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Crafty Gamer Modifies PS4 To Run with 2 TB “External” SSHD Drive, Claims Better/Cooler Performance

Most gamers normally purchase consoles and then just play on them without touching the hardware. Some like to be a little crazier and disassemble them to change the thermal paste and do similar small-time maintenance, then there are those that go all out, and prefer to go ahead and change things up a bit more radically. (PS4)

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crs353  +   342d ago
I STARTED TO DO THIS.... but then I decided against it since I move mine around a lot and didn't feel like having to deal with it.
Mega24  +   342d ago
lol I haven't moved my since launch day.
crs353  +   342d ago
I had to show its "Greatness" to some friends. I was going to use a 3tb drive that I had laying around. maybe if i run out of space on my 1tb ( if i do ) I will pursue this now that I know its truly possible and not just an idea.
trancefreak  +   341d ago
Just got by 1TB Hybrid today. Goin to wait to the weekend to back up my PS4 and install the new drive.

I don't want to rush it, I just rather do it with a clear rested head.
crs353  +   341d ago
Thats always the best thing to do.
Jessika_S  +   341d ago
I did 1.5TB, I see no point to this unless your going higher then 2TB seems like a waste of time. I would at least do 4TB if Im going to have a wire sticking out of the side connected to a brick.
NeoTribe  +   341d ago
Make sure you install the os on a flash drive.
trancefreak  +   340d ago
Thanks neo I just downloaded it and thanks for the heads up.
Douchebag696  +   342d ago
I wish I had this kind of savvy. Hats off to you smarter gamers!
BattleTorn  +   342d ago
"Some, like me, like to be a little crazier and disassemble them to change the thermal paste and do similar small-time maintenance"

As someone who did numerous, if not countless, thermal paste repairs back in the RROD-era, this is something I have ZERO desire in continuing to do.

These "small-time maintenance[s]" are often finicky, and require re-do's, sometimes often.
You'd have to consider hardware repair as a whole seperate hobby of yours in order to actually want to do this, willingly.
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trancefreak  +   341d ago
Exactly, and great post!
AndrewLB  +   341d ago
Changing thermal paste/grease out for some nice silver compound is incredibly easy and most of the time the stock crap companies use is low quality and dries out/degrades in only a year or two. Which will be the death of your console.

Proper thermal compound will last the life of the console and is far more effective at conducting heat away from the APU.
Bebedora  +   341d ago
Those guys doing these kind of things, I think they know what they are up to and even expects it to be more than a onetime job.
I think they even see it as a kind of kinky feedback to what they have done, of sort.

The same goes to tinkering with configurations and code btw.
GentlemenRUs  +   342d ago
It's not modifying anything at all, The only thing the user is doing is hooking the external SSHD via a SATA cable and powering the SSHD via an external power supply.

It won't void ones warranty.

EDIT: Though I never really did think of doing that till now, Quite clever...
EDIT2: This means you can actually(If you find/make an external power supply/line) use bigger SATA hdd's.
EDIT3: I used to do this with CD/DVD drives which didn't fit in my PC case.
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MasterCornholio  +   342d ago
That's really neat since it doesn't void your warranty.

GentlemenRUs  +   342d ago
Yeah, Basically all the user is doing is connecting this http://www.silicon-edinburg... from the PS4's HDD dock to the SSHD SATA port.

No warranty's voided :P

EDIT: I spy a Sports-Direct mug in that photo on that site.
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Grimbarian  +   342d ago
"EDIT2: This means you can actually(If you find/make an external power supply/line) use bigger SATA hdd's."

