The reasoning behind third-person being implemented into 'Thief'

Traditionally, Thief is a first-person game, however; in the upcoming reboot of the series the director of the game revealed the reasoning behind why we will have certain third-person moments in the game.

Recently, Thief director Nicolas Cantin discussed the development team's thought process behind implementing some third-person into a largely first-person game.

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Chapter111482d ago

I have no hope for this game being good.

Dynasty20211482d ago

As soon as I learnt that the maps/areas of the game are small, I'm no longer interested.

Yet ANOTHER PC game butchered to suit bloody consoles.

KonsoruMasuta1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Wasn't Thief: Deadly Shadows on the original Xbox?

Lord_Sloth1482d ago

Yet consoles aren't the reason it was butchered. Consoles have supported vastly superior maps to this. TES and GTAV for example. This is a half assed decision by the devs to get out of more work.

raWfodog1482d ago

It's more than likely a decision made to meet deadlines.

Qrphe1482d ago

Map size isn't an issue, the problem is the apparent streamlining of the mechanics

Lamigol101482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Dynasty2021 ... You make me laugh ... you try to come across all "PC elitist" but you are just another attention seeking nobody. I am sure you live in a sprawling mansion, drive the best car money can buy and are surrounded by sex hungry playboy bunnies ..... you have it all .. including your dogs bo****ks gaming rig !! ha .. bet the bunnies are wet when they see your setup !!
Grow up ... did it ever occur to you that owning a console over pc is a "choice" . Money is not a factor for me but I choose to buy what I want.
Im sure people would laugh at your fashion sense / house / stained pants or whatever !!

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--bienio--1482d ago

So its only few parts with 3rd view?? Not intresting!!

Raf1k11482d ago

The fewer the better.

Stealth games are vastly improved in first person as you don't get to see around corners. You have to actively peek and listen to your surrounding to know whether it's safe.

strigoi8141482d ago

i still wish this was 3rd person mode..