Is The Evil Within Resident Evil’s Biggest Nightmare?

Grainger Games takes a look at Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within, and how the game could be the survival horror to scare Capcom's Resident Evil into submission.

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ritsuka6661529d ago

Capcom is worst Nightmare for Resident Evil.

MehmetAlperTR1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Exactly. Capcom need to restart the story, remade the gameplay, remove the coop, fix the camera, make dark areas, return to zombies, return to survival horror, extc. But they can not do it. Because they don't have Shinji Mikami. So yes, their worst nightmare is The Evil Within. Go Mikami, go. Bring it on.

SaturdayNightBeaver1528d ago

I agree 100%, they don't have the people anymore to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if the ripped off Evil Within when it comes for their next RE game.

Nerdmaster1529d ago

I'm afraid it will prove that Capcom is right, that horror games don't sell as much as action games. Sad but true.

Baka-akaB1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I'm not sure why they disagree . I'm very afraid that at best , if excellent , the "hollywood" style of selling franchise over the content of a single game , will make sure that while a success , it will be modest , and give execs/investors the proof that whatever happens they are better off pilfering and ruining a big selling franchise , till it drops its last coins , over trying something like Enemy Within .

hell Dead space kinda proved it , and it was still a popcorn experience over an actual revival of the genre . Then it went full hollywood (or retard ?) and died slowly but coughed some money amidst the blood

Kryptix1528d ago

Not true, Amnesia: The Dark Descent exceeded 10 times the game's budget in a few years.

Survival horror can still do well, it's all about the presentation and how well it's done. The Evil Within will do well since it's coming for all platforms and will dethrone Resident Evil creating a new go to franchise for your survival horror needs.

abzdine1528d ago

Survival horror never really sold mountains of copies. there are some amazing survival horror games out there that didn't sell like Alone in The Dark: The New Nightmare, Haunting Ground and many others..
All depends on the marketing campaign put in place to promote the product.

The Evil Within is shaping up to be a good game, but whether it will sell or not is up to the publisher. As gamers who don't want this genre to disappear we need to support the game with best value.

Baka-akaB1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


Yet itt pales in comparison to the worst resident evil games , including spin offs . It aint exactly proving investors wrong ... just making us happy , that once everywhile a good game wins

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CrossingEden1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I seriously don't see the hype with this game, horror is about subtlety, and so far, all the footage i've seen is bland. Big scary monsters chasing me down a hallway in a QTE sequence is not horrifying in the slightest. And things that Shinji is hyping like "not being able to see your feet increases horror" doesn't even make any sense? Not to mention the hammy acting. Idk, i'll wait and see if it's good.
@neon, if it was a shot out to classic resident evil then they shouldn't have the third person OTS camera, and by QTE I mean set piece. It was a set piece, and it wasn't scaring, loud noises and big scary monsters in your face and clearly in your line of sight isn't scary, if amnesia and outlast proved anything, it's that subtlety and NOT putting the thing that's supposed to scare players DIRECTLY does wonder for the imagination and therefore the scare factor itself.

Neonridr1529d ago

I dunno, from the gameplay footage I have seen this game looks like it's a shout-out to the Resident Evil games of old. The house part particularly reminded me of Resident Evil 4. My favorite of the series, so not such a bad thing, IMO.

I will wait to see more of this game, but from what I have seen, it looks fabulous.

Having that monster stalk you around the map and you have to continually be on your toes is particularly frightening. I didn't see one QTE in any of those hallway sequences you were referring to, so maybe you saw different footage, but I saw no button prompts appear on the screen.

Baka-akaB1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I both agree and disagree . People made a mountain of a molehill when so little was already shown , and to this day little was shown , based on the household name of Mikami .

However the tidbits finally shown , let see something potentially good , either as a nostalgic throwback or something that could potentially positively refuel or at least influence the genre ... in an era where execs could even consider releasing the next resident evil as a Fighting game -survival horror hybrid , if fighting game were the dominating selling force .

At this point now , i wont be surprised if Resident evil becomes some sort of open world game . I like open world games , when story driven , i even love them . But the cynic in me , knows they'd only do it , because they failed to capitalize further on the tps/fps/cod craze , and because everything popular is turning into either a mmo and/or open world game lately

chrissx1529d ago

I'm definately looking forward to this game. Authentic horror games are so scarce these days.

Neonridr1529d ago

if you have a PC or a PS4 I would recommend trying Outlast (not sure the PS4 release date). It's quite frightening at times.

Studio-YaMi1528d ago

Finished it and I got to agree,it gives you the right amount of chill to almost make you want to stop playing and turn to something more cheerful and colorful,lol! xD

Was the best purchase I made on steam! buying it again on the PS4 for sure. :D

feraldrgn1529d ago

I doubt they'll achieve the same level of horror they did with the early Resident Evil games.

I was scared as a kid to even play them, the atmosphere was just so overwhelming.
Anything with action in it lessens the fear.

princejb1341528d ago

You was a kid though. When I was a kid I didn't even consider getting a scary game. Yea I was a little punk.
Last horror game I enjoyed was dead space. The atmosphere made it scary not knowing when the monsters would pop up

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