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PS4 having trouble ejecting discs

GameZone writes, " Sony has acknowledged various reports of users having trouble ejecting discs from their PlayStation 4." (PS4)

Hard to tell
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Neonridr  +   693d ago
"What title were you trying to eject?"

Are we saying that the game discs for PS4 games aren't all the same size (physically)? That would seem a little odd.
Ranma1   693d ago | Offensive
ZBlacktt  +   693d ago
The disc thickness is not always the same. If you own disc games. Sometimes you'll feel ones a little more stiff.
MajorJackHoff  +   693d ago
This sucks eggs, but problems are to be expected.

Like I said before, I'm just waiting for awhile to get my console. I'm excited as hell to play, but not excited enough to deal with problems that MAY occur. Next year I'll hold that beautiful little DS4 in my slimy little hands :')
thrust  +   693d ago | Well said
So many problems and bad reports :(
ZBlacktt  +   693d ago
Dunno.... I'm sitting over put MANY hours into AC4 since I picked up my console midnight release. Not a single issue gaming 10+ hours a day.
Brazz  +   693d ago
@ thrust > sony reported that only 0.4% of Ps4 are having problems.... ok, let's just say for a minute that this number is a lie, and that Ps4 have 10x more failure rate...
you see, 4% of 1.000.000. is 40.000. Now answer ... 40,000 (or 4000 if the " 0.4 % failure " is true ) is a good number of people dissatisfied , correct? Add this to the number of Xbox fanboys talking bad about ps4 and " this shit done " ... " PS4 BLOD " / " PS4 Fail" / " PS4 overheat " .... this is bullshit , I mean , of course in the end the ps4 may have problems , but assume that these are serious problems with less than 1 month of release ? This is ridiculous ...
Wait and see how things will develop, it is too early to condemn any of the consoles . If the ps4 really have problems , it's going to be shit for Sony , and yes the consumer should have a nice F!@#! You on sony ... The same is true for microsoft , who are interested in the X- 1 should give a chance to the product , and if the X- 1 prove " troublesome " one F@#$@# must also be sent to microsoft !

for now one should not condemn anyone , it is too early and there are no consistent numbers ... but that's just for now , because if any of the two (X - 1 / PS4 ) have a high failure rate all gamers should demand a quality product! I do not care what damage is caused to sony or microsoft, all I want is a good product ...
SolidStoner  +   693d ago
sadly.. I will wait and see.. I dont want to buy anything with some problems.. I better wait while they deal with all of these issues and only then I will buy it..
BX81  +   693d ago
@zblacktt 10 plus hrs a day? For the love of god please go outside for a while.
ZBlacktt  +   693d ago
BX, lol.... I retired at 36. I'mm 44 now... I do bodybuilding as a very long time hobby. Gaming is just another very long time hobby.
BX81  +   692d ago
You better not be lying. I just wanna make sure ur getting in your cardio. Retired at 36? That's cool I guess, I retired at 12. No biggie it's not a competition....lol.
VENOMACR1227  +   692d ago

Wasn't the .4% based off the Taco Bell giveaway consoles? I'm not sure the actual percentage has come out for the total number of PS4's sold. I imagine it's going to be much higher than .4%.
djnforce9  +   690d ago

So far so good for me as well (I have Knack but not playing it NEARLY as much as you are with AC4). I am just worried that one day it's going to stop working all of a sudden.
Derekvinyard13  +   693d ago
My friend has this problem and was on the phone with sony, they tried to troubleshoot it but it just won't release the disc. He's waiting for his coffin. If this happens it needs to be returned. His was working on and off. Don't risk it. Manufacture issue
ShowGun901  +   692d ago
Funny how people start having a problem with their ps4s on this site AFTER an article describes in detail the problem for the first time... Not necessarily calling you a shill, but at least a rampant fan boy... Ps4 sitting at about 8 hrs use a day on 3 different games with no problems whatsoever... I don't make the news though
WeedyOne  +   692d ago
I can add one more problem to the list.

