PS4 Will Easily Outsell The Xbox One Next Year, And It’s Microsoft’s Own Fault

Whenever a new games console is released, there’s a huge amount of money pumped into marketing the hardware as well as a push to get it on to store shelves in as many markets as possible. There’s a good reason for that: you need as big a user base as possible, as quickly as possible, to recoup the costs of developing the new machine and start making a profit.

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NatureOfLogic1800d ago

We all know PS4 will outsell Xbox One, by how much? We'll see next year if Xbox One can keep up or not.

BluP1800d ago

Availability is the problem?

What about:
- PS4 is $100 less
- PS4 has (arguably) better 1st parties
- Sony didn't try (as far as we know) to enforce DRM on gamers
- Majority of gamers say that PS4 controller is better
- Sony hasn't been caught spying on gamers (Skype, NSA, etc)
- Sony doesn't have history of lying to their consumers
- Sony doesn't have a history of rushing their products
- Sony's PR people don't make me want to punch them in the face

That's why I think PS4 will outsell Xbox One. And yes, I am a fanboy. Deal with it.

mos61421800d ago

Sony didn't try (as far as we know) to enforce DRM on gamers
- Majority of gamers say that PS4 controller is better
- Sony hasn't been caught spying on gamers (Skype, NSA, etc)
- Sony doesn't have history of lying to their consumers
- Sony doesn't have a history of rushing their products

right.....of course sony dosent.

Jaqen_Hghar1800d ago

Sony has never disappointed a man with their systems in either hardware or software. A man can't say the same for many of his 360 fans switching to PS4 this gen because of multiple hardware failures or simply the lack of exclusive support since the beginning of the gen.

Gamer6661800d ago

- PS4 is $100 less, but X1 has Kinect in the box
- Sony has a lot of good 1st parties but MS uses second and third parties to make up the gap
- DRM is a red herring. It never saw the light of day in the final product. Sony has done other things... $600 console to start a generation, forcing Blu-ray, going from free to paid PSN, etc...
- Controllers are a matter of preference. Generally XB gamers like the XB controller more, generally PS gamers like the PS controller more
- MS has not spied on gamers either. and we don't know what all the NSA really monitors.
- Sony doesn't lie? Backwards compatibility was a vital feature for PS3 but removed a year later... Dual boot was important but removed when hacked... Where is Last Guardian? How many games does Sony say is coming out and then delay for months and many times years?
- Sony rushed the PS4 to market just as much as MS did... Sony has already had to do three firmware updates in less than a month...
- Sony's PR is just as dumb as MS'... Gamers like you are just dumber then them.

Godmars2901799d ago

How was BC a "lie" when it was actually on the console? How was it vital if it was removed for - lame - cost cutting reasons?

More to the point given that BC wasn't something had planned for the 360 yet they did it anyway - after Sony removed it from the PS3 no less - only to soon stop the effort, didn't MS "lie" as much? Proved how "vital" it was?

As for kinect and the NSA BS, no. That's not happening. Kinect is not there to spy on people.

What Kinect is there for is to gather information. Its there for MS to get advertisers to think that it can gather information so that they will pay MS. Whether or not it actually gathers information or to what quality is besides the point and in many ways is worse than if it were being given away to the government on command.

dansdooz1799d ago

A man that talks sense on n4g! You are a rare breed my friend! Good post.

JokesOnYou1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Just remember the predictions and rumors back in July based on those lopsided online polls which common sense says we're never accurate as generally they attract the loud minority. I was labeled crazy for saying how an analyst who predicted X1 would have better stock over the launch window to outship sony could be right and for saying X1 sales would be on par with sony, even eventually outselling ps4 in the US over its lifecycle. The last part of that statement is of course long from decided but again X1 stands in much better position than most of the blogs and anti-micro folks were claiming it would be at I'll take this as yet another empty prediction.

btw Blup, price is a factor but so is "value", sony has lied in the past early Killzone footage comes to mind, ps2 had a laser hardware failure so bad sony was sued and settled, NSA spies on almost everything that connects to the internet including ps if they want and more, micro is on record fighting the govt in court, sony had long droughts of great exclusive games at the begining, so it's fair to look at that when comparing how 360 lacked some in the end, hopefully both have corrected this flaw from last gen, it at least looks as though micro is listening with announcements and investments in studio's plus deep pockets to buy more 3rd party micro is indeed headed in the right direction to correcting that mistake, if not we'd be buried in Kinect casual games and announcements as was predicted prior to E3, although from time to time minor PR mistakes are inevitable but overall bad PR is the easiest thing to fix, ask sony. Relax tough guy, no need to punch anybody, these are just plastic boxes nobody insulted your mommy.

Ashby_JC1800d ago

I agree with most of what you said.

Pretty much no matter if ms released tons of first party games there would be many that will shoot those games down.

Look at the launch games. Ms has released the solid first party games. And those games constantly get torn down.

I'm really tired of these articles. Before the new systems released...all we read what how the ps4 was going to destroy the Xbox one etc etc.

Now we have the first of many articles that will say...oh wait till next year. so what happens when this prediction doesn't happen.

We get more articles year..and so on.

Godmars2901799d ago

"btw Blup, price is a factor but so is "value""

And after that, you present nothing to suggest that XB1 offers any real "value" for its price. Just old and unrelated PS2 issues and non-understanding that Kinect represents a more invasive privacy issue than reading your messages.

