Get $10 PSN Credit When Adding $50 or More to Your PSN Wallet Using Paypal

If you want to make a little bit of extra PSN money this week, Sony is offering you an extra $10 PSN credit when you add $50 to your PSN wallet through Paypal. - PSLS

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theXtReMe11795d ago

Very cool. A nice little Christmas gift from Sony. I planned on buying a game, this just sweetens the deal.

nutcase131795d ago

Why not in Europe!! Does sony hate Europeans or something? I feel as if we never get any goodies (except from blue and red controllers)

MegaRay1795d ago

Hate is a strong word, perhaps "dont care of" fits better

Goro1795d ago

inb4 somebody mentions IGC which isn't even better anymore.

Whitey2k1795d ago

I agree i think sony doesnt care about europe either hell we didnt even get $10 voucher in my ps4 americans did

cee7731795d ago

You guys got the blue and red ds4's while the U.S. has no release date for them I would take the controllers over the 10$ voucher any day.