User Made Xbox One In-Game Menu Is Simplistically Brilliant

GearNuke: "Xbox One has the same Metro UI interface as found on Windows 8. Enthusiastic designers tend to bring their own imaginations to life by modifying the designs with their own ideas and sometimes the results are mind blowing"

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Snookies121505d ago

Yeah, that's a great design. Nice and easy, simple and efficient.

Bigpappy1505d ago

I am convinced that M$ just focused on basics, and decided to patch later. They really weren't prepared to launch in 2013.
They do have a nice console with neat features though. They can do some unique stuff with multiple OS running at once. I want to see where they go with it the rest of the year.

Major_Glitch1505d ago

@mister Funny, the sales figures would say otherwise. Or perhaps you know something the rest of us don't?

testerg351505d ago

Major, I think he meant that the PS4 is also missing features and has some bugs.

theRell1505d ago

How do sales figures tell if a console was ready to be released or not? There's no logic with that. Ready or not, the people were going to get it.

DragonKnight1505d ago

@Mister_Dawg: Yeah they were. PS4 began design phase in 2007. The features that are missing from the PS4 were due to a change in focus, not an oversight.

Yes, that means they purposely left out mp3 playback and DLNA support. They wanted to focus on getting the gaming and sharing aspect of the console done before frivolous extras that may be nice to have but are unimportant in the grand scheme.

And before anyone says BC, keep your PS3s and you won't have a problem.

Droidbro1505d ago

@mister true but irrelevant to the article
@glitch sales have nothing to do with the states of either UI

AndrewLB1505d ago

Dragon- If what you say is true, it doesn't reflect well on Sony. 6 years should have been plenty of time to make sure the PS4 was capable of playing MP3's and CD's, DLNA (since sony invented it), HDMI video capture, perhaps some youtube support, and most of all.... They could have designed an interface that doesn't look like a first year compsci student designed it.

You neglected to mention what Sony was focusing on all these years if they weren't adding the above features, or polishing the interface. The vast majority of the hardware was done by AMD since it was a slight adaptation of their current APU and not some ground-up new creation.

Oh yeah... it was DRM! Remember how they had pretty much the exact same DRM crap that Microsoft initially had, but Microsoft caught all the flack from the media because they opened their mouths about it. Sony saw the sh*t storm, stayed quiet, and removed all the DRM in their day one update.

christocolus1505d ago


I totally agree.Ms has major plans for their os but they tried to launch same time with sony and i feel its one of the reasons alot of features are missing out of the box and also the reason why twitch streaming isnt supported expecting big things down the line though.Ms is good at software and they will keep updating/improving the xbx one os functionality over time.

ITPython1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Both consoles were essentially incomplete upon release, however unlike Microsoft, Sony had some focus on what they wanted done and what they were willing to leave out as a sacrifice. They left out non-gaming stuff so they could focus on the gaming aspects to get that completed. And will add the non-essential stuff later.

The XB1 launched with a jack-of-all-trades mentality including a ton of non-essential gaming things, but they are all incomplete.

Think of it this way, say you had 4 different pieces of homework you needed to get done for a college class. What Microsoft did was do a little bit of each one (each 50% finished), but didn't complete any of them. Sony however, finished the first two pieces of homework 100%, but they didn't work on the other 2 at all.

It's technically the same percentage completed, but Sony had the focus to finish two of them completely. IMO, Sony's approach was the right way to go about it. I would rather have less completed features (especially if it's focused on gaming) rather than more features which are all incomplete.

DragonKnight1504d ago

@AndrewLB: Your post is funny. Ever considered taking it on the road to comedy clubs? Might get a laugh.

Think for a second. The PS3 was the all inclusive console. It had every conceivable feature and came at a premium because of it. And what happened? Years of "the PS3 has no games" and "the PS3 is too expensive" and "I want games, I can play mp3s on my mp3 player"

Sony decided that everything game related had to come first, everything else was non-essential. You only have yourselves to blame. Sony is always in a lose lose situation. When they give you everything, it's too much. When they take stuff away to make it cheaper, you cry because it's gone. When they try to focus on the games, you cry for pointless extras.

The vast majority of the hardware was done by AMD? Are you nuts? All AMD did was design an APU. That's one chip. Sony did the rest. That took research and development time you know.

"Oh yeah... it was DRM! Remember how they had pretty much the exact same DRM crap that Microsoft initially had, but Microsoft caught all the flack from the media because they opened their mouths about it. Sony saw the sh*t storm, stayed quiet, and removed all the DRM in their day one update."

Remember how that was actually a B.S. lie made up by MS fanboys to try and lump Sony in with Microsoft's bad moves? Well I do. Sony said MONTHS before MS even hinted about DRM that the PS4 wouldn't have it. None, at all.

So, I'm sorry but, you're wrong. It doesn't look bad on Sony that they cared more about games and game development than you having yet another device among the millions that can play mp3s. It looks bad on people that care about these things so much that they'd cry about them instead of being happy that Sony didn't launch another PS3. You know, with difficult to use hardware, a price that most don't want to pay for, and a long road of them having to make their own machine look good when it comes to games because 3rd party developers don't want to put the work into it to do it themselves.

TheRedButterfly1504d ago

I beg to differ. Microsoft /was/ ready to launch in 2013, but everyone demanded they alter their polices, resulting in a complete OS/UI overhaul… And considering what they launched with only 6 months later? More than a job well done!

