Playstation 4 controller issue

16BitKings - "Although I love the ergonomic design, and the inclusion of actual triggers which have, for me, made it the better of the two next-gen controllers, the problem that has arisen is in regards to the analog sticks; specifically the left one. Don’t get me wrong, they still work perfectly – but what now concerns me is the longevity of the sticks themselves."

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xHeavYx1702d ago

You can totally tell that the left side of the left stick is scrapped, the guy says he plays games like Killzone, which uses the right stick as much or even more as the left stick, but I see no damage on the left stick.
The controller also looks kind of greasy and dirty, which makes me think he doesn't take care of stuff as much as he should

Neonridr1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

First off, this guy is simply reporting what he has seen. Secondly he mentions that he has barely used the controller.

I love how suddenly if anyone brings up a problem with the PS4 it must be fake or made up.

Yes, I am sure this guy, who actually purchased a PS4 and plays with it, purposely destroyed the analog stick so that he could report it to the world and now have a defective controller. The logic in that sort of thinking baffles me to no end.

How do you know he just didn't get a poorly manufactured controller? If a console can fail and it be considered ok (assuming it's within a certain tolerance) then why is it not believable that a controller could fail as well?

You shouldn't be so quick to judge him, because if this had happened to you, I bet you would be pretty upset too.

I own a PS4 and I haven't had any issues with the controller yet either. However I have not logged a ton of hours on the machine yet, so I can only speak from my limited experience so far.

xHeavYx1702d ago

So, you mean to say that the guy got a poorly manufactured half of the left stick? Because that's the only thing that shows damaged.
As you say that the guy is reporting what he sees, I'm also reporting what I see, but you are too busy to notice what I reported

Neonridr1702d ago

you are reporting as to what you "think" is actually happening. You said so yourself, that you think that the only reason this is happening is because he doesn't take care of his stuff.

It's not your controller, therefore how can you say for certain what is actually happening?

My steering wheel on my car is leather wrapped and the left side of the steering wheel started peeling. The right side was fine. I hold a steering wheel with two hands. I have since gotten the wheel replaced, but it doesn't change the fact that obviously there was something wrong in the manufacturing process there. Why can the same not apply here?

I'm not saying I know what has happened, for all I know you could end up being right, but by assuming things or saying what you "think" has happened when it isn't your problem is kind of showing a little ignorance.

Again, if for some reason this had happened to you, you would most likely be upset and how would you feel if someone said that you were lying or it was your own fault?

Septic1702d ago


Oh give it up man. Like Neonridr said, its not your controller, so how do you know what;s happening? We should take your word over the author and HIS controller right? Sheesh

I like the DS4 but the analog sticks are its weakest parts, with quite a few people changing them to DS3 sticks. I find my fingers slipping a lot when playing BF4 (no I'm not greasy and neither is the controller). The analog sticks don't cut it I'm sorry.

BlackTar1871702d ago

Neon i don't believe your Leather steering wheel story. Pretty convenient.

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

My controllers left analogue stick started to wear away 4 days after i got my PS4. There seems to be a super thin layer of textured material covering both sticks, but the rubber underneath is fine. The right stick however looks the same as the day i got it.....weird.

Apart from that, it's the best controller i have ever held. I was at my friends house last night and he was playing Kingdoms Of Amalur with a 360 controller i held it and didn't like it any more (which is weird because it used to be my previous favourite controller of all time).

One other thing i wish Sony did is make the sticks concave, they put a rim around the stick to stop the thumbs slipping but i still want concave as well as that rim. Small gripe but im used to the 360's concave sticks.

Neonridr1702d ago

@Blacktar187 - I have a 2011 Kia Sportage. Go look it up on the Kia Forums. I guarantee you, there are tons of other people who are having this issue.

here is the link if you still don't believe me. You'll see my name listed in that message board.

So want to explain to me again how it's pretty convenient?

BelkingOfSony1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I know there are reports of people changing the left analog stick for the ds3 one, but that picture looks like the user deliberately damaging the stick so that he could write an article for hits. looks like he deliberately bit off a chunk of rubber on the bottom of the analog, because there's no way he could have done that by normal use.

or you could just buy analog covers for your dualshock 4, a quick search on ebay shows this

SoulMikeY1702d ago Show
-Foxtrot1702d ago

The guy looks like he's digging his nails into the controller in my opinion....which your not supposed to do anyway.

