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Why Alien: Isolation is the Alien game you've been waiting for

EuroGamer - Hello, Eurogamers! A new year means a fresh start for everyone, even a franchise as beleaguered as the Alien one. Creative Assembly wipes the slate clean with Alien: Isolation: a first-person horror ordeal that will make you forget all about Aliens: Colonial Marines. (Alien: Isolation, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

BABY-JEDI  +   633d ago
I'm really warming to this. The gaming concept (just like the original movie) is great. I hope your limited to the number of items you can carry. Also, I hope your movement is affected by the number of items carried, & your ability to remain quiet.
; )
mhunterjr  +   633d ago
This game looks great. At a time when capcom is spewing BS about why resident evil can't be scary anymore, it's nice to see developers intent on reviving the survival horror genre
BABY-JEDI  +   633d ago
Also, what I really am impressed with, is the atmosphere & background sounds is straight out the original movie.
; )
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   633d ago
It's certainly the 'Alien'game I've been waiting for. Blockbuster action is not always the answer.
AllroundGamer  +   633d ago
even as an Alien fan myself i stopped believing in any hype for any game, cause even the Aliens Colonial Marines was hyped and look what it become... so i rather wait for some real reviews from gamers.
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Ashunderfire86  +   633d ago
Just Like I said in my last post in an article to someone else, and now you:

Yes we saw what happened to Alien Colonial Marine in motion, but the difference is that Creative Assembly, is not working on DLCs for another popular game like Gearbox did. They are not outsourcing this project to no name mediocre developers. They did not show a fake demo like Gearbox did with Colonial Marines. Creative Assembly been developing this game for 3 years now, and they are technical finished with the game, but all they are doing now is balance and polishing the game for late 2014. They will not delay the crap out of the game like Gearbox did with Colonial Marines. This game is only single player were it make sense. Finally, it will be freaken better than Colonial Marine in every possible way.

If you got the time check out this interview:

Gearbox has a track record of poorly handling delayed to hell games that's been passed on to different developers. Just look at what happen to Duke Nukem Forever. I hope to God they don't do Prey 2(Delayed to death game)! Gearbox are still good developers, but only when they are more focused on one project, instead of overburdening themselves with just too much.
kcuthbertson  +   633d ago
They say this every time though...and then we're all left disappointed...
CrObInStInE  +   633d ago
All my friends laughed when I purchased Alien vs Predator... Then they laughed again when I bought Alien Colonial Marines... I see a pattern.
Ashunderfire86  +   633d ago
Bu bu but Alien Vs Predator was a pretty decent game, compared to Colonial Marines. The Aliens in multiplayer was better in that game than Colonial Marines. Heck the campaign is even better too.
KontryBoy706  +   633d ago
Aliens: Colonial Marines had to be just a cash grab. This looks like a REAL game.
JohnnyTower  +   633d ago
Well at least it's not a Prometheus game I guess.
etownone  +   633d ago
Wow.... This game looks like it has a lot of potential.
And truly looks next gen
JasonKCK  +   633d ago
So I don't get burned again I'm going to wait and see this time around.
Phoenix76  +   633d ago
Am I the only one who remembers the early vid's, pics and hype with ACM? I would be very weary about this one guys. Wait until the reviews are out, then let's get excited(or not).
feraldrgn  +   633d ago
They're going for the same atmosphere as the first movie, which is more appropriate, imo.

Gearbox aren't involved either.
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Swiftfox  +   633d ago
I'm not sure how fast Xenomorphs actually move but this one seemed a little slow to me. Perhaps it would benefit from more non-human looking movement animations to add more atmosphere. This would even be a good time to show how Xenomorphs investigate, react to stress, even problem solve. Possibly the player even starting to learn how it thinks to help avoid it or use traps etc. So much potential here.

The only thing worrying me as of the gameplay was a part where you heard a voice coming through an ear piece. I would implore them to reconsider and avoid the “voice in the ear” cliché. A huge part of the atmosphere is knowing you're completely alone with this Alien. Having a voice bark missions, objectives, trap ideas, even idol conversation will break the tension.
AlexFili  +   633d ago
Gearbox should be ashamed of what little they did for Colonial Marines. Hope this game gets the development time it needs to be great.

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