New eSports Worldwide Ranking Service Launched

GamerZines writes:

Competitive gaming is a massive culture which is only getting bigger and bigger every single year. This is a fact that no user of Twitch or player of DOTA, Starcraft 2 or Counterstrike: Global Offensive would disagree with. Yet despite growing in popularity, a major stumbling block for eSports still remains – a means to track competitor performance across different syndicated tournaments via a massive fan accessible database which instantly communicates to users not only who is the best athlete or team on the planet when it comes to a certain game, but also who are the emerging stars rising through the ranks.

This kind of performance tracking effort across different tournament organisations has never been attempted before, but this week one launched care of a new eSports Gaming Network, ESGN.

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GentlemenRUs1595d ago

Oh brother... Can't really call gaming a sport as you are not getting exercise...

pompombrum1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Chess is considered a sport though. I agree though in principle, I wished competitive gaming would stop trying to see itself as a sport and instead accept what it is, that's one of the reasons why I love the FGC. Still, it seems like the term "Esport" is here to stay, just be glad the term "cyber athlete" never stuck.

Also, no need to be negative about this, what ESGN is trying to do seems pretty cool and as a gamer, I hope it takes off.

Jubez1871594d ago

It's probably the biggest paying non-athletic sport (maybe poker is higher, but I highly doubt it). The foreign players even get visas so that they can travel, just like a 'normal' athlete. The United States government recognizes it as a sport, and there's no reason not to. As long as we slap the "e" in there so that the old-timers don't get pissed that we're calling it a sport it should be safe. Nothing wrong with people wanting to watch people compete at the highest level, regardless of what it is. Some games actually take their esports very seriously and there's leagues and corporations and sponsors (League of Legends' MINOR league esports is called the "Coke League," and yes, that's Coca-cola).