My PS4 eject button does not work AT ALL. I didn't realize this for the 1st few days because I only had Killzone and had no need to remove it. That was until I beat the game and bought Need for Speed and realized the eject button doesnt work. The system can eject games through the menu just fine (hold PS button then select "eject disk") its just the physical button on the console that isn't working.

Kinda sucks but at least its not bricked. I can play games till Gamestop restocks on PS4's then trade it in easy with the 90 day warranty they provide.
Ranma1  +   693d ago
I think these cases are over blown to be hoenst
PraxxtorCruel  +   693d ago | Well said
Overblown...until it happens to you.
harrisk954  +   693d ago
@Praxxtor Cruel..

Yes, "overblown...until it happens to you." But, overblown, nonetheless. It sucks for those affected by defective consoles (no matter what brand), but honestly with over a million PS4s in the wild, there is still a small number of reported failures.
Reverent  +   693d ago
Given the small amount of problems versus the sheer amount of PS4's out there, at the risk of sounding a bit cruel, I think it's a pretty great start. This is the PS4's first week of life and hardly anyone's having issues.

I feel for those that are, but the overall scheme of things seems fairly positive. The responsible thing for people with these issues to do, is to sort it with Sony's customer support. Not rant about it on forums, etc.

Those are the people that are going to actually be taken care of.
VENOMACR1227  +   692d ago
I just hate when people say "if it's broke just go get another. It's under warranty." Well no, you can't just run to Target and pick one up like you can a PS3. You have to mail it in and wait weeks. Who want's to do that? If a system breaks and it's your, it's a big deal. You paid $400 and it's broken already, I'd be pissed too. And the fact you can't just grab one sucks too.
evilbart  +   693d ago
Title needs to be changed 'A very small number of ps4's are having trouble ejecting discs'
TRD4L1fe  +   693d ago
doesnt matter if its small or not, a problem is a problem and if it happened top me i would be going crazy.

wait till this weekend and if we hear problems with the XB1 watch how sony fanboys are gonna rage and troll all over those articles even if it is a small problem
Droidanomix  +   693d ago
Why? Sony has acknowledged "various" and even had to come up with and publish a solution for this problem. Other than blind fanboyism, how have you come to the conclusion, as a matter of fact, that this is a "very small number"?

Edit: @famoussasjohn Right, .4% is the failure rate; as in, the console is completely non-functioning. Also, is this the same .4% number that came out before launch and before this issue was even known about?
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famoussasjohn  +   693d ago
Droidanomix - because Sony said it was a .4% failure rate that only Sony fanboys seem to believe.
Visiblemarc  +   693d ago

This is the first console launch cycle with the CNN brand of news coverage. It's too much. Mass produced electronics have defects in small percentages... This isn't news.

Just because you are or know someone affected does not mean the problem is widespread. That is self-centered thinking.
Mystogan  +   693d ago
The rate of failures is much higher than Sony likes to admit. We're hearing lots of bad reports on the internet. Now they changed their statement saying that its now "less than 1%". I believe its closer to 20%. I hear more people having trouble than people having a good experience so far on reddit.
Caffo01  +   693d ago
LOL 20% ?? that's more than 200k ppl.. don't be an idiot.
And of course people who goes on forum commenting on problems are looking for that on google or various forum searches, it's normal, if it happens to you, you start looking for a solution or other ppl with that problem, while the others don't bother and continue playing. Are you so surprised that no one is praising the PS4 on forums?? the console has been out for 4 days, everyone who can is playing it like crazy.
Omegasyde  +   693d ago

My PS3-slim had this same issue. Should I create an article on it?

MY Ps4 shipped with a bad HDMI cord should I create an article on it?

MY Iphone 4 factory OS on the phone would random shut the phone off. Volume button didn't work.Should I create an article on it?

Point is stuff like this is expected. NOW if there was reports of the PS4 overheating, then that's an issue. The console has been out 4 days.

