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Forza 5 vs Forza 4 through Xbox One comparison video

A video which takes a look at Turn 10's Forza 4 through the Xbox One and comparing with the same location in Forza 5. (Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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RaidensRising  +   569d ago
Deja vu here. But this video makes F5 look worse.
Soc5  +   569d ago
This guy needs to fix his hdmi black levels on the Xbox one input, both videos I've seen of his show a big difference in black levels when he switches sources. They are clearly incorrect, showing washed out blacks.
GutZ31  +   569d ago
I tried using full RGB color range on the xbox one, and just just crushes all the greys to black. The only way the xbox one looks properly is if you keep it set to limited.
mmj  +   569d ago
It's probably the fact that his Xbox 360 is crushing blacks and Xbox One (at 1080P) isn't, Xbox 360 had its output interfered with just like Xbox One upscaled. The "washed out" look you describe is probably normal untampered with output (at least for an LCD). That's why PS3 was often described as looking washed out compared to 360, Sony don't **** about with the output.
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ziggurcat  +   568d ago
washed out? not really - those are normal black levels. it only looks washed out to you because you're too used to looking at a screen with black levels that are too dark.

most people would probably be very surprised by what a properly calibrated screen is supposed to look like.

re: limited vs. full RGB range - limited (RGB 16 - 235) is what you should be setting your system's output if you're connected to a TV, full (RGB 0 - 255) is what you should be setting your system's output if you're connected to a monitor.
Soc5  +   568d ago
I meant in relation to the 360, the color of the Xbox one is not showing proper color depth. The guys other vids also show a discrepancy in black levels from different sources. It doesn't look like his hdmi settings are equal for both systems making the forza 4 vid look much more colorful compared to F5.
I know a thing or two about calibration but thanks though.
ziggurcat  +   567d ago
@ soc5:

it's actually the opposite.

xbone is showing the proper colour depth.
KRUSSIDULL  +   569d ago
Biggest difference I saw was the resolution when looking at the skyline.
Gamer-40  +   569d ago
Another X1 hate article or video.
These are not people like you to play, but also hate.
vulcanproject  +   568d ago
I don't see what is hating. The fact you seem to instantly attack it and say this is a hate article is very telling to me....
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BattleTorn  +   569d ago
The Xbox One's Forza 5 had much more detail inside the car
asyouburn  +   568d ago
I would hope so
Chris12  +   569d ago
The higher the resolution the greater the small details, which are then instantly lost when using a crappy YouTube video to prove a non-existent point.

Play them both side by side and the differences are obvious and pretty dramatic.
vulcanproject  +   568d ago
I think it is an interesting comparison, the point is whatever you want it to be.

To me, it feels that the point is FM5 looks nicer because of the higher resolution more than anything else changed in the game.

If Forza 4 had the benefit of a higher resolution, I'm not sure the gap would be very big at all.
captain_slow82  +   568d ago
i agree its more of a 1080p vs 720p situation and the video shows that very well (even in crappy youtube vids)
MRMagoo123  +   568d ago
The same could be said about COD ghosts in 720p on the Xbone and the 1080p version on the PS4 side by side they are very different, i think thats kinda the point of the video, rez matters.
ZeoN  +   568d ago
I enjoy Forza 5, but it's still a downgrade. Lacking content shouldn't be ignored and given high scores for it. Reviewers are not being critical as they're supposed to be. Hopefully, the next we will see content, fun factor, and graphical fidelity all in one.
neoMAXMLC  +   568d ago
It was the lowest scored Forza game to date....
ZeoN  +   568d ago
Yes ,but still got 8-10s that it didn't deserve.
snookiegamer  +   568d ago
5 looks better, but 4 has more.
SoapShoes  +   568d ago
5 does look better but it isn't a huge leap. You can tell it was a rushed game to get out by launch. No love or care put into it, just a rush job most likely because Microsoft forced them to have a Forza for launch. Forza 6 will be where it's at hopefully.
mochachino  +   568d ago
Comparisons are useless on youtube, I can hardly see a difference. I have a PS4 so I don't know for sure but I doubt Forza 4 and 5 look that similar in person.
BattleTorn  +   568d ago
I'm always baffled by the "youtube comparisons are useless" stance.

I always see the difference. So if you think 'no one can see differences on youtube' - it makes me think the differences must be even more vast, if I can (already) through 'crappy compression.'

Do the comparisons do the two games true justice - no. But it's the high quality one that isn't represented clearly. So if one can observe a difference via crappy video, it leads me to believe the differences first-hand must be far more noticeable.
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danowat  +   568d ago
No doubt a rushed release, with a huge lack of content when compared to FM4, however.....

Anyone who says that FM5 isn't a huge leap over FM4 visually, either hasn't played it or is blind.

There is also something else that is a huge leap over FM4, and that is the fidelity of a physics engine, which is streets ahead of FM4 (and anything else available on a console right now)
MadMen  +   568d ago
Forza 4 the Win
johny5  +   568d ago
Although Forza 5 looks clearer
why does the textures in Forza 4 look better?
MRMagoo123  +   568d ago
Cos they are better, it also has far more content, just goes to show forza 5 was a pretty big step down.
microgenius  +   568d ago
just wait for ALMIGHTY GT7

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