GrizzliS19871702d ago

i wonder what kind of sick fat turd looking fingers some of you people have.

Can you be any less gentle

Eonjay1702d ago

I play Resogun like an addict and incase you haven't played, its all analog sticks. I haven't had a single problem yet.

sobekflakmonkey1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I have to say, my left thumb stick is wearing out as well, I think it's because a lot of the games out on the next gen consoles use primarily the left thumb stick (Knack, AC:BF) even FPS' do, in an FPS you're constantly moving, so you constantly have your thumb on the left stick, and it's more often that you'd take you're right thumb off the right stick than you would the left, it's not just this one dude, it's been happening to a lot of people, and I don't think saying "just go BUY more stuff for your controller to protect it" is a good response to that, mine wore out after beating Killzone: Shadow fall and then Knack, at the end of Knack I could feel it flaking off, so I looked at it and sure enough my left stick was falling apart, I also take good care of my controller, its either in my hand or next to my PS4 when I turn it off, so I don't think this report is BS at all, I think this might be a small issue for Sony.

Also, to clarify, I cut my nails, and I don't dig them into my controller, I play with the bottom part of the top part of my thumb, if that makes sense.(dunno the name of that part of my thumb)

SpringHeeledJack1702d ago


LOL what a hypocrite telling him to give it up, maybe you should take your own advice with your constant hate on the ps4 and it's games.

My fingers slipped on the ds3 thumbsticks which had no grip, so why would anyone change to them over the ps4 with it's increased grip.

Give it rest with the hate man.

FriedGoat1702d ago

I have this same issue, have completed knack and played a bit of motherload. This is definitely a manufacturing issue.

HiddenMission1702d ago


Bro use your eyes those are scratches and gouges not rub marks. Excessive rubbing leaves a different wear pattern than sharp indents with curvatures in the shape of finger nails. Also those are clear puncture marks.

I've worked in product quality for over a decade and seen these types of damage in products before and it's not wear and tear it's due to constant scratching and picking. With the gouges either something was gnawing at the surface or intentionally trying to peel into it.

This is the second picture I've seen like this in a week and both are clearly not due to product wear.

gaffyh1702d ago

I don't understand how the right stick has almost no wear and the left stick is completely messed up.

DragonKnight1702d ago

That picture is highly suspicious. The kind of damage showing indicates 3 possibilities.

First: The coating is loosely held on, causing rubbing to occur, but this would only matter if...

Second: Underneath the coating is rough and the friction and grating cause this to happen.

FinallY: The person playing it has sandpaper for hands.

I saw one picture where it looked like the guy took a serrated knife to the sticks. The kind of damage showing up just doesn't look like it comes from legitimate use.

AliTheSnake11702d ago

I hate the Analog sticks on the Dualshock 4. Small, stiff and the concave makes the edge of the rubber wear off fast. Specially for FPS players (sprinting). Everything else in the controller is an improvement, I love the triggers, shoulder buttons, arrows and the grip. But I hate the analog sticks, I wish they used the Dualshock 3 ones.

ThanatosDMC1702d ago


You have a PS4? I call BS.

KratosSaveUs1702d ago

When people do bring up a problem about PS4 its usually something stupid and not true. Like the analog sticks thing.

killercam191702d ago Show
gaffyh1702d ago

@Thanatos - There's a video of Septic in a queue to collect a launch PS4. So he almost definitely has one, unless he gave up half way in the queue and went home.

abzdine1702d ago

the sticks really seems solid, i don't know how this can happen.

WeedyOne1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


Your steering wheel story only solidifies the fact that this is a user issue and not a manufacturing issue.

You say it was the left side of your steering wheel that wore down? Are you married? I only ask because usually steering wheel wear like that is due to rings scraping against the leather...

