Fallout 4 teaser site updates with new morse code message

The mystery continues on the is-it/isn’t-it teaser site for an apparent Fallout 4 announcement, with the addition of a new morse code signal.

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GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Can't wait. What a clever/unique way to tease a game and build the hype.

Detoxx1768d ago

They are teasing us good :D

Ocsta1768d ago

Please Lord let this be real :(

EmptySkyForm1768d ago

Come true.... I wanna s*** my pants.

menel41768d ago

I didn't give a f... about fallout 3 when it released mostly because Oblivion was a big letdown for me. Bought special edition 2 years later for 20$ only because the pipboy figure.
One of the best games of last generation.

Detoxx1768d ago

Because Oblivion is the same as Fallout 3. /s

Unreal011768d ago

Agreed, the amount of hours I poured into Fallout 3 is unreal. Easily in my top 3 of this past generation.

HugoDrax1768d ago

Now this I can't wait to play! I loved Fallout 3.

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