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4 Games In 2014 With Always-On DRM That You'll Probably Play Anyway

Gaming Blend "Four of the biggest games due out in 2014 are actually games you could consider to be always-on titles. They are heavily focused on multiplayer, and even their single-player offerings are still tied to online gameplay. Do you know which games I'm talking about? Well if you do, you have to ask yourself whether or not you're okay with the direction the industry is heading in." (Destiny, PC, PS4, The Crew, TitanFall, Xbox One)

TheUltimateGamer  +   632d ago
Personally, I couldn't care much less about Always-On DRM. I'm connected to everything 24/7 as it is. The only issue I could see is issues with internet outages in areas where highspeed is less dependable.
1nsomniac  +   632d ago
I love it when people say things like this. They're usually the ones that make the most noise when the games servers go down (ala 2K/NBA2K) & suddenly its completely ridiculous & people should lose their jobs because of it or pay compensation!

Always online is ridiculous & it doesnt just revolve around you. There is no justification for it no matter how stupid you are!
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Anthotis  +   632d ago
Always Online DRM is a plague.

Amazingly, the polls in that article show quite a lot of support for restrictive DRM, and as long as subhumans are stupid enough to support these draconian policies, game developers will continue to use them.
blackmanone  +   632d ago
Too true, 1nsomniac. If more people had the forethought to understand this, I would have more respect for the gaming community.
sinjonezp  +   632d ago
I agree with you guys. Always on is a plague. And for me its not about my home.internet failing, its the network issues with the game companies. The reason i hate it directly is due to what happened with nba2k14. They had server issues for about a week and i could not.play myplayer which is a single.player experience. The game always need to connect to.the server to regester vc transactions, etc. Aftwr that debacle, i do not.know.how any comoany can employ drm. Im glad to see simcity finally getting an.offline mode. Whem.that update happens ill be sure to pick it up. As gamers we should.fight.with our voice and our dollars against these tactics.
Volkama  +   632d ago
Actually it does revolve around him. He personally doesn't have a problem with always-on DRM. It's his preference, his opinion, who else should it revolve around?

All these "smh" responses, it's not all about you guys either. TheUltimateGamer does not have a responsibility to stand up against online DRM because you feel passionately about it.

The games listed actually all benefit from being always-on. In those cases the connection is fundamental to the game, or at least improves the experience. I don't object to that. I actively embrace it, I encourage the industry to explore the advantages of my connection.

I'm weary as anyone at how they might try to exploit it, but I'll assess that case by case rather than go off the handle about the idea of requiring a connection in the first place.
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redwin  +   632d ago
I find it interesting that when you strongly disagree with someone's opinion, people feel like they have to in insult them. I don't have a problem with the DRM because at the time that something happens and I loose thir trust I'll talk with my wallet , I won't buy product from that company and they'll loose money, because I'm sure I won't be the only person not buying their product. So, I'll buy, but the time you mess up, you loose.
P0werVR  +   631d ago
The article clearly states games that require you to be online anyways. "Multiplayer Online" games is pretty much the new genre and we'll see this transitioning through. If you pay attention to Microsoft's announced titles...nearly if not ALL of it shows not only core element gameplays of multiplayer online, but the utilization of Cloud Computing.

The only problem with multiplayer online gaming is how will they implement the SP elements as a multiplayer feature, which games like Destiny and Titanfall are doing.
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staticdash22  +   632d ago
I just love this response "I'm always connected anyway"

The world doesn't revolve around you smh. No wonder EA and ubisoft are able to sneak this stuff in games, you guys don't care anyway.
cyguration  +   632d ago
It makes it bad on the rest of us, too.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   632d ago
@Dash agreed. Bungie, Respawn, and Ubisoft will learn that they're alienating a % of their buyers. To put it simple, no matter how great those are said to be, they'll have a hard time hitting sales milestones or out doing their predecessors with their future sequels.

Majority people play COD or BF for its MP and hardly touch SP. Sure they are always connected but they choose to be and its satisfaction that they can choose the luxury to playing offline even if its not popular now days. Its a small freedom that most hold on to.
FPSFox  +   632d ago
"I couldn't care much less about Always-On DRM. I'm connected to everything 24/7 as it is."

