Forza 5 vs Forza 4 through Xbox One comparison video

A video which takes a look at Turn 10's Forza 4 through the Xbox One and comparing with the same location in Forza 5.

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RaidensRising841d ago

Deja vu here. But this video makes F5 look worse.

Soc5841d ago

This guy needs to fix his hdmi black levels on the Xbox one input, both videos I've seen of his show a big difference in black levels when he switches sources. They are clearly incorrect, showing washed out blacks.

GutZ31841d ago

I tried using full RGB color range on the xbox one, and just just crushes all the greys to black. The only way the xbox one looks properly is if you keep it set to limited.

mmj841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

It's probably the fact that his Xbox 360 is crushing blacks and Xbox One (at 1080P) isn't, Xbox 360 had its output interfered with just like Xbox One upscaled. The "washed out" look you describe is probably normal untampered with output (at least for an LCD). That's why PS3 was often described as looking washed out compared to 360, Sony don't **** about with the output.

ziggurcat840d ago

washed out? not really - those are normal black levels. it only looks washed out to you because you're too used to looking at a screen with black levels that are too dark.

most people would probably be very surprised by what a properly calibrated screen is supposed to look like.

re: limited vs. full RGB range - limited (RGB 16 - 235) is what you should be setting your system's output if you're connected to a TV, full (RGB 0 - 255) is what you should be setting your system's output if you're connected to a monitor.

Soc5840d ago

I meant in relation to the 360, the color of the Xbox one is not showing proper color depth. The guys other vids also show a discrepancy in black levels from different sources. It doesn't look like his hdmi settings are equal for both systems making the forza 4 vid look much more colorful compared to F5.
I know a thing or two about calibration but thanks though.

ziggurcat840d ago

@ soc5:

it's actually the opposite.

xbone is showing the proper colour depth.


Biggest difference I saw was the resolution when looking at the skyline.

Gamer-40841d ago

Another X1 hate article or video.
These are not people like you to play, but also hate.

vulcanproject841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

I don't see what is hating. The fact you seem to instantly attack it and say this is a hate article is very telling to me....

BattleTorn841d ago

The Xbox One's Forza 5 had much more detail inside the car

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