Tomb Raider Sequel Will Utilize The Same Engine As Definitive Ed But With "Significant Enhancements"

GearNuke: "We all know that Crystal Dynamics are currently working on a sequel to their Tomb Raider reboot, that was released last year, and got a re-release on next generation consoles with a graphics overhaul. Crystal Dynamics have confirmed that they plan to use the same engine for their next game, but they will make 'Significant Enhancements' to that engine."

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windblowsagain1701d ago

Yes her boobs will be so big, you can do handstands on them.

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twdll1701d ago

I would like to see the handstand brought back. I was somewhat disappointed that the
Last one did not have the handstand.

Dark111701d ago

Can't wait!
but please make it more to be a survival game than 3 person shooter.

windblowsagain1700d ago

Yes would love sharks, I would love a Dinosaur version as well. Ahh man i miss that. The PS1 disc kicking in to load the T-REX.:)

theRell1701d ago

Looking like 30fps for the Xbox One version of the sequel too. Confirmed before it gets a title.

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