People are jumping the GUN. I will also state that MS is going to have similar issue, but we shouldn't throw pitchforks at them either unless there is a significant amount of bad consoles.

I love that on the internet people over exaggerate about the stupidest s#!t.

"OW I stubbed my toe on a curb. Screw (insert shoe company) for not protecting me feet!"
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BattleTorn  +   693d ago

Yes, receiving fault consumer product is akin to stubbing ones toe. /s O.o ?

We should report on it. That's what we do, we report things that happen. All those things you mentioned, have had article done on them.

Sorry if just because Sony is in the headline, you want people to refrain from hypothesizing
frostypants  +   693d ago
"doesnt matter if its small or not, a problem is a problem and if it happened top me i would be going crazy."

No. That's like saying if one car catches on fire, then the story should be "BMW's Having Trouble Not Catching on Fire". The likelihood of the problem is critically important when writing a story on the issue, and much more so with the headline.
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KYU2130  +   693d ago
@Mystogan, you are really gonna throw the percentage up that high?? do your research. many Claims of faulty consoles have been duplicated by customers to bolster defective numbers as well as people claiming defective consoles that they actually never purchased one.

if i report on 4 different sites that i have a a defective console, sees that mean i have 4 defective consoles. That is what is happening. People are facing real issue with their consoles but they are abusing the social media aspect of the internet to vent their frustrations not realizing how it can make things worse in the long run.

Sont has stated that at present the number of defective consoles is a bit over 1% and they are taking all defective consoles and replacing them. They are not waiting to see high numbers before trying to fix the situation.

Also do you think the majority of gamers with perfectly functioning consoles will be online posting.. I highly doubt it, most will be to busy playing.

As for all the crap about waiting till XB1 releases and see how sony fanboys act when the competition has a problem, all i can say is are you really so desperate for attention.

to be clear i am in no way saying their is or isn't a problem. What i am saying is that when you post your problem online, do so responsibly. Spreading the word about an issue is good, just remember that your claims can be twisted.
#1.5.10 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
andibandit  +   692d ago

Who's throwing pitchforks, i dont see anyone saying "sony needs to die", people are just voicing their concerns and experiences, too me it seems like the usual stuff.
PSjesus  +   693d ago
HOT NEWS:over 1 M PS4 sold one pathetic attention W*** had trouble ejecting his disk,Doooooooom
Palaven  +   693d ago
One person? If you go to http://community.us.playsta... I haven't even looked past the first page of the thread and 4 people are having the issue and their is 20 pages.
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j-blaze  +   693d ago
those million ppl rushed buying the console didn't know about these problems, but now many knows how poorly the console is made, so expect a big drop in sales :D
I mean c'mon, a big well known company sending dead and buggy consoles, how embarrassing is that?...no wonder it's cheaper than the XB1 lol
#1.6.2 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(27) | Report
Caffo01  +   693d ago
yeah, just because ppl with that problem search those words on google and find that post, it doens't mean it's widespread.
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   693d ago
damnit to fkn hell, i just tried ejecting my only disc i bought thats been in my ps4 since launch and guess what fkn happened? it ejected :) then i put it back in my working console. nice try doom and gloom basatards
Drewbie915  +   692d ago

I wasn't so lucky. My first disc went in, started spinning and clicking sound was heard and finally a loud grinding/popping sound, I went to eject and it only pushed out about a inch of the disc so I had to pull the rest.

