How To Get A PS4 Today, And Our PS4 Stock Tracker

If you managed to reserve a PS4 at GameStop or Best Buy, you can casually pick your console up at any time. If you haven’t pre-ordered or reserved a PS4, though, you can still buy a PS4 today — but it it might involve a bit of legwork to find stores with stock.

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amiga-man1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

people will do well to get their hands on a PS4, you will have to be extremely lucky or very determined with a little luck to get one before Christmas.

cyphertech1674d ago

Anyone who can tell me how to get a PS4 in kuwait, that'd be swell. I don't get back from my deployment until June and I don't feel like listening to all my friends talk about how great their PS4 is.

STICKzophrenic1674d ago

At my Amazon, there appeared to be hundreds of PS4 still. Wondering if those are the ones of people who chose free shipping or something.

Hazmat131674d ago

apparently the target i work at still has 4 reserved PS4 but they have yet to pick it up. but we did get in 30 PS3's. i hope when i get payed they will have some in stock.

1671d ago