such a magical number. I know I would buy a WiiU right now for $199 and wait be happy waiting for X to come out.

1635d ago
kreate1635d ago

'I know I would buy a WiiU right now for $199'

i would agree. but i have a feeling if it drops to $199... i think i want it to drop further to $149 or be bundled w a game for $199.

than i'd buy it for sure.

Vegamyster1635d ago

The only way they'd be able to do it is if they drop the gamepad which isn't an option at this point, although i think it could be a good idea to make a smaller cheaper version of the game pad that uses a screen the size of the 3DS XL top screen.

I think what hurt them the most was the name of the console, lack of advertisements and game delays which is a shame because it is a good console and does have a good selection of current and upcoming games.

RPG_Lover1635d ago

Wii U needs more games, thats basically it. year 2 should be fine.

Joey_Leone1635d ago

Yea.. It needs more NEW games, I am willing to SPEND my money on Nintendo if they stop milking the $%#t out of Mario and Zelda. I don't hate those games don't get me wrong, im just sick of the same old franchises Nintendo keeps on Milking. Just come up with some NEW and fresh IP's already. If Nintendo fails to do this, the wii-u WILL flop.

RPG_Lover1635d ago

Nintendo makes new IP all the time. In 2013, they had 5. Id you didnt buy them, stop blaming Nintendo for your own mistakes. Its weak.

And fyi, new ip doesnt mean new anything.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago

They do make new IP's, you just don't give them a chance, or don't care to look for them and focus down the narrow tunnel vision to Mario and Zelda.

BTW, take a look at all the gameplay concepts that these supposed "new and fresh!" IP's on other consoles are using.
Not as new as you think, pal.

Donnywho1635d ago

It WILL be dirt cheap one day and then I will buy it along with all the Mario games I missed and Bayonetta 2. I didn't miss a Zelda on Wii-U did I? Ahh I'll figure it all out... when it's dirt cheap.

AJBACK2FRAG1635d ago

Not yet but your close! I hope I can get a glance at Zelda U at e3 this year!

AfterThought1635d ago

I don't think targeting children even more is a the solution either Iwata...

kneon1635d ago

I don't think targeting teens and adults is going to work either. Frankly I don't see who the Wii U will appeal to apart from the core Nintendo fans.

phoenixl1ght1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

They need to make the console cheaper and then the games cheaper and then it will appeal to cheapskates. What else can they do? Of course they should fix some obvious problems like online. And maybe remove the gamepad to get prices really low.

Dunban671635d ago

Apparently they still don t have the software to help - yet why in the world have they not spent some money to get some games in the Wii u lineup

I am very nervous for my Wii u investment

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