Drive appears to be slanted now, as if it unmounted itself on one side.
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   692d ago

im really sorry to hear that man. i was just being an ass to the xbots. i must admit i had a lil anxiety checkin out and setting up launch console friday. its a gamble that ive lost before trust me. atleast youll keep getting a new ps4 till one of them works perfect. sorry you gotta wait dawg.
evilbart  +   693d ago
They have issued a fix to the ten people who are affected now calm down xbots

testerg35  +   693d ago
Is that a fix or just how to remove the current stuck disc?
JeffGUNZ  +   693d ago
hahahahah that is not a "fix", that just gets the game out of the console. That in no way fixes the underlying issue. So, everytime you want to eject a disc you have to dissemble a portion of the console? Yeah, great. Those select consoles will be sent back and fixed/replaced and all that does is remove the game so they can send it back.
BX81  +   693d ago
Yes this is a fix to the current disc stuck but not a fix to the hardware failing to eject. To be honest things like this are a big deal. I'm not giving Sony my money till less of these issues happen, same goes for MS. Last years failure rate was unacceptable, so they have to know us gamers are weary of launch problems. Either way for those with this problem, I hope it was just a disc issue not the console.
3-4-5  +   693d ago
I want a PS4.....but..

I'm pretty sure PS2 didn't have this many issues..
mabreu  +   693d ago
PS2 had many problems. One issue was so bad that Sony got sued because of it:


This happens to all electronic equipment. Back in 2008, my Samsung 32in LCD TV did not work on the first day. It cost $700 bucks but I got it replaced the next week. It sucks but it happens. What Sony should do is have back up PS4's to help ease these cases. At least 10,000 units should be reserved for replacements in my opinion.
#1.8.1 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report
BOLO  +   693d ago
Welp...Compared to the 360's issues for near 2 years of release. We'll do reverse mathematics. .4% > 54%... http://www.ign.com/articles...
DeadlyFire  +   692d ago
My PS2 had disc reading problems. Got a 2nd one later it worked fine, but then later had the same problem. I discovered an easy way to open up the PS2 and fix it. As dust collecting by the laser is all that stopped it from working. It is small not even as much that is coated on the bottom of a mouse. So yeah issues do exist, but even so its a small thing most of the time.

Sony will likely fix any issue you have with your console.
MikeGdaGod  +   693d ago
i would like to report...while switching between Madden, 2K14, and Killzone....i've had no problems at all....thank you for your time
Ps4Console  +   692d ago
I'am feeling sorry for all the people who have bought Ps4's & kept them for Christmas Day imaging you waking up Christmas Day getting a Ps4 & it don't work how would you feel .
ShowGun901  +   692d ago
Bad enough to bitch online to everyone who'll listen? Eh...
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   692d ago
I know i'll get disagreed with but i had this problem yesterday when trying to eject ac4 to play bf4.

I had to press the eject button like ten times for it to come out.At 1st i thought it was on my end, because i had the lights inmy room of and im not used to the placement of it since its so small and thin (right under the disc slot) so i cut the light on to find out the disc bay was having a hard time spitting it out.

And for thoese who will inevitably disagree with me f@#k off if its a problem it needs 2b addressed.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   692d ago
Maybe it's just the 1% of people having problems just making it sound like all the systems are having this problem. I play my PS4 about 6-8 hours a day and it stays on about 18 hours a day. It has been working fine with no overheating, no ejecting issues, or bricking issues. The system is super-quiet.
brbobcat  +   693d ago
Does taking apart the PS4 to manually remove the disc void warranty?
Nitrowolf2  +   693d ago
Derekvinyard13  +   693d ago
Yes like nitro said, tried it with my ps3, was a nightmare
MrDead  +   693d ago
There is a manual disc release under the glossy section of the cover, removing this doesn't affect the warranty. You also remove this part of the cover if you wish to change the HDD.
#2.3 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DeadlyFire  +   692d ago
hmm.. If there is a manual eject then what is the problem? if it still plays games. I see no issue. :)
Neonridr  +   692d ago
@DeadlyFire - so basically the regular eject button doesn't work but as long as there is a manual eject button underneath the casing on top it's ok? You are going to remove the casing everytime you need to eject your disc? Or are you just going to play your system with the top casing off now to save time regardless if it looks ugly as a result?

Should elevators not working properly be ok because they have backup breaks in case the cable breaks?

