Why Steam PCs Will Make Spending $60 On A Console Game Even Harder To Justify

Forbes "I’ve just enjoyed a long weekend doing something that I probably shouldn’t be proud of: ducking my family duties in order to play through my library of Steam games on a brand new PC."

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dedicatedtogamers1579d ago

Steam's sales are a bit overblown. Yes, the discounts can be very good, but games on Steam typically launch at the same price as consoles and stay the same price for a while. It's not like a brand-new game like AC4 comes out on Steam and then a week later it's $9.99 on a Steam sale.

That said, I rarely buy a game right at launch. A good game is still a good game 6 months later when the price goes down. If I'm not 100% sold on it, I'll wait for the pre-launch hype to die down.

Neonridr1579d ago

"It's not like a brand-new game like AC4 comes out on Steam and then a week later it's $9.99 on a Steam sale." Well you wouldn't see that kind of deal for consoles either..

But I have found that on Steam sales happen quite regularly and can include significant savings.

Kayant1579d ago

Not to add that it's an open pc market with other vendors doing sales and most of the time give steam keys. The awesome enhanced steam extension is a godsend for sales.

Joey_Leone1579d ago

What happens if my internet goes out before i switch to offline mode?

annus1579d ago


You can be in online mode without the internet (if you lose connection you will stay in it), and you can then change to offline mode if you desire without connecting to the internet.

Joey_Leone1579d ago

@annus Thats awesome,im thinking about getting a steambox when it comes out.

jdiggitty1579d ago


You may want to consider just getting a gaming pc. There are FAR more windows based games on Steam. I noticed quite a number of games durring the winter sale with no linux versions

webeblazing1579d ago

the funny thing people been speculating about how game prices may go up because of the gfx in these so called next gen games. so why is pc have been cheaper all last gen. there some games that launched with $60 price tags but those where high profile games that pushes the bar or been in development for 5yrs

ShinMaster1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

It's really not that hard to justify the price when PC/Steam prices for brand new titles from most major publishers are the same $60 as on consoles. Even if they're digital downloads.
PC gaming isn't that much cheaper anymore. At least not since late 2011.

And Steam Machines are basically branded PCs running SteamOS. Doesn't really change much.

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1579d ago
Milruka1579d ago

However, the sales also cover long running high price games.

Similar to how games like the Halo Series or Gran Turismo stayed at full mark up until nearly 2 years after release. Just like the COD games do until the next title.

admiralvic1579d ago

Deals are what you make of them and how much you know (like everything else).

For instance, lets take a look at Call of Duty: Ghosts. Around Xmas, Best Buy had CoD: G on sale for $49.99, which was during their spend $100 and get $15 back promo, which was also during their buy 2 next gen games and get a $25 dollar gift card promo, which also stacked with GamerClub Unlocked.

So if you got CoD: G and another next gen game, then you could have got it for... $88, so add in another item (like an Amazon gift card for $25 so you hit $100) and you could have got...

2 games (1 being CoD) + $35 in BB gift cards (can be used to buy Amazon gift cards) + $25 in amazon cash for $113 dollars (though it really is $53 with all the GC's or $21.5 per game) and the ability to resell them.

thezeldadoth1579d ago

they happen pretty fast. A couple months later you can sometimes find a highly rated game for half off.

RVanner_1579d ago

Bioshock infintie - 3 months after release £17
Hitman Absolution - 5 months after release £6

the list goes on.

starchild1579d ago

You should just rename yourself to "dedicatedtoSony". You consistently bash or downplay everything else.

The savings on Steam are significant. I spend a lot less on average for my PC games than my console games.

You're right, though, about a good game still being a good game 6 months later. I have such a large catalog of games that unless it's a game I am simply dying to play I usually don't feel the need to buy a lot of games right when they come out.

Hicken1579d ago

And you should be "anti-Sony-troll-child,&q uot; since you'll promote anything else over Sony.

starchild1579d ago

Actually that's not true. If you look at my comment history I don't bash Sony or their consoles. I, in fact, praise them at times. I do defend consoles I don't even own such as the Wii U or Xbox One (when warranted), even though I mostly game on the PC, simply because I can't stand the overwhelming and one-sided bias that plagues this site.

SilentNegotiator1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

"Actually that's not true. If you look at my comment history I don't bash Sony or their consoles"

He's right guys, check his history...what he actually does is whine about TEH SONY FANBOIZ nonstop.

thezeldadoth1579d ago

The sony fans think they're helping their favorite brand by acting so obnoxious and persistent but really it's making their fan base look bad. I certainly wouldn't want to communicate with you in game. If this is what Sony attracts I'd rather stay away

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darx1579d ago

He doesn't know that much about Steam

BlackCarrot1579d ago

Tomb Raider was $12.49 in the July Steam summer sale. The game came out in March. Just three-four months, then?

I'm in Aussie land, and Hitman Absolution is currently on sale at a tidy $4.99 USD (USD is near enough parity with AUD). At EB Games, Australia's gamestop, the price is $49.99 AUD. Near enough 40-45 dollar difference... Now that's a sensational buy; the steam sales are not overblown.

kingduqc1579d ago

Price of bioshock infinite on console game at release 59.99$ + tax
price of bioshock infinite on pc 46.45$ tax include and you get bioshock 1 and 2 and (xcom or civ 5)

Every time, console game also get discounter way later and when both are discounted pc is like 7$ and the console version is 20-30$

gaming on a console in the long run is more expensive and you get a lesser experience.

Rubberlegs1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

For new releases your better of going to other sites. There is a few good sites like Greenmangaming that offer some pretty good deals for new releases.

Ebay also a good place for games that come bundled with video cards. You always have a few people that have a bunch of spare codes for the games to be redeemed. I got AC4/Splinter Cell Blacklist that was bundled together for $30 and that was at buy it now.

aliengmr1579d ago

No, AAA title maybe but even then the prices fluctuate between $50 and $60. Everything else is below $50. Not sure where you are getting your information, but its wrong, prices are NOT the same.

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Bathyj1579d ago

Paid $135AU for Streetfighter II in the 90's, I have no problem with paying 70-90AU for new games in 2014.

Chard1579d ago

I remember seeing Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the shelves for AU$120 and thinking I would simply never get to own it.

Volkama1579d ago

That's fine, but if the same game is available for half the price you'd pick up the cheaper one. And that's with all else being equal.

Then you factor in the half price version potentially being better, and the obvious choice just became... more obvious?

Of course it's not that simple as you may not have a PC, or you may have other ties to a console (community, achievements, whatever). Personally I find the price tag of console games quite a bitter pill to swallow, regardless of the disposable income available to me.

I still think their is profit to be had in selling games cheaper (and therefore expanding the audience). Unfortunately publishers are typically looking at ways to get more money per copy instead. Season passes, DLC, microtransactions etc. For shame.

SnakeCQC1579d ago

Depends if the life cycle is as long as a console life cycle. It would be interesting to see the performance gains of steam os.

MajorGecko1579d ago

The life cycle is forever, considering you can upgrade it like a normal PC. I think microsoft and sony will have to reduce prices of games to compete with steambox's.

SnakeCQC1579d ago

cpu sockets change gpus change and these steam machinces are quite abit smaller than your average pc so there has to be quite a few non standard components etc. I don't think you can upgrade everything.

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