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GR: Firaxis is back after over a year with their latest expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within, to last year’s strategy hit revitalization, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This time around, they’d like to know the answer to one simple question: Were your aspirations towards megalomania not megalomaniacal enough? (Also, if the enemy is within, can it still be unknown, and vice-versa?)

Enemy Within introduces a new currency, Meld, which is introduced early on and used to enhance your soldiers even further than before. Meld allows commanders to perform sick, twisted experiments upgrade their soldiers by using inhumane genetic manipulation enhancements or by turning them into cyborg MECS, devoid of emotion or independent thought a brand new mechanized class of soldiers. Notably, one cannot make a genetically enhanced MEC, and creating a MEC wipes out all previously learned class abilities but not experience.

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dbjj120881822d ago

Making a great game even better.

VTKC1822d ago

this version is great! Its just so much to do now. I find it difficult to keep on top of it all even on default difficulty. so much to research and having to keep those "fanatics" in sabotaging xcom.

insertcoin1822d ago

I'm a fan of these remake "expansion packs". The new Meld-based units still manage to be balanced with the new alien races.

Oaklnd1821d ago

better than what some may think!