Just because there is a fail safe, doesn't make it ok that it's not operating as it should.
Murad  +   692d ago
If you take anything apart within consoles, even the sticker on the back of the Ps3 or 4 will automatically void the warranty. it's stupid, but this is the same for some heatsinks on PC builds as well.
heliumhead2030  +   693d ago
Lol mods and trolls, do what you can to get this article taken down!
Ranma1  +   693d ago
First am assuming your a fanboy, but forgive me if am wrong.

Was the Xbox one made by your dad, I mean is that why you always defend it? Do you even have a Xbox one, or you heard how good it was from the friends of your friend of his friends little sister?

Forgive me if i caused any offense. But the more consoles you have the happier you'll be
#3.1 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
heliumhead2030  +   693d ago
Definitely a fan, definitely not a fanboy.

I'll gladly be getting my ps4 fix as well

Don't be mad because u revel in the misinformation and lies spewed from these articles and message boards. facts > opinions > trolls like you
Software_Lover  +   693d ago
I think you missed the point totally
lifeisgamesok  +   693d ago
Oh no
j-blaze  +   693d ago
lol now ejecting disc issues this is interesting xD
rush release and you get a shitty made console with many problems
-Foxtrot  +   693d ago
Really? Your making this out to be like the RROD ¬¬

There's been problems here and there but what new product at launch doesn't. I mean really...

Hardly rushed
Palaven  +   693d ago
Consoles arriving bricked, overheating, disks not ejecting, jet engine fans, HDMI provided not working, PSN issues. That is just a few of the problems people are having. http://community.us.playsta... Sounds rushed to me.
#5.1.1 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(29) | Report
GTgamer  +   693d ago
PSN due to allot of traffic as expected.
bricked Consoles/Broken/disk not ejecting out of over a million consoles you expect all to be perfect smh.
Jet engine fan really mine is almost quiet do u own one because u would know.
Overheating :/ never happened to me or my friends soooo i cant comment on that.
So none of this equals rushed its common to find problems in new consoles so keeo saying its rushed if it makes u feel better.
P.S xbox fans you guys should calm down on talking crap because when the Xone launches u better pray it doesn't have issues because you guys are gonna get murdered on this site and you know it.
#5.1.2 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(10) | Report
JeffGUNZ  +   693d ago
@ GTgamer

So, since yours in not loud, that means the other million are fine? Oh, you and your friends, wait, so like 4 people. Great, good sample size there. My original Xbox did not RROD AT ALL, I started having weird noises, subtle, but sounded off, told them it was acting up before my warranty was up, the extended warranty and sent it in and got a new one. That doesn't mean it didn't happen for others. My PS3 never YLOD on me, doesn't mean it didn't happen for others.

This console points to being rushed, remember when Sony said the generation wasn't coming for a while and boom, February they rush an announcement where even most people on this site were underwhelmed by the reveal. The failure rate isn't anything serious at this point, but it's only been out for a few days. I am more curious after a years time where both consoles stand.
GTgamer  +   693d ago
Like i said out of over a million consoles dont expect all to be perfect so yes mine and my friends are queit and whats with you people and this rushed nonsense so let me get this straight you personally knew when next gen was gonna start so because Sony came out of nowhere and started its rushed to you :/ i mean i guess if thats how you wanna look at it smh.
neocores  +   693d ago
Wow really this is the first lol
Ghosts  +   693d ago
not mine
black0o  +   693d ago
my ps3 does that sometimes -i still own the fat version-
Xsilver  +   693d ago
My fatPS3 does the same thing too sometimes i literally tap it and the disc comes out no biggie.
TBONEJF  +   693d ago
Here's a tip don't rush out buying the console first launch.
GDDR6_2014  +   693d ago
Just one of the many issues people are having

Zack_attack  +   693d ago
Crowbars are relatively inexpensive...
CapsLocke  +   693d ago
Greatness in action.
user7402931  +   693d ago
i feel sorry for the 14 people experiencing this
breakpad  +   693d ago
Sony made a mistake to not produce 1 st gen PS4s in Japan but choose China for mass production ...cheap meat is for the dogs
LordMaim  +   692d ago
Microsoft made the same mistake then, because both were made by FoxConn.
brettyd  +   693d ago
This happened to me a few times, pressing the eject button didn't release the disc. Not really a big deal just have to keep pressing or eject it using the controller.
esemce  +   693d ago
China does have a massive quality control issue with most of the goods they produce not just Sony's.