You want to talk value talk about how the PS2 being a DVD player out of the box gave it the worth it needed during its game drought as a $400 game system when standalone DVD players were $1000. How it was something MS couldn't have done with the first Xbox because of licensing and when they did try to do it, something modders did easily, they asked people to spend more money. Just like they ask and expect people to pay for XBL before they can actually use the console while Sony restricts PS+ to game related access.

Also missing the point in praising 3rd party support for MS when a good portion of it isn't only for MS. Or telling someone to relax, then be insulting. Childishly so at that.

JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

"And after that, you present nothing to suggest that XB1 offers any real "value" for its price."

-Oh come on you know like almost anybody who's glanced at news of these consoles the higher price is largely considered because Kinect is included in the box= value because there is added functionality of a advance camera device for the price. lol, Did I really need to explain that? Now if you say you don't like Kinect or don't want it for whatever reason that's fine but that is a separate argument than "value". No different than buying a expensive laptop with expensive editing/art design software pre installed, or camera with professional zoom lenses....Sure you may say I don't need that and opt for a cheaper version that fits what you want but that in no way suggests those products with those options are worth less.

As for the rest of your comments sure you could use ps3 as a bluray player but it was sony who badmouthed micro and said next gen gaming didn't start until ps3 launched so stumbling out of the gate and a drought of great games for quite awhile to showcase 'teh power of the cell is a fair criticism for a $600 console back then, also sony has been known to price gouge with accessories and stuff like their memory cards...Neither company is innocent in that regard but even if micro gave you tons of really great free content like Project Spark, you'd find something else to complain about anyway.

Both require $$ for online gameplay which IS the reason to pay the pay wall is there but a non factor for most gamers....Either you game online (most)or you dont. Who pays for netflix that doesn't own a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone? Also I'm not missing the point of 3rd party support, the fact that micro has so far used 3rd party devs to make some significant franchise IPS like Gears that is identified with the Xbox brand is noteworthy and the fact that they have the deep pockets to do it again even mores so this gen is not something that should be dismissed so easily, especially along with committing more resources to in house devs should go a long way this gen to keep X1 lineup filled with core games. Finally my comment might be childish to you but when I think it was completely justified and accurate in response to his BS post.

Godmars2901799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

"Oh come on you know like almost anybody who's glanced at news of these consoles the higher price is largely considered because Kinect is included in the box"

Funny. Though it was that the PS4 has higher general specs, the whole "50% more powerful" thing with instances like resolutiongate proving it, than some camera.

Would also like to offer from the dead horse department that while Sony might have badmouthed MS with lame passing PR speak, MS indirectly(?) strove to undermine BR's value by financing the opposing format in their HD-DVD vs BR "war". Offered a movie player add-on for the 360 in their version of "choice" which requires consumers to pay more, then had to make at least two major modifications to their console to keep up with storage needs while they only went on about how BR, or larger format discs, weren't needed. This said while they increased the size of their DVDs.

And again - ONE MORE TIME! - the difference between Sony's paywall and MS's is that one isn't all-inclusive. Just like with a PC, you don't need PS+ for Netflix and the like with a Sony console. If you mostly play multiplayer games you'll need both, but if your preference are single player titles or modes, then for nothing extra you have an online presence whether you want it or not with the PS4 or PS3. But with MS, as far as I know, you want a ranking to show off to friends, you have to pay for XBL.

JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

lol, OK now you are talking in circles and I just generally disagree with you. You seem to be cherry picking old insignificant info of one while ignoring the faults of the other with the intent to prove sony is so much better than micro. My position is simple aside from a difference in method/strategies they both have made good and bad decisions, nothing life shattering or important like health care, thus I have no investment/motive for supporting one over the other....except to say I like what xbox does more= games, controller, online and now this gen adding kinect/pushing new ideas *(tv integration/the cloud - hopefully we'll see hopefully more and more besides Forza5).

This in no way makes me hate ps4, I just prefer X1, which is why I give my 2cents in the ongoing debate. Im enjoying my X1, as I'm sure you'll enjoy your ps4, the only valid criticism of micro for me is the lack of focus on core games the last couple of years prior to X1 launch, that in my eyes was a mistake, none of your other criticisms mean anything to me as they never lessened my enjoyment of my 360. I think at this point neither of us has learned anything, further discussion isn't going to change that.

I agree to disagree with you, appreciate the response...I'll let you have the last word, should you choose to do so.

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SwiftArsonist1800d ago

another opinion based article, this site has gone downhill

ATi_Elite1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

wow way to state the OBVIOUS! What a friggin Genius! You should take Prachter's Job!

if you own a PS4 Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy your Exclusives and 1080p games.

If you own a XB1 Congrats and don't let anyone make you believe that you bought the wrong console. XB1 has great games now and in the future along with the same multiplats found on the PC and PS4.

If you own a WiiU.........Sorry I don't have anything nice to say so

Happy Gaming to All!

SLUG1800d ago

i got rid of the wii u because it just got lots of dusts on it now i got a xbox one and i cant stop playing it games xbox one is the best console out their

AusRogo1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Im surprised that after all MS done, people were more than willing to bend over for them at launch, instead of waiting for a price drop like so many people said theyd do. Im just more pissed at how they handled Killer Instinct. Why not just a full retail game with everything from the get go? I hope that model doesnt become a thing this gen. Edit: jealous about Dead Rising 3 though. Going to hold out for a while for a price drop

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