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Killzone: Shadow Fall Review [Pixel Gate]

Pixelgate Writes:

''Killzone: Shadow Fall has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. It’s the biggest title in the small window of launch exclusives, and it’s also been given the job of demonstrating the power of the Playstation 4. It could arguably be the most impressive console game on the market, but is it simply a pretty face or is it a showcase for the future of first-person shooters?

The plot picks up 30 years after the events of Killzone 3, with the Vektan ISA rendering the home planet of the Helghast uninhabitable. As a means to make up for their planet’s destruction, the Helghast are invited to settle in one of Vetka’s biggest cities. The war may be over but the tensions remain, and the Helghast have not forgiven–and sure enough, tensions begin to boil over and thus begins the events of Shadow Fall.'' (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4) 7/10

GamerEuphoria  +   360d ago
Love the multiplayer, could use longer cool downs on the abilities mind! some more open maps would be sweet as well.
Eldyraen  +   360d ago
I enjoy it but spawn camping seems the norm about 1/4 of the time (or even more often) by one side or the other.

Multiple exits don't help as much as you'd think when too many campers use turrets and drones (last long enough to actually use both if you die fast enough). A support can technically have every placeable up at once if done right. Switching class or just placing a different item should break your old stuff to keep things more even.

Granted Assault with grenade launcher (support with mine too) is pretty cheap as well. And hate Fors... Some weapons were clearly made for people that lack skill and then get abused. Fors to me is like Gears of War's original active reload sniper crap but requires even less skill.

I used it just long enough for the unlocks and moved to something else. I'm a sucker for unlocks unfortunately but just felt bad when using it even when going for headshots.
LOGICWINS  +   360d ago
IMO, the multiplayer is crack. I was up until 4am playing it last night. Its BETTER than KZ2 IMO. The Penthouse is the new Radec Academy. Im loving the focus on objectives.

Spawn camping does occur but its up to your team to fight back.

My PSN: deadreckoning666

I'd love to play a game with you and anyone else on N4G that favors performing objectives and isnt concerned about KDR.
bobsmith  +   360d ago
i love this 24 player matches the teleport ability takes you right to enemys never have to run around looking
graphics are crazy
BABY-JEDI  +   360d ago
I'm still on the SP. I'm finding it so far really good, better than my expectations. Various approaches to missions works very well with good replay value. AI is good & the environmental design is excellent.
LOGICWINS  +   360d ago
I think Chapters 1-7 are enjoyable and HIGHLY replayable. Its the last three Chapters that suck. Chapter 8 is annoying (you'll see what I mean when you play it). Chapter 9 ends with a "lets throw as many waves of enemies as we can at you that blindly walk into your turret fire" gunfight. Chapter 10 doesn't make any sense. Not going to spoil anything, but the very person in the game that says that they want peace ends up further fanning the flames of war.

Taken as a whole, its the most important Killzone game yet as it establishes an interesting shift in focus for future titles. Its not about Vektans vs. Helghasts anymore.
Conzul  +   360d ago
I'm still trying to platinum this game....no idea how I'm gonna do it, some of the SP trophies are insane!

Trying to platinum all the launch games, actually. Got Resogun already, nearly done with Knack, and a few hard-ass ones left in Shadowfall.
bjmartynhak  +   360d ago
This game is making me go after my first platinum ever. Never cared about it. But I'm really enjoying.

Check the PS4trophies channel on youtube. I did the no dying thing on easy mode. It was nice to play the story again more relaxed.
Now I only need to upgrade all abilities on the multiplayer. Freaking grinding, it will take some time!

And I'm nearly done with Knack on hard too. Played Resogun a few time, but I suck at it, don't know if I can get the trophies.
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Conzul  +   359d ago
I got the Resogun platinum, it's not too hard. Well - it is, but not impossible. You just have to put in a lot of time towards practice. The hardest is the no-death trophy ("1D" I think it's called). Just try to play through the 5 mission span once a day until you get it.

Knack....ugh. Sorry I DO NOT like this game. It may have good old school stuff, but it also has bad old school stuff. But again, plat isn't impossible and I'm already close.

inFamous games are usually an easy platinum, so this could be fun when it gets here.
shivvy24  +   360d ago
Anyone have the trial psn code I can use , the game website I get ps+ from is down
bjmartynhak  +   360d ago
Another review that spits only a few words on the multiplayer.

Ok, the campaign can be a 7 (compared to Uncharted and The Last of Us I think it is fair). But add the multiplayer and go to a harsh 8, or an IGN 9.
Pixelgate  +   360d ago
In all fairness it's not like I barely touched upon the multiplayer. There's not a huge host of things to say about it, unless I of course just repeat talking about gameplay etc...which would be stupid.

I appreciate the feedback but I honestly think the coverage was fair.

In reply to your bizarre scoring advice...why does my score matter so much? Why are you bringing in other sites scores? 7 is a good score. Perhaps you should unsubscribe from the ridiculous notion that anything not rated a 8 or 9 is thus been reviewed as a bad game.

If you want IGN scores and approaches to reviews then stick to IGN!

Thanks for the comment, even if it was a strange one!
bjmartynhak  +   360d ago
Well, you gave a score, so it matters :)

I only mentioned IGN because it is known for giving high scores, that's why I said "8 or IGN 9".

Yes, 7 is a good score, I agree. We are used to see that 8 or 9 are minimum. But it bothers me when people see a 7 and start talking that the game is "mediocre".

But leaving the score aside, I disagree with the owl being less useful in late session of the game. On the contrary, I think that when approaching the end you really have to use the owl to the maximum.

I totally agree with characters. GG needs to step up the game on characters and storytelling.
LOGICWINS  +   360d ago
I'd give the campaign as a whole a 6.5. If TLOU is a 10(I think it is), then Shadowfall is a 6.5. Its a good campaign, but too many things bring it down. I'll probably write a user review.
OMNlPOTENT  +   359d ago
Who in their right mind is going to compare Killzone to Uncharted and TLOU? They're more story based third person shooters. It'd be easier to compare to something like Battlefield, COD, and even Halo. Either way, 7 is a fair score. I wish more sites graded like this instead of "it's a good game 10/10" or "I don't really like it even if it's at least a mediocre game so 3/10".
Pixelgate  +   357d ago
I try to avoid comparing games directly in reviews unless it's trying to copy/improve a element said game is known for E.g. comparing say Gear's Horde mode to Halo O.D.S.T's horde like mode. For the most part games are reviewed purely on merit. I restrain myself to a score of 5 being a working game that inst all that special and work onwards from there!
OMNlPOTENT  +   356d ago
@Pixelgate I wasn't talking about you I was talking about the above comment :D
I liked your review, and I think you did a really good job. It's nice to see reviewers able to be critical where needed and also be able to praise the game where it deserves to be praised.

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