I guess mute people don't care about freedom of speech, because they can't talk anyways >_>. You purchased a game, you have the right to play YOUR GAME / PROPERTY anyway you like.

Why are some so stupid and still fail to grasp this concept?
TheDrunkenJester  +   632d ago
Huh? Yeah it's your's, but if the game needs to be online you have no choice regardless if it's yours or not. That's like saying if you buy an iPhone you should be able to turn it into an android because you bought it... anyway I have no problem with online only games, I think all the games listed will be better online, BECAUSE THAT'S HOW IT WAS MADE. When did gamers become so entitled? It's like getting pissed off that a game doesn't let you jump when you should be able to, get over it, or don't play it.
3-4-5  +   632d ago
* Not against Always on, but Always on, should include additional options to also allow me to play 100% of the game offline as well.

* Don't allow my/anyone stats to be uploaded to the multiplayer game once I return to online and you can then prevent people from cheating or boosting

* This allows everyone to maintain their online ID/character, without restricting access to the game for anyone, and additionally allowing a fair game balance for everyone.

I personally prefer offline to online gaming but I do like to play FPS or some RTS games online.

I just enjoy offline more because it's my own unique experience, and nobody can ruin it or interfere and I don't have to worry if my internet is acting up or if other players are trying to ruin my game.
TheSaint  +   631d ago
Why is something that restricts a good thing?
kingdip90  +   632d ago
I have no Internet so.... not so much actually
Mega24  +   632d ago
How did you post that comment then?

@below Yeah you could have been more specific, other wise people will just label you as a troll,

OT: Always only online is an issue with single player games, people need to specify the problem, but if a game like Titanfall or Destiny, Destiny for instance is supposed to be like a warframe style of co-op and competitive game, blending SP with MP, sometime this ideas prosper, or sometime they don't.
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staticdash22  +   632d ago
Maybe he's not at home?

Don't assume people don't go to the library or someone's else's house to use their computers
kingdip90  +   632d ago
Cell phone, I guess I should have been more specific.

I don't have reliable high speed Internet at home and cannot use Internet services on any of my other devices other than my cell, which of course has a very limited gb plan and would cost more to tether with.
KonsoruMasuta  +   632d ago
You do know that people have cell phones, right? Most of the time you don't need internet in your house to use your cell browser.
Studio-YaMi  +   632d ago
There is a difference about having DRM in an always online multiplayer game like MMOs for example..and forcing DRM on a single player game!

I don't want to be refrained from playing my SINGLE PLAYER game just because my internet got cut off.
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Hicken  +   632d ago
Given that it's from cinemablend, it's probably some harebrained attempt at taking shots at people again. Even before opening the page, I knew it was William Usher. He may be the absolute worst "journalist" in gaming right now.
hiptanaka  +   632d ago
Any games that are always-online are an automatic boycott from me. I'm not speaking on behalf of anyone but myself, of course.
Grimhammer00  +   632d ago
There's a difference be it slim, between always-on DRM & a game that has a mp continuity that requires Internet to function.

This was always how the industry was going to combat piracy and the used market. Thanks to the consumer deserved backlash....the used market should be spared. (Online passes, bound games to accounts)

So hackers - always the cancer of gaming, ends up being the main reason a always-on connection is fueling the designs of upcoming games.

And these days....I find my gaming coin being limited to best value I can squeeze out of my hobby. That tends to mean if game has no mp I won't buy it. Furthermore, the mp needs to have either an established fanbase (so I have confidence in it) or I see the potential in the ip.

Sp is all but dead. And it's sad.
TheGreatGamer  +   632d ago
These are all multi-player centred games so not too much of a bother. The only annoying DRM for ME is when they put it on single player games
isarai  +   632d ago
how are these DRM? these are just online games, there's a difference between DRM and an online only game.
UnHoly_One  +   632d ago
This is a dumb article. Making a game that is all multiplayer is not the same as "always online DRM".

Give me a break.

Can we complain about a few more things, possibly?

