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Lords Of The Fallen Will Take At Least 15 Hours To Finish, Potentially Infinite With New Game +

Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming game by Deck 13 and CI Games Studio, has been on our radar for quite some time now. The RPG, which is being produced by Tomasz Gop, perhaps best known for his former role as producer of The Witcher series, looks to restore difficulty and complexity to the RPG genre. (Lords of the Fallen, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   212d ago
Damn first time 15 hours short compared to like SKYRIM,

Second time is almost infinte

Cool honesty i can't wait
Snookies12  +   212d ago
Well it did say 'to finish'. Skyrim's campaign was not too long.
PS3Freak  +   212d ago
That's just on the main story if you rush through it.

For just the main quests that's actually a pretty decent length.

Sounds like there is tonnes of extra content for completionists like myself.
AceBlazer13  +   212d ago
Good to start hearing news on this game. Guess i can assume things are coming along nicely.
richierich  +   212d ago
We still have yet to see gameplay footage
isarai  +   212d ago
yeah i'm still waiting, apparently there's suppose to be an interview on thursday(tomorrow) that will say when to expect gameplay
WeAreLegion  +   212d ago
As long as it's a good 15 hours...I'm in. I tend to explore as much as possible. I'll be spending hundreds of hours in the world, if it's good.
Dark11  +   212d ago
I wonder if this game is like DA and Witcher (story dialogues etc) or it's like dark souls (more combat focus)
isarai  +   212d ago
more info over the next few days? sweet, guess the ball of info is finally rolling on this game. just need to see some gameplay now
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theshredded  +   212d ago
gah!that's piss poor pathetic for an RPG game
isarai  +   212d ago
really? both oblivion and skyrim's campaigns can be beat in like 9-10hours. they are only talking about running through campaign missions only, no side quests or exploring
theshredded  +   212d ago
I'm talking about the witcher,dark souls,demon souls,kingdom of amalur,mass effect,ni no kuni,all jrpgs
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kalkano  +   212d ago
Is...that supposed to be long? It's not.
PockyKing  +   212d ago
The game isn't an open world rpg akin to a game like Skyrim etc. There's open areas to explore. This is specifically looking at the main quest for the game.

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