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Europe Weekly Chart (Week Ending 12/7/13)

Platform Weekly (change) Total
3DS 250,874 (+11%) 11,112,097
PS4 152,298 (-77%) 823,652
PS3 124,992 (+20%) 32,460,427
XOne 65,061 (-23%) 476,056
X360 49,155 (+17%) 24,962,381
WiiU 44,136 (+12%) 988,826
PSV 41,092 (+22%) 2,188,434
Wii 39,244 (+14%) 33,598,131
PSP 36,119 (+21%) 24,001,701
DS 9,144 (+13%) 51,712,066 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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stuna1  +   566d ago
Obvious Microsoft must have put the comma in the wrong spot! Even though this is VGChartz, anyone with any math skills can see that the only thing that is keeping the Xbox1 in the race is the fact that the PS4 is having stocking issues.

If both were on level ground, we would be seeing the actual 3 to 1 sales difference.
thekhurg  +   566d ago

Almost 2:1 in Europe. Amazing for Sony.
TomShoe  +   566d ago
Another gen, another round of Playstation domination.

Nothing to see here, folks.
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come_bom  +   566d ago
PS4 is available in way more countries (in Europe) then the X1 and Europe is Sony's domain in home consoles, so it's pretty natural the PS4 selling more then the X1 and WiiU.

As for hand-held consoles, congrats to the 3DS, it sells like crack.
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Ju  +   566d ago
It sold twice as much in 360's "high country", the UK, which probably has 50% market share in Europe (surprisingly).
aceitman  +   566d ago
all the global for next gen is out an I added it up for week ending in 12/07/13
ps4 371,470 bringing total to date sales at 2,721,308
x1 284,426 bringing total to date sales at 2,004,954 ps4 is in the lead with 716,354. and to the disagrees look and do the math its not hard to do and u will see it comes up to these numbers.
B-radical  +   566d ago
Yeah but still better to wait for official numbers from nintendo sony and ms
mikeslemonade  +   566d ago
If true then we were right about the gap is widening. 2.1 vs 1.5 were the last numbers I saw and now it's up to 700,000. Pretty good with a system in short supply vs a system with good supply.

And look at the difference of WiiU and X1. It's only a 20K difference. I don't think X1 will catchup to WiiU in the European territory this generation.
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B-radical  +   566d ago
I think MS will still be in the race all it has to do is over take wii u.......you did remember about wii u right?


Wii u did ok this week
aceitman  +   566d ago
also is the ps4 1 week from overtaking wiiu total sales impressive sony.
BitbyDeath  +   566d ago
Also worth noting VGChartz only records Germany, France and the UK of Euro regions, missing many many many Sony dominated countries.


PS4 is much further ahead than this would imply.
Ju  +   566d ago
"Europe - UK + Germany + France extrapolated to represent the European Totals"

Extrapolated to include all others.
BitbyDeath  +   566d ago
Yes, but missing places like Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Poland etc etc
Ju  +   564d ago
This is implied by "extrapolated" that those markets are indeed included.
SoapShoes  +   566d ago
360 is tanking with no exclusives... Near Wii U levels.
OttoniBastos  +   566d ago
Yeah and that's why 360 is selling less than PS3.Exclusives are important and shows to consumers that the support will not end soon enough.

This is why people still choose PS4 than Xone even with less launch exclusives.Because if you look to past generation,Sony just overpowered microsoft in the First party games Quality AND quantity.

Everybody knows that once sony opens the First party floodgate MS will lose.
NatureOfLogic  +   566d ago
PS3 outsold Xbox One. Nuff said.
KonsoruMasuta  +   566d ago
I like how you got disagrees for stating what you observed.
True_Samurai  +   566d ago
Probably because people are just now buying a ps3 lol
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Ju  +   566d ago
The PS3 is actually a great entry level system now for Eur/$200. And free online. Huge catalog of games. Not sure if I'd get my kids the fancy stuff right away. But, my kids are teenagers now...we had that a while back.
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microgenius  +   565d ago
actually ps3 out sold xbox1&360 combined
KonsoruMasuta  +   566d ago
The 3DS is a monster and selling almost 6x more than the other handheld competition. That's impressive.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   566d ago
On that chart table I couldn't help but notice knack by the looks of it is selling more than the Xbox exclusives knack is at 33, forza 39, dead rising 3 at 57 and ryse at 59. And I see killzone is dominating out of the next gen exclusives with 350000 sales for just the EU at number 11 combine that with the 250000-350000 it's sold in the US safe to say killzone is doing well no matter how many average reviews it got
Ju  +   566d ago
KZ reviews are crap. I got all three big shooters, KZ is the best out of the three. BTW: So far it outsold BF4 and is a little behind CoD (1M - 790K - 770K)
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Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
Nintendo still runs things. The 3DS is killing the competition based on first party titles only.

What if developers decided to put their best teams behind the 3DS? The 3DS would even be selling more than it is.

The PS4 is just doing amazing. outside of the 3DS, the PS4 will dominate Europe this generation.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   566d ago
A man hopes the best devs don't start putting their best teams on a handheld with one analog nub and a tiny ass screen. A man likes his handheld games but who would want there to be AAA devs making jaggy, tiny, handheld games with limited controls? A man likes where 3DS is now. It's selling nice with games designed for it by its manufacturer. A man will get one next year with Pokemon, 3D Land, and Zelda. A man will also be getting WiiU next year around BF with 3D World, WW HD, Smash, and Kart. A man already has a PS4 and doesn't want Bungie to stop supporting Destiny or Ubisoft to stop with games like the Crew or AC4 for 3DS games. A man of course primarily plays his PS4 and PS3 for Sony first party games but 3rd parties are nice for filling the gaps especially indies.
Theyellowflash30  +   566d ago
That was quite possibly the dumbest statement i've heard on N4G.
Ol_G  +   566d ago
Good to see wii u is doing decent numbers not too far from X1
cyberninja  +   566d ago
I will be one of those wii u owners pretty soon. X1 does not interest me on another hand.
Sarcasm  +   566d ago
If anything I'm surprised of those psp numbers
seraphym88  +   566d ago
wow 3ds outsold ps4 and xb1 combined....and its a 3yr old console....lol
AWBrawler  +   566d ago
2 years
badz149  +   566d ago
it's a HANDHELD, NOT CONSOLE! if you said "platform" then sure, but "console"? c'mon....the Wii U is a console.
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just-joe  +   566d ago
Handheld consoles are subset of consoles.
BitbyDeath  +   566d ago
Doesn't mean much when PS3 outsold 360 and xbone combined, let alone PS4 which flogged them all
sephx22  +   566d ago
Come on ps4 you've almost beaten the wii u.
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Whxian  +   565d ago
there just isnt enough stock atm, shops here that do have very few are putting outrages prices, or making bundles no one wants just to make you pay alot to get your hands on one for xmas
800 euro for a killzone edition of ps4 (normal one, no additons)

or almost 900 euro for ps4+callofduty+ geotek headset.

important thing to note in that 2nd bundle, they are selling the console for atleast 200 euro over its normal price, and the bundle does not decrease anything's price, its just a, if you want one that badly, pay as much as it would take to build a high end pc......
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HardcoreDaBoss  +   565d ago
I was checking a few stores around The Houston area.. I noticed the wii u stock was way lower here in the last month up till now.. wal mart had just 1 wii u in stock? all the bundles were sold out.. I found 2 xbox ones and no ps4 anywhere..the wii u seems to be the console that people are getting this holiday.. once the hype dies down for xbox one and ps4 I want to see how they sell.

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