COD Ghosts mask code for males only

Product-Reviews writes: Perhaps even more surprising though, is that we have found out that the COD Ghosts mask codes are only for use with male COD Ghosts characters, meaning that females who play the game and have chosen a female character online cannot use the Ghosts mask.

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LordDhampire1558d ago

Better change this fast before the 3 women who play the game make youtube videos and complain this into an epidemic

Soldierone1558d ago

Luckily all 3 went back to the kitchen, we are safe for the time being....


GentlemenRUs1558d ago

What do you expect? It's Activision.

TheLostCause1558d ago

The tears of many hipster kewl lulz gamer gurls will be shed over this

CerebralAssassin1558d ago

In their defense ghost is a dude...