Crafty Gamer Modifies PS4 To Run with 2 TB “External” SSHD Drive, Claims Better/Cooler Performance

Most gamers normally purchase consoles and then just play on them without touching the hardware. Some like to be a little crazier and disassemble them to change the thermal paste and do similar small-time maintenance, then there are those that go all out, and prefer to go ahead and change things up a bit more radically.

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crs3531649d ago

I STARTED TO DO THIS.... but then I decided against it since I move mine around a lot and didn't feel like having to deal with it.

Mega241649d ago

lol I haven't moved my since launch day.

crs3531649d ago

I had to show its "Greatness" to some friends. I was going to use a 3tb drive that I had laying around. maybe if i run out of space on my 1tb ( if i do ) I will pursue this now that I know its truly possible and not just an idea.

trancefreak1649d ago

Just got by 1TB Hybrid today. Goin to wait to the weekend to back up my PS4 and install the new drive.

I don't want to rush it, I just rather do it with a clear rested head.

crs3531649d ago

Thats always the best thing to do.

Jessika_S1648d ago

I did 1.5TB, I see no point to this unless your going higher then 2TB seems like a waste of time. I would at least do 4TB if Im going to have a wire sticking out of the side connected to a brick.

NeoTribe1648d ago

Make sure you install the os on a flash drive.

trancefreak1648d ago

Thanks neo I just downloaded it and thanks for the heads up.

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GentlemenRUs1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

It's not modifying anything at all, The only thing the user is doing is hooking the external SSHD via a SATA cable and powering the SSHD via an external power supply.

It won't void ones warranty.

EDIT: Though I never really did think of doing that till now, Quite clever...
EDIT2: This means you can actually(If you find/make an external power supply/line) use bigger SATA hdd's.
EDIT3: I used to do this with CD/DVD drives which didn't fit in my PC case.

MasterCornholio1649d ago

That's really neat since it doesn't void your warranty.


GentlemenRUs1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Yeah, Basically all the user is doing is connecting this http://www.silicon-edinburg... from the PS4's HDD dock to the SSHD SATA port.

No warranty's voided :P

EDIT: I spy a Sports-Direct mug in that photo on that site.

Grimbarian1649d ago

"EDIT2: This means you can actually(If you find/make an external power supply/line) use bigger SATA hdd's."

This is my PS4 in the article ;) At first I tried to power the HDD via the PS4 but it didn't put out enough power for the HDD and wouldn't boot, hence having to use an external mains to molex adaptor (they only cost £14 or so)

Nanux1649d ago

Nice work :) Don't burn it :D

Gamer19821649d ago

Also shuts up those Xbot fanboys who says your cant use external HDDs on PS4. Clearly you can and its really not that hard.. Anybody can do this who knows how to install a HDD.

pody1649d ago

Too bad it ruins the standby feature.

BattleTorn1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Why was standby affected?

FanOfRootBeer1649d ago

Most likely because the system can't put the external drive into standby mode due to its independent power source.

BABY-JEDI1649d ago

Could always have a semi-standby mode.

minimur121649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Standby wouldn't be is an external drive but because of where it's connected the ps4 thinks it's internal. Nothing would be affected for standby mode lmao

Fan of

Didn't think about the second power source. Good point.

SnakeCQC1649d ago

external hdds for games are just pure stupid especially for consoles.

Pricey1649d ago

Strictly speaking its still internal from a speed point of view anyway.

rustyspoon801649d ago

It's not exactly an external HDD in the traditional sense. Unless you mean because its outside of the console.

Grimbarian1649d ago

For me the reason I wanted to do it was speed/value, a 7200rpm 2tb hard drive is better value and provides better performance than any of the internal options which are limited by the PS4 only taking a 2.5" hard drive.

Abriael1649d ago

"external" is beetween airquote for a reason. It's placed outside the PS4, but it works exactly like it was internal.

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