Almost all car forums have people complaining about wear on the steering wheel. I always ask if they wear rings and the answer is almost always yes.

dantesparda1702d ago

Mine did the same thing after just one week of playing (about 15 hours of play), here is a video i made of it on youtube. And here is a 33-page thread of it on neogaf and reddit

This is a real issue and i have a second controller that started to do it after just a couple of uses. And i was being even more careful with the second one. This is a real issue that needs to be fixed by Sony asap. And making the customer pay to ship it them is not cool at all, not to mention that you will be without your controller for a 103 wks. I shouldnt have to pay extra because of their bad workmanship/quality. And fanboys calling fake on this will just give Sony cover to not do as much to fix it.

dantesparda1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

oops i meant "1 to 3 weeks"

My Six Axis controller from 2007 is in almost flawless condition, as are my other 2 DS3's controllers (from 2007 and 2010) after years of use. And no other controller i've ever had since the Atari 2600 has ever had a problem but the DS4 is worn out like this after just a week of use? GTFO of here, this is definitely a Sony quality/manufacturing problem and it needs to be fixed ASAP! And Sony should not be making people pay for their mistake.

Neonridr1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@WeedyOne - how is it only a user issue when there was like 10 other people in that link I posted experiencing the same problem? We all had to have our steering wheels replaced (free of charge since they were covered under the warranty). If I was the only person experiencing the problem, then I would agree with you.

And to answer your question, yes I am married. And at first I thought it was exactly what you just mentioned. I originally thought the wheel was peeling because it was where my left hand was and where my ring would contact the wheel. That observation was only true for a short while however, because upon closer examination the wheel starting peeling on the right side and up around the top. It was more severe on the left side, but that was also because the left side peeled first so it had degraded further along than the other locations on the wheel. It was not just a wedding ring issue.

But Kia acknowledged that there was a problem with the steering wheel peeling, so it was not a one-off. Even Road & Track mentioned it in their one year later review of the Sportage. Their steering wheel had started to peel in places as well. The new wheel is completely different, the leather is thicker and of a completely different make. The original wheel had very thin leather on it. Definitely a manufacturing issue.

ThanatosDMC1702d ago


I'd rather have him friend me on PSN or something. He spouts too much BS to be taken seriously.

Z_-_D_-_31702d ago

I have most definitely had issues with my left stick deteriorating quite rapidly. I resorted to buying grip-its.

HaveAsandwich1702d ago

just fyi for everyone who bought their ps4 from amazon, and are having controller probs. fire up live chat, tell them the controller prob, and they will offer a 40 dollar partial refund. remind them the controller is 60, and they'll go up to 60, and credit it to your cc. my left trigger literally cracked when i pushed it sucked.

wsoutlaw871701d ago

They are new sticks, I think everyone just needs to adjust how they use them. I really liked the ds3 sticks and never had a slipping problem. I also like these sticks now that I adjusted the way i put my finger on them. to damage your sticks on the ds4 you must really be pushing on the edge hard and just the edge. Everyone needs to adjust to something new. When some people get nervous a lot they are very rough to their controller so this can happen but it does look kind of ridiculous.

PX541701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

"Yes, I am sure this guy, who actually purchased a PS4 and plays with it, purposely destroyed the analog stick so that he could report it to the world and now have a defective controller. The logic in that sort of thinking baffles me to no end."
You've clearly not seen the videos of people buying a new console then exiting the shop and smashing it - for no reason other to say "I have money to burn, this is how much I hate this company" - which in itself if idiotic because once the company has your money I don't think they'll care you smashed up your console.

Trust me there are people in this world who can't think of anything better to do than waste their money for 5 seconds of fame. To me the controller images look like miss-use as opposed to a fault. These are probably the same people who leave their disks out of their cases then complain when they get scratches and won't play anymore.

Also - the console has been on sale for a few weeks, it was only days after launch when this 'issue' first came up. I find it hard to believe that with all the games conventions where the PS4 was playable to the public, and even the ones where they were only open to the press that NONE of them experienced this issue.

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Bennibop1702d ago

Have to agree this doe not look like general wear. I would expect the edge on the rubber to have smoothed. And the controller does look a little abused in general.

iamnsuperman1702d ago

I agree. There is some sign of wear and tear but the majority of the damage looks like he has been jabbing his nail into it. Either that or he has been munching on it (wouldn't surprise me as that controller is greasy as hell)

frostypants1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It seems like someone could *easily* make a nice, ergonomic/unobtrusive aftermarket rubber cap of some kind to put over each stick to protect against this supposed deterioration. If the problem is actually common, then someone will see the money to be made off it. If no one does, then it's probably not a widespread issue.