Sad but its the price we pay for their cheap labour.
BX81  +   693d ago
Agreed. That's why I don't buy into all this crap about you can't expect every console to work. BS. There was a point in time when things were produced with quality. If you pay $400 plus for a product you should expect anyone you pick up to work properly. The problem is consumers stopped voting with their wallet and just accepted mass produced product flaws. Is it going to happen with mass production!? Yes, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't hold these companies to higher standards and demand quality.
JamieL  +   692d ago
Cheap? I think you mean slave labor, and no problems with dumping toxic byproducts anywhere theirs room. Yep, it’s hard for legit businesses to compete with that, but who cares Sony4Life.
And BX81, I agree 1,000%
#15.1.2 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Dlacy13g  +   693d ago
With any hardware launch there will be issues. Sadly with the craziness of fanboy/console wars every little thing gets turned into a headline story. Its especially noticeable on a site like N4G where the lower tier sites post up a ton of articles.
GentlemenRUs  +   693d ago
One person does not equal millions of people... It just makes me SMH too much!
Malice-Flare  +   693d ago
that's a risk with slot-loading drives. i had this problem with a phat PS3...

i expect this with XB1 as well...
Stackers   693d ago | Spam
Jovanian  +   693d ago
Glad I saved 400 bucks. Consoles are failing, barely any good games, the wobble, and now this?

Noooooo thanks.
gamingisnotacrime  +   693d ago
"the wobble"

wow that is just reaching.
BattleTorn  +   693d ago
The wobble is funny. But nowhere near a reason to avoid purchasing it.
guerojose  +   693d ago
Dudes, chillax a bit. I make no secret of being a Sony fan, and wouldn't touch an Xbone. But the PS4 does have a few glitches. I've had the eject problem once so far, and display & power down problems. Let Sony gather the data & hopefully issue a fix. This constant speculation of .01% vs. 50% is useless. I suspect that a large number of problems stem from (1) hdmi sync issues (flashing blue light), and (2) ppl yanking the power cord cuz they don't realize it can take far longer than 7 seconds to force a shutdown.
consolewarz  +   692d ago
The fact you have to qualify yourself through an announcement to the world that your a sony fan to avoid being chased around by the village idiots with pitch forks and torches, tells me there's something wrong with your fanbase of choice.
#21.1 (Edited 692d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JamieL  +   692d ago
It sure does, but let’s be honest, anyone out their crusading for any Corporation is nuts. There is no denying that the Sony bunch on here is a rabid group though, like you said not even known Sony fanboys can get away with bringing up a real problem with a Sony product without being crucified.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   693d ago
I'm starting to think PS4 is rushed. Especially to get a head start in USA to beat MS. I hope it's not true Sony ya'll too good of a company to do that.

That's why I think both Sony and MS should have waited til next year to release these consoles. Last gen consoles still selling good.
#22 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Oh please. Nobody rushed anything to get their console out onto the market. Sony rushed the PS4 out to get a head start on MS ?

They didn't even know the release date of the Xbox One during that time. Sony announced it first and MS announced their's later on.