You come up with a way to play a multiplayer game online without being online and then get back to us, huh?
CorndogBurglar  +   632d ago
I don't mind if a game has Always Online DRM...its when an entire console has it that I get irritated. Being able to not play a single game when internet is down is one thing....not being able to play ANY games when internet is down is a completely other thing.
Sayburr  +   632d ago
Seems like the games the article is talking about are designed to be online multiplayer... meaning I probably will not be buying them anyway. However, I hate NBA 2k14 because my solo games are tied to the frikin' internet. I guess it depends on the game.

If/when games like Fallout 4 and Red Dead 2 come out, which have been traditionally single player, they better not have online DRM and an "always connected" requirement.
robotgargoyle  +   632d ago
I think "why should a single player game have required internet connection?"

The answer- to improve the game experience for the player through monitoring.

Personally, I think it's horseshit. Single player games should have offline gameplay by default. Is there any sp games that have benefited from having required online connectivity? Do they understand that they will lose sales from people with limited or no internet (Believe it. Our country's technology is evolving too quickly for the demand. Service providers are still behind in many areas.). Hell, TWC won't run cable to my residence and i'm just a mile away from a service location. Stuck with Dish and I only get 20 GB @ 10 mgbits/sec of download a month. Good luck trying to play games online with that!
Activemessiah  +   632d ago
So that's 4 games I'm not supporting... cool.
AnotherGamer117  +   632d ago
The only 2 games I am interested in is "The division" and "Destiny". Both games are really setup for co-op/online play, so having an always on-line connection is fine for me.

What I hope they do is clearly mark on the games that online is required and not optional. I can hear it now that a parent buys one of these games for a offline console and it won't work.
fenome  +   632d ago
So, in that case he's also saying that WOW and LOL have always-online DRM too huh? Lmao

These are Online games, this isn't Digital Rights Management (DRM). There is a difference between being an online game and forcing a game to be online for DRM purposes. True story
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AnotherGamer117  +   632d ago
I agree. All 4 of these games are setup as a online only game. Those games are not SimCity.
fenome  +   632d ago
That's funny because SimCity is the same exact game that I thought of too, that's a perfect example
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mhunterjr  +   632d ago
Having an online-only game is different from having DRM. DRM or "digital rights management" is an attempt to thwart the illegal the duplication of digital content. There are many types of DRM, one of them being to require the software contact servers to check for legitimacy.

There's no indication that these games require an internet connection as an attempt to thwart piracy. It's pretty clear to me that these games require an online connection because the development teams decided to focus all of their attention and resources into building games that are heavily dependent on online community; and to divert attention to a separate, single player experience would be to lose focus on their goal.

If you have no interest in playing online community oriented games, then these four games aren't for you. But don't confuse this with DRM, like SimCity.

Of course, it would be asking a lot to expect William Usher to write a responsible article.
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fenome  +   632d ago
Well said, and well spoken
BranWheatKillah  +   632d ago
These are all multi-player games where multi-player is a component of the single-player experience.

This article is stupid and is trolling for hits.
EXVirtual  +   632d ago
Tbh, I might actually pick up the Division and Destiny. MIGHT. If what I see next impresses me.

I still don't like the fact that they're online only games though (mp of course). We all know what happens when the servers go down. But they both look pretty good so far.
DRM on single player games is what really irritates me.
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mo241  +   632d ago
With some games it doesn't matter if they are always online. Especially mmo's and multiplayer only games like in this article, but if your looking at games like simcity those games should have a offline mode. The only game who did this was nba2k14 needing you to be always online even with the singeplayer mode now that's bullshit not like the games who are mentioned.
Grave  +   632d ago
I just hope Destiny will be available on Steam, if it comes to PC at all.
MrSwankSinatra  +   632d ago
The Division is the only game on that list that remotely interests me
Saryk  +   632d ago
As long as they state the Always Online DRM prior to me not buying it, I am fine.
TheForceOfFire  +   632d ago
Forgot about a big one, Elder Scrolls Online, still angry about that one :(
fenome  +   632d ago
Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but it has Online in the title. Lol

MMOs have to be online, that's the only way you can do Massive Multiplayer Online games... It has nothing to do with DRM, the only way you can be online playing with other people is by being online :)

I'm not a fan of MMOs just never really tried 'em before, I do wanna check out Destiny and The Division though, 'cause they seem different.

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