Play .MP4 Files on PS4 Using the Web Browser and BiteYourPlayer 1.0 Beta

It's a pity that PS4 has no media file support at launch, because many of us used to enjoy streaming and watching movies on our PS3s. Using HFS server as a base BiteYourPlayer allows you to set up your PC as a server to stream your personal .mp4 files from to the next-gen console's HTML5 web browser. Here's how to make it work.

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Neonridr1824d ago

too much effort to watch a movie on my PS4. I will stick to Serviio streaming through my home theater system.

pwnsause_returns1823d ago

Or I can just wait till they allow my to play my music when they bring that update in. I'm in no rush for it

dericb111823d ago

Agreed. After owning a PS3 and not having in-game music for so long I honestly do not care. I mean lets complain about a feature not promised at launch.

Agent_hitman1823d ago

Or better yet embrace the Porn HD streaming online... sarcasm

brightlight1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

it seems like a step backward compared to the ps3, really hope they'll bring all of those nice media features with the next update ...and I mean ALL: pictures, music and video.

kingPoS1823d ago

It may seem that way. There are a lot of certifications Sony has to go through first. Remember when the Divx logo showed up on PS3 boxes, there was a certification process for that as well.

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Mikey322301823d ago

who the hell is disagreeing with you. Who the F*** would rather have No media features?

like wtf.. i dont understand people.

Its like.. free money. if you asked these people if they want free money they would say "no"!

bromtown1823d ago

Or, y'know, watch it on the thing you're using to stream the video.

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