NO MATTER how much any company delay's their console, their will ALWAYS be hardware malfunctions on launch day. Their is no such thing as a perfect launch.
#22.1 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
VoiceMale  +   693d ago
Actually I agree with NoWayOut Sony was saying before ps4 announcement that they were no intentions for a new console then MS started a countdown to Around E3 2013 and soon after Sony had a reveal with no console in sight just a controller .....
Kinda gave a feeling they weren't really ready to for next gen so early..... to be honest a console launched not even a week yet having all kinds of malfunctions sound rushed to me
Just like Xbox 360
beerzombie  +   692d ago
Xbox announced first
pinocchio2600   693d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
rick0926  +   693d ago
...and my friends say I'm crazy because I'm one of the people who are going all digital this generation...
Oagoz  +   693d ago
Here comes the media trying to make everything look way more serious then it is
jacques444  +   693d ago
Oh wow another person in the world of a million plus consoles one thing goes wrong it's meaningless i'm sure there was so much wrong with ps3 and xbox 360 when it came out we just could not report it as easily as we can now -_-
SmielmaN  +   693d ago
Boy with all the doom and gloom articles popping up for Sony I would be led to believe the XB one will have zero issues at all upon release.

My PS 4 is running fine and I have been using it a lot. I had a problem ejecting the disk, it was me not knowing where the eject button was cause I hooked it into my entertainment unit (or "city of wires, cables, and dust" as I call it) and just played. Instruction manual went back in the box immediately lol. I've been playing games since atari's river raid and figured I would figure it out. Which I did after 10 mins lol. Killzone is crazy graphics man, nuts. I got that and BF 4. So far killzone has hooked me more. Can't wait for my try at diablo3 for the first time

But seriously, is the XB one going to be that well built? Will they have any faulty units at launch? And what if it's a overheating issue???? :0!
BattleTorn  +   693d ago
When will people realize reporting on Sony HAS NOTHIONG TO DO with Xbox One.

So one has to believe the Xbox One will have a flawless launch, without any failures - in order to post about PS4 failure.
Does one have to have an undying allegence to the Xbox brand, and hate Playstation, in order to report on PS4 failure?

We'll have articles on both. They're not written by fanboys from opposing sides.

And it's better they have them both.

Unlike some people who seem to have the understanding that PS4 failures articles should only exist if and only if the Xbox One has a perfect launch.
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iiwii  +   693d ago
But it's the same known Sony bashers and X1 fans who show up at these articles and bash hard every time. They are like stock bashers who troll financial forums crying the sky is falling and bashing the stock relentlessly to scare investers away and make them sell to create a price dip.

These people are usually employed by some entity for the sole purpose of creating FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in the mind of would be buyers. Its a tactic, and yes there are people paid to do nothing but that all day long.
JamieL  +   692d ago
@ iiwii
"But it's the same known Sony bashers and X1 fans who show up at these articles and bash hard every time"
And not the same Sony zealots acting as apologist for every misstep Sony makes without fail?
It can go both ways man, bottom line ALL FANBOYS SUCK PERIOD. The console "war" is such a waste of time for everyone involved. Embarrassingly enough I guess I have to include myself in the club as well. But I do like games, I don't have to have an exclusive allegiance to any Corporate entity to justify the pleasure I get from playing good games. Yet I still scroll these threads, I guess more out of habit than anything, but it's getting harder to have a decent conversion about games anymore.
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jimmyateham23  +   693d ago
Maybe the little robots that live in the ps4 control can help..
Brix90  +   693d ago
I tried asking them for help but they just kept setting my hair on fire...lol
jimmyateham23  +   693d ago
Maybe there is one stuck in the disc drive holding the cd from coming out.. Laughing
iiwii  +   693d ago

Haha. That made me laugh.
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ultralow  +   693d ago
had this issue i turn my ps4 back off and back on ..it came out
speed389  +   693d ago
im having zero problems with my ps4 and i leave it on all day and switching between 3 diferent disc based games with no issues... the problems people are seeing online are only a few compaired to the million that sold. people need to chill out, $hit happens and it sucks for those that have a problem but its only a few
JeffGUNZ  +   693d ago
True and it's too early for the failure rate to be determined. I mean it's been out less than a week. RROD didn't happen right out of the gate. I am more concerned for a years time, see how both consoles stand up.
Donnywho  +   692d ago
RROD happened before they built the gate for it to come out of.
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