Should glitching and exploiting in GTA 5 be tolerated?

GameZone writes, "With the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 title update, Rockstar Games cracked down on cheaters in GTA Online, the game's online multiplayer portion. The battle between the developer and glitchers/exploiters has raged on since the October launch of the mode. With each exploit and glitch found, Rockstar has attempted to take counter-measures to prevent more players from doing so, but to no avail. Now the big question is, should Rockstar just accept glitching and exploiting in Grand Theft Auto Online?"

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mewhy321650d ago

this should not be tolerated. It ruins the game for others that want to play the game the way the devs intended. This should all be patched or the cheaters banned.

SirBradders1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

You mean by r* wanting you to buy 100 mill through micro transactions not through some exploit made by their incompetence. Jeez the logic with some people.

vishmarx1650d ago

r* wanted a broken game when they added microtransactions.
hackers made everyone a billionare.guess were even now.
normally i dont support this stuff.and i know that this woulve happened even without the microtransactions ever existing.
but now they have an excuse/a reason ,and you gave it to them.

Joe9131650d ago

I do not understand why ppl have such a big deal with micro-transactions they did not make it to where you do not get much money when you do missions the only time you would buy money is if you may have bought something big and want something else other than that just grind through the missions you would have to do that if they did not put MT in the game anyway what it is a bunch of lazy ppl who want something for nothing you want a bunch of money by doing a mission that pays good over and over and over just move on you may get more money next missions IDK what game ppl are playing but I get around $6,000 a mission and instead of trying to milk a mission for money just move on you can milk survivor for money if that is what you are into as far as cheaters don't care as long as they leave me alone but they are the ppl who go around screwing with ppl who are trying to grind and get money so I would not like to be in the same room as those ppl I care more about lvl up my character than money because it is so easy to get can make $100,000 a night so why cry about MT.

SirBradders1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

@Joe microtransactions are the reasons why games require 100 of hours of investment replaying the same thing over and over and over again.
For a £40 game there should be no micro transactions and if there are they should be 1. Extremely cheap 2.not enable pay to win 3. No nerf the game as to take months to grind.
I don't agree with cheating in some shapes or forms but gaming is even starting to reflect whats wrong in society where the rich have all the power.

You also contradict yourself in your comment buddy.

brbobcat1650d ago

No different than players boosting through microtransactions.

dericb111650d ago

They just insult us with the lowering of money and RP. Why are they going so far to force players into playing forever. I stopped playing it. Just to much time spent on one game for me.

Ozmoses1650d ago

You don't HAVE to play it.. There are other games out there that offer good multiplayer experiences and don't rob you.

ziggurcat1650d ago

There's a huge difference, actually. You're cheating when you're exploiting.

DeadRabbits1650d ago

Tolerated as much as a broken game!

SpiralTear1650d ago

Has glitching and exploiting in competitive online games ever been worth tolerating? Of course not.

MrFit1650d ago

I still play it and enjoy it, but I mostly only play with a group of friends now.
It does suck playing someone 20 levels below me that has a fully jacked up car and all the available weapon mods because he has unlimited funds.
one guy just kept calling air strikes and sending mercenaries after everyone because he doesn't have to worry about money.
I really don't know how Rockstar can take back the money without hurting innocent players, but I hope they find a way to do it.

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