You try reworking an entire operating system in 6 months and have better results.

hobbit1531504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

@DragonKnight Sony revealed in Feb. 2013 did not say anything about DRM. Microsoft revealed in May 2013 talked about DRM. Microsoft from reveal till E3 2013 tried to explain/damage control DRM stuff. E3 2013 Sony comes on stage, says they care about the gamer, no DRM etc. get high praise for it. But Instead of watching the magic show the Sony wizards were putting on, You need to go back and look behind the curtain. (Hint: Sony had/has the same DRM policy as Microsoft.) It is fact! Stop spreading FUD!!! After E3 2013 Sony president said Sony/1st party not doing DRM but, they would not tell 3rd party not to use DRM. Why do you think EA, Ubisoft etc. got rid of online passes. (This part, speculation on my part: because of Microsoft DRM AND Sony DRM in place, But after May 2013 Microsoft reveal Sony backed out).

ziggurcat1504d ago

@ andrewLB:

"it was DRM! Remember how they had pretty much the exact same DRM crap that Microsoft initially had, but Microsoft caught all the flack from the media because they opened their mouths about it. Sony saw the sh*t storm, stayed quiet, and removed all the DRM in their day one update."

no one remembers that because there was no actual DRM planned for the PS4.

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3-4-51505d ago

XB1 was rushed. We will get an interview or article that tells us so within the next 1-2 years.

We all know it.

Whatever Microsoft spent on XB1, could have been done for %50 by many other companies.

They probably wasted millions trying to design a new controller.

It would have taken me 5 minutes to be like " Keep the same controller, we spend the money elsewhere"

Boom done.

Drewidian1505d ago

I think a large part of its incomplete and missing features is largely due to the redesign of the system they had to make due to policy changes. They literally had about 4- 5 months to make it work. I personally think that under the circumstances they did a decent job. I just wonder how it compares to the original planned one and what it would have looked like with those months of extra development time. We'll never know, but I too will look forward to the retrospective reflection of this Year's changes.

oof461505d ago

The system wasn't rushed. Both Sony and Microsoft had mapped out what they wanted to do after the ps3 and 360.

What WAS rushed was Microsoft fixing things to comply with their backtracking on the "always online" component.

MajorLazer1505d ago

Your genius knows no bounds /s

AndrewLB1505d ago

oof46- You mean like Sony disabling the exact same intrusive DRM in their day one patch? Sony got away with it because when they saw Microsoft catch hell from gamers, they kept quiet about it and removed it on day one.

oof461505d ago

@AndrewLB: Plausible, but we'll never know unless someone from Sony says anything. But, as far as I know, you don't have to download the day one patch to play your ps4 offline. For the Xbox One, it's mandatory.

But, looking back, it was a genius move by Sony to take notes on everything gamers hated about the Xbox One when it was revealed and go the opposite direction.

DragonKnight1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

@AndrewLB: Your ignorance is amazing. If Sony disabled that same DRM with their day one patch, why was the patch not mandatory and you could play offline hmmm?

Oh, you don't have a PS4 so you didn't know that? Exactly. Stop spreading lies and FUD.

That article is from Feb. 21st 2013. That's right at the official reveal of the PS4, before the official reveal of the Xbox One, before the E3 where (if we were to believe your terrible logic) Sony would have had to make the last minute decision (a terrible business decision to make when you have stock holders to answer to, and actually I believe is illegal) to cancel DRM and begin creating that "day one DRM removing patch" you keep talking about.

What's your explanation for that? That Sony already did their corporate espionage and found out a year before that MS were going to have that DRM and then predicted the fan outcry a year later and decided to wait until they were proven correct so they could remove the DRM from the PS4?

So Sony is now...

ziggurcat1504d ago

@ andrewLB:

sony's stance had always been they there would be no DRM.

it's always amazing when people like you keep blathering on with unsubstantiated nonsense like that, and you don't provide an ounce of proof.

so, please... enlighten us all with the copious amounts of evidence that you seem to have pointing to sony not only planning the same DRM as MS, but also removing it in a day one patch.

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oof461505d ago

I believe Mister_Dawg was referring to the OS of both systems. From what I've read online and heard on podcasts, both were coming in hot for launch. They'll get things fixed and added as time goes on, so no biggie.

Axecution1504d ago

the lack of a music player is the only thing really awful about the ps4. MusicUnlimited is great but the ps4 app randomly stops playing, plays the same library songs on shuffle over and over, and is in maintenance half the time. Not to mention the app takes just long enough to load that picking a new artist mid-game is frustrating...

like its honestly not even excusable, its 2014 lol

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IRNMUNKEY1505d ago

Yep it's great and Major Nelson said he has already passed it on to development team. Hopefully we get something similar.

Cueil1505d ago

it looks like consolidation of apps... soemthing that I imagine will happen... and I think that the Friends List may be one of the first things we see go this route with party chat

DragonKnight1505d ago

Major Nelson is lying. That's just a typical PR response to say "hey, looks good" but it won't go further than that.

andibandit1504d ago

"That's just a typical PR"....

Just like your typical BS

DragonKnight1504d ago

@andibandit: Ouch, you sound extra butt hurt today. Did Major Nelson promise something to you too?

IRNMUNKEY1504d ago

Hmm why not? So does the same hold true for the Sony god Yosh? Or has he promised things that haven't happened.

They already said the next update is going to be based on customer feedback so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Tctczach1505d ago

@dragon I love how you automatically jump to he is lying and think it is PR. Maybe he did like it. Seems to be a little immature...

DragonKnight1504d ago

I never said that he didn't like it. I said he's lying, and I meant about passing it on. That's not going to happen and you know it.

HomerJDog1505d ago

that's perfect great job

TotalSynthesisX1505d ago

Very nice. Bravo! Microsoft, take notes.

XiSasukeUchiha1505d ago

Nice menu MS write this down now!!!!!

H0RSE1505d ago

The console just launched, and it hasn't even received any real updates yet. Compare the UI for the 360 at launch to what it is now...

oof461505d ago

I would like to respond to your comment, but it's buried beneath an offer for 15% off my car insurance.