Could be just a bad batch of material used for a limited manufacturing run of these sticks. Maybe that's why a few are insisting that it's a problem while so many are claiming otherwise.

dantesparda1701d ago

I have the problem, but your take on it is very sensible. I like that you dont take to being a defensive fanboy about it.

popup1702d ago

The factories will take note, make changes and slowly problems like these (if it even exists) will go away. Is someone really going to change their mind about buying a PS4 over something like this? No.

MikeGdaGod1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

i'm not going to go so far to say this isn't a potential problem with the DS4 controller (although i've been playing mine almost nonstop since launch with no issues at all) because i clearly don't know.

but i will say this picture looks EXTRA fake. there's no way the controller would have those type of scratches on it from just normal wear and tear....impossible.

looks like his dog got to it.

again, i'm not saying people aren't having issues...but this just looks like bs.

supes_241702d ago

Agreed. There's no way in hell I'm going to believe that someone's thumb caused this damage! They has to be another factor at play here because this damage was not caused by skin, which has a layer of fat under it for padding acting as a cushion. I'm not falling for it, no way. Something else is causing this besides normal use.

MASTER_RAIDEN1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

usually agree with most of your posts but what your saying now is completely wrong. I'd know because i own my own ps4 and MY controller is having this exact same problem. the fact that you try to spin it like its somehow his fault for not taking care of his controller is a joke. the console came out almost exactly a month ago (or even later). there is literally NO excuse for this type of wear on the ps4 controller after (a theoretical maximum of) one months use. i dont care how rough you think he is with the controller (even though ive seen this type of damage first hand with moderate use). sony simply did not manufacture quality sticks.

and for the record in case youre wondering why the right stick is never worn, its no conspiracy. i actually laughed out loud hearing you say the right stick gets more use than the left stick in killzone, or any other game for that matter. left stick is used for walking motions. its constantly being cranked from one extreme to another. also, pushing it down in most games is how you run. moving a players head (done with the right stick) is a much more delicate motion. also, many people (including myself) own and play need for speed. most racing games primarily use the left stick to steer, anddd theres actually almost no use of the right stick in that game. if people used the sticks 50/50, i have no doubt in my mind that the right stick would absolutely be just as worn.

dantesparda1701d ago

Mine wore through to the plastic in just 1 WEEK! and i aint rough with it. So i know its a real issue that Sony needs to fix and fast. And all these deniers need to stop because all that does is give cover to Sony to not take responsibility and fix it as soon as they should

Lior1702d ago

there is already wear on the left stick as well on my controller but i have 2 so hopefully the second will be alright

mixelon1702d ago

@SoulMikeY "Guess what? If god didn't want me to judge everything, I wouldn't have the ability to."
That (and the rest of the post) has to be the most insane thing i've ever read on N4G, which is a herculean achievement!

If god didn't want me to murder these puppies, i wouldn't have the ability to!

You can use that as a justification for any behaviour because it makes no sense. If god didn't want me to rape/murder/steal/be an internet douche.. Derp.

wsoutlaw871701d ago

god hates puppies; fact.

Clunkyd1702d ago

maybe he should cut his nails more often :P

Fiestabrian1702d ago

My right joystick is starting to get burned through. I've played maybe 70 hours total, just a little rubber is coming off but I'm getting a bit worried. Luckily I have two controllers, anybody know if I can bring in my controller and get it replaced? Bought it at ebgames

killercam191702d ago Show
Revvin1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It's happening with my DS4 also, not as bad as the picture in the article but my left stick went through a short period of 'graining' where I first noticed the wear because it deposited tiny grains of rubber onto the touchpad. After that period the wear started to smooth out more and settled down a bit. Different people use the ministick in different ways, my 'style' is to have the pad of my thumb pushing on the top so it's the centre top part of the ministick that's worn on mine rather than the edges on other peoples ministicks which I've seen in other pictures posted on the internet. I'm quite fussy about my electrical gear and borderline OCD about washing my hands before picking up my joypad as I hate greasy sticky pads. Even so, I still think the DS4 is the best design on a joypad I've ever used, it's just a shame these ones seem to wear a bit more.

mi_titan271702d ago

I too am having the same problem, I'm glad its not just me

1702d ago
ShadowReaper141702d ago

Dude the same thing is happening to my controller as well and I bearly use it.

