Worst Game Name of 2013

Video games usually have some pretty bad names, but there's only one in 2013 that Hidden Audio Log believes can rule them all.

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FRAKISTAN1518d ago

How about misspelling Rise and making it Ryse, LOL #Conan

SenatorSpacer1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Ryse almost made the list!

Rzep1518d ago

DMC was good. This Dante sucked less than the old Dante, the story didn't suck as much as the old games.

CaptainYesterday1518d ago

I still need to play it but it bugs me that's it's called DmC: Devil May seriously?

Rzep1518d ago

Most games have shit, sometimes nonesensical names. Can't let it bother you.

Fez1518d ago

MGR: Revengeance has to be in there! Metal Gear Rising would have been great, but they had to make up a stupid word and tag it on to the end..

SenatorSpacer1518d ago

I could see that, but I like how dumb it is. Fits the attitude of the game really well.