This is my PS4 in the article ;) At first I tried to power the HDD via the PS4 but it didn't put out enough power for the HDD and wouldn't boot, hence having to use an external mains to molex adaptor (they only cost £14 or so)

Nanux  +   342d ago
Nice work :) Don't burn it :D
Gamer1982  +   341d ago
Also shuts up those Xbot fanboys who says your cant use external HDDs on PS4. Clearly you can and its really not that hard.. Anybody can do this who knows how to install a HDD.
pody  +   342d ago
Too bad it ruins the standby feature.
BattleTorn  +   342d ago
Why was standby affected?
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FanOfRootBeer  +   342d ago
Most likely because the system can't put the external drive into standby mode due to its independent power source.
BABY-JEDI  +   341d ago
Could always have a semi-standby mode.
minimur12  +   341d ago
Standby wouldn't be affected.it is an external drive but because of where it's connected the ps4 thinks it's internal. Nothing would be affected for standby mode lmao

Fan of

Didn't think about the second power source. Good point.
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Erudito87  +   342d ago
external hdds for games are just pure stupid especially for consoles.
Pricey  +   342d ago
Strictly speaking its still internal from a speed point of view anyway.
rustyspoon80  +   342d ago
It's not exactly an external HDD in the traditional sense. Unless you mean because its outside of the console.
Grimbarian  +   342d ago
For me the reason I wanted to do it was speed/value, a 7200rpm 2tb hard drive is better value and provides better performance than any of the internal options which are limited by the PS4 only taking a 2.5" hard drive.
Abriael  +   342d ago
"external" is beetween airquote for a reason. It's placed outside the PS4, but it works exactly like it was internal.
Grimbarian  +   342d ago
Exactly ;)
rustyspoon80  +   342d ago
Is there anyway to power the HDD with USB rather than "another" power supply.

I put a 1TB drive in my PS4 on day 1 so still have a fair bit of space. I was going to buy a 1.5tb 2.5" but it was rather more expensive. 3.5" are a lot cheaper.
Grimbarian  +   342d ago
"Is there anyway to power the HDD with USB rather than "another" power supply."

With usb from the PS4? Unfortunately it didn't put out enough power for the HDD I went with, I hadn't planned to use an external power supply originally but at first it wouldn't boot, once I realised it may be due to the power issue and tried an external power supply my mind was made for me :)
Gamer1982  +   341d ago
Yeah Sony have a way of building there systems with just enough juice to run everything its how they get around the need for no power brick also..
Fishyesque  +   342d ago
I wonder if the fact that you can't put it in standby makes it not worth it. I always have my controller charging when I'm not at home and it's on standby. Thoughts?
Grimbarian  +   342d ago
I can see where you're coming from, personally as I sleep next to where the PS4 is and the standby light was going to be an annoyance anyway and because I planned to charge the DS4's through external means (I use a mains-USB charger and have a dual DS4 charger ordered) losing access to standby was never a negative in this instance :)
dantesparda  +   341d ago
You do know that you can charge your ds4 with a smartphone charger right? i do it all th time. I think the only catch is if the charger is to weak, it wont work
kingduqc  +   342d ago
ps4 use fucking sata 2, does not matter this "next gen" console is already a thing of the past and bottleneck most storage solution to a certain degree
esemce  +   342d ago
Only SSD's can take avantage of SATA3 no platter based HDD is as fast enough to max SATA2.
Ingram  +   341d ago
so much derp
rataranian  +   341d ago
Its already out, so technically ps4 is current gen. :)
tee_bag242  +   341d ago
True. HDD, Hybrids and Sata 2 SSD's (last gen) would be suit a PS4. Anything faster is bottlenecked by the Sata 2 connection. Crying shame

If I were doing an upgrade I'd wack a large capacity HDD Hybrid drive inside and call it a day. That way most of the commonly used files (likely OS) would get the SSD boost.
This mod is good and its nice to have choice, but has turned a sleek machine into Frankenstein.
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cell989  +   341d ago
now if only he could puch for Bohemia to bring Arma 3 to PS4
ziggurcat  +   341d ago
well, this is certainly interesting...
fatstarr  +   341d ago
so the man did nothing more than add a harddrive with a sata cable....
Gamer666  +   341d ago
Yep, I don't know how that became crafty, but I have to admit I never thought of doing it...

Even though it is obviously possible and clearly easy to do.
WitWolfy  +   341d ago
Meh kinda pointless for me ATM. The amount of games out at this stage dont warrant a HDD upgrade...
badboy776  +   341d ago
Update soon confirmed.
BABY-JEDI  +   341d ago
Doesn't this crafty-ness scupper the warranty?

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