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ShinnokDrako1702d ago

Uhm... i played like a crazy untill today but my sticks are still perfect. Well, lucky me i guess =P

MestreRothN4G1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I played like a lunatic as well, then two weeks after the launch got a second controller. The difference is already very perceptive between the used and the new.

The "old" DS4 has lost most of its texture on the left analog, which is much more used and needed on games than any other button, while the new DS4 still mantain its adherents texture.

Another thing. My square button is not feeling okay lately, not coming back so quickly after a press, and I take a lot of care with my stuff. For instance, I never had to exchange my original DS3, which I have for four years and A LOT of gaming on my main platform.

I also worry if it will last 12 months...

Drekken1702d ago

I have 2 controllers... 1 is perfect and 1 kinda has a sticky R1. I am replacing it with Amazon. Sometimes the R1 just doesn't rise back like it is supposed to.

JodyCones1702d ago

These things always happen with controllers at launch and how fast they were manufactured, maybe be more gentle with your dualshock? Mines perfect still.

Yo Mama1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I'm one of the biggest Sony fanboys on this site and even I'll admit there's something not right with the rubber used on the sticks. While I do suspect this guy isn't taking care of his controller (Probably digging his nail into it), I take very good care of mine and yet the rubber is still coming off fairly quickly. I'm guessing that they used a softer rubber than they used on the dualshock 3. Not a very big deal, but I can see how some people have this problem.

EDIT: @Drekken
I had the same problem after playing through the COD Ghosts campaign. If you google the problem, you'll see that it's caused by white residue building up from pressing R1 so much. This can be solved without replacing your controller, which in all honesty, is the best thing to do because it'll just happen again to the new one.

Basically, you open up the contoller, clean under the trigger then apply a small amount of mechanical grease/lube. That will keep the friction down so it wont keep happening. There's videos on youtube showing how.

MestreRothN4G1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Without a doubt they changed the material.

Do you remember that "I hope it doesn't get slimy" speech from Sony?

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mandf1702d ago

No problem here. Internet always makes things out to be bigger then they are.

Neonridr1702d ago

... or if anyone does have an issue, the internet is quick to call someone out as a liar for simply reporting something that is happening to them.

mandf1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

No if you really have a problem, then state your psn name. It helps to solidify a claim by someone. Most use anonymity to bolster their agenda falsely making any claim they want. If a known ps fan said something negative it holds weight. Most claims are just bogus.

Neonridr1702d ago

@mandf - I don't doubt that there definitely people out there that take a situation and blow it out of proportion or troll for hits.

This person may or may not be that, but since I don't know the person, It's hard for me to say one way or another. I don't like to call someone out for something that I have no connection to.

BelkingOfSony1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

if it's a nobody website, they're likely fishing for hits. the bottom part of the analog does not look like normal wear and looks deliberate.

WeAreLegion1702d ago

This is a big problem though. We need to let Sony know about this, so it doesn't keep happening.

JodyCones1702d ago

Exactly my dualshock 4 and all my friends work perfectly, I think this guy is too rough with his controller, but also these things do happen at launch.

jahfen831702d ago

no freaking way! either your thumb is rough like sand paper , or you are digging into the controller with your fingernails.

Fixay1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

My left control stick seems to have worn down quite a lot. I think it has something to do with me always clicking in and pushing forward on the left stick. I'm no fanboy but this has definitely happened to my controller. My controller was from the Knack bundle (Made In China) bundle if that helps and I look after my stuff!

Also my R1 button always seems to slightly get stuck in if i press it on the right hand side. If i press the button exactly in the middle though it on't do it. Odd but does get annoying when i Play Warframe and always use my melee weapons.

Edit: Oh wow I just checked the pictures and mine is nothing like that! lmao Mine has become smoother if that makes sense. For example the embossed rubber is now becoming flat and in line with the middle of the thumb stick near the top.

jahfen831702d ago

I play a lot of Warframe and discovered the problem is with the game not the controller.

Fixay1702d ago

The games good imo, just very grindy at first and repetitive